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SleepPhones Headband Sleep Headphones With Cord


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Get to sleep listening to relaxing sounds with the innovative SleepPhones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping.

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Get to sleep listening to relaxing sounds with the innovative SleepPhones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping.

  • Fall to sleep quicker: without medications - 100% naturally
  • Screen out snoring and annoying noises: no need for ear plugs
  • Reduce stress with relaxing music: in bed or around the house
  • Standard Cord




If you find ear buds, uncomfortable when sleeping on your back or side, then SleepPhones are just the thing for you. Developed by a family doctor, these high quality SleepPhones, sleep headphones help patients patients fall asleep without medications, 100% naturally.

no more painful earbuds

The SleepPhones lightweight headband is made of a soft, moisture wicking fleece which contains very thin speakers that allow you to sleep on your side comfortably. No more uncomfortable earbuds sticking into your ears all night long! The headband means the sleep headphones stay on all night - in the right position - and unlike a pillow speaker you are not going to roll off the "right spot". SleepPhones are simply the most comfortable headphones for sleeping.

The headband is lightweight and washable - giving you long lasting use. The thin speakers are removable so that you can wash the headband.

SleepPhones Features:

  • Comfort: Patented design for ensures a great fit during the whole night
  • Washable: Simply wash the headband in the washing machine by removing the speakers
  • Eco-friendly: Polartec® recycled plastic non-pilling moisture wicking fleece. Lead-free components.
  • Adjustable speaker position: you can adjust the position of the speakers to suit your head and ear position


Sleep Better General Listening Block Snoring
  • Get to sleep with relaxation music, or bedtime stories like audiobooks.
  • Use it to wake up to music - if you have an alarm function on your music player.
  • Enjoy your favourite music or radio in new found comfort.
  • Listen to ocean wavessoothing rain, or a river stream to help block out the snoring.
  • Put your music player on repeat or continuous play.

SleepPhones Specifications:

  • 120cm lead with a standard 3.5mm stereo plug
  • 32 Ohms, 20 - 20 kHz, 300/500 mW, RoHS compliant.
  • Polartec 88% recycled plastic polyester, 12% spandex.
  • Sewn and assembled in the USA.


SleepPhones are available locally for fast delivery around Australia and New Zeland including: Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington as well as all other metro and urban areas.


Measure around the forehead, just above the ears, and around the hair in the back to determine head size. 

SleepPhones® Size Hat Size (US) Hat Size (UK) Inches CM Estimate
Extra Small Up to 6 3/4 Up to 6 3/4 20 - 21 3/8 51-54 Petite women with short hair
One Size Fits Most 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 6 7/8 - 7 3/8 21 1/2 - 23 3/8 55-59 Nearly everyone
Extra Large 7 1/2 and Up 7 1/2 and Up 23 1/2 - 25 60-63 Large and tall men with hair

Due to health and safety considerations we can not accept returns or exchanges on this product unless the product is faulty. Please select your size carefully by measuring your head size.

Size Extra Small, One Size Fits Most, Extra Large - For Men & Women
Sleeping Position All - Side, Tummy, Back
Returns Due to health and safety considerations we can not accept returns or exchanges on this product unless the product is faulty. Please select your size carefully by measuring your head size.
Brands SleepPhones
  1. Excellent Comfortable product
    By Mike KOn 23/02/2015

    Very Comfortable and work really well.They help my 12 year old enormously who goes to sleep listening to rain.

  2. Wonderful for sleep and meditation
    By DebbieOn 18/02/2015

    I listen to meditation music that assists in falling and staying asleep. The band is comfortable and I am unaware of it, although at times it slips down my forehead and ends up like a mask! (hello Zorro!) I also use it to listen to my guided meditations when awake.
    I have recommended the headband to others that suffer wakefulness during the night or hate normal headphones or in-ear head phones.

  3. Comfortable
    By ElisabethOn 3/02/2015

    I bought these to use with my "soundtherapy". They are very comfortable, and easy to sleep with. I have a small head, so bought the smallest one.
    I found initial set up confusing: adjusting the ear bud position was fiddly, not knowing which was left and right once inside the band (this matters for sound therapy), the cord coming out on top of my head (if it came out the back then it would be uncomfortable to lie on). But once set up, its great, I tuck the music unit under my pillow, read, fall asleep and am not bothered by the band at all. It doesn't however block out ambient sounds: I can still hear thunderstorms and cars, but generally the quality of my sleep is so much better that these noises become less invasive.

  4. Love these headphones!
    By RachelOn 20/01/2015

    This is a fantastic product. I listen to ASMR videos on YouTube to help me get to sleep, and always found it uncomfortable to have the bud earphones in, especially when you roll over onto your side and they are still in. The sleep phones are just so comfortable, the sound is great, and if I fall asleep with it still on it doesn't bother me at all - I really do forget that I'm wearing a headband. So glad I bought these, well worth the money.

  5. Good Product
    By JessOn 31/12/2014

    Comfortable, can't feel headphones through headband.
    Sizing on the large side, but happy with product.

  6. Ideal for falling asleep
    By JamesOn 28/12/2014

    Very impressed. Good advice on YouTube. I will probably look at wireless version

  7. Great Product
    By John O'MalleyOn 16/12/2014

    Fantastic value - I have chronic pain and consequently restless sleep - I wear these so as not to disturb my wife - excellent product.

  8. time to replace?
    By AllanOn 3/12/2014

    I bought a pair of these about four years ago when I started developing insomnia, and have used then almost every night since. Music doesn't work for me but I rarely last through more than 30 minutes of an audiobook! Recently the cord has got stiffer and started to crack, so I think I will try the new Bluetooth version next.

  9. Very comfortable!!
    By ChrisOn 6/11/2014

    Easy to sleep with these on!!

  10. Did exactly what I wanted
    By GlendaOn 28/10/2014

    Excellent product. Solved the problem of sleeping with ear phones perfectly. Very comfy to wear.

  11. Headbands
    By ASOn 20/09/2014

    These work very well and are comfortable to wear.

  12. Not for me
    By TomOn 2/09/2014

    I bought these sleep phones so my neighbours would stop waking me up during the night and the sounds of construction wouldn't wake me up in the morning. I have found that they do not cancel enough noise to preform this purpose. I also found that wearing them makes me toss and turn and wake up with the cord around my neck early in the morning. Would not recommend unless you already know that sleeping with music works for you

  13. Really comfy :)
    By Jamie WilliamsonOn 28/08/2014

    Well done guys, great product :)

  14. At last something comfortable to wear while sleeping
    By Jody ArmanOn 26/07/2014

    I love my headband - I only wish I had got the smaller size - I have by my own admission a larger head than my family and got medium - It is jst not secure enough and wished I had got the smaller size. All that a side I love love love them and have had a wonderful sleep since purchase.

  15. Best Sleep Speakers I have used
    By LesleyOn 26/07/2014

    Best sleep speakers that I have used to date. Have previously used pillow speakers which don't last long as they are not robustly made and the cords break easily.
    I use speakers to listen to my internet radio overnight.
    So far I am very happy with the headband.

  16. Comfortable headphones
    By BronwenOn 26/07/2014

    Other headphones get twisted up when you're listening in bed. These are wonderful, no twisting, very comfortable, very warm and even a nice eye blinders!

  17. I preferred the older model but still ok
    By BrendaOn 22/07/2014

    The only reason I bought the latest model was that the earlier model I had was not washable because the speakers were not removable. I think the older model was more comfortable as the speakers seemed smaller (or at least less bothersome on the ears).
    Having said that there isn't anything else that goes close to trying to solve the problem of uncomfortable headphones for those who sleep on their sides.

  18. great
    By Gail On 10/07/2014

    The sleep headphones are fantastic, just what I needed. Thank you.

  19. I can't believe I didn't invent these ages ago.
    By LouiseOn 8/07/2014

    I absolutely love these SleepPhones. I have always had problems with headphones and earphones that never fit properly and hurt my ears. These are so comfy. I wear them when I workout and when I sleep. Love this product. Thank you.

  20. Great product
    By ErinOn 16/06/2014

    These are so comfortable and they really help me get a good night's sleep with a 'white noise' recording. They don't completely block out the louder snoring activity from my lovely partner, but they definitely help.
    I should have bought the smaller size as they're a bit loose. Size guide is a bit misleading as I even measured my head diameter and thought I'd need the medium size.
    But overall, they are excellent and comfortable to wear to bed.

  21. I absolutely love them
    By JenniferOn 27/05/2014

    I received my headphones and absolutely love them. I am a chronic insomniac and suffer from tinnitus, and these sleep phones have made a huge difference so thank you very much. I have told all my friends and I know some of them from Hay are going to order them as well.

  22. Comfortable
    By N/AOn 20/03/2014

    Have not tested for travel yet, but is comfortable wearing to sleep

  23. Great
    By N/AOn 14/03/2014

    The small size is excellent for me (adult female) Comfortable to sleep on - very happy

  24. Simply the best sleep phones around.
    By N/AOn 13/03/2014

    Having tried pretty much every sleep headphone solution available i found sleepphones and haven't looked back. Several sets in even my wife now has a set. Cheers.

  25. Great sleeping aid
    By N/AOn 29/01/2014

    These days I sleep like a baby, thanks to this product and some fun audiobooks

  26. Comfort Plus
    By BJOn 28/01/2014

    The most comfortable ear phones I have ever worn

  27. Good quality sound
    By N/AOn 11/11/2013

    I love having a headphone I can sleep with. I sleep on my stomach and it doesn't get in my way and stays on. Sound quality is great can enjoy relaxing binaural sounds.

  28. Great sleep aid
    By N/AOn 3/11/2013

    I'm enjoying being able to listen to my meditation apps and fall asleep straight after now. The headphones are comfy even if you lie on your side.
    A great idea for winter headphones if you are exercising/walking outside, as the fleecy headband keeps your ears nice and warm.
    A good buy, quick delivery and a good useful product.

  29. Love them
    By N/AOn 5/10/2013

    I've had another brand in the past and they were hopeless in comparison to these. I'm very happy with my purchase and will recommend them to any one that needs some.

  30. Good product
    By MareeOn 24/09/2013

    I use them every night but would prefer if they came in different sizes and with a slightly longer cord.

  31. They really work for me
    By JulieOn 29/08/2013

    My daughter borrowed mine for going overseas, I had to buy her some to get mine back, she loved them

  32. Comfy headphones
    By JoyOn 21/07/2013

    these headphones are comfy to wear in bed and my husband doesn't know that I am listening, he isn't disturbed.Good value.

  33. Awsome
    By NeilOn 26/04/2013

    Best sleep I have ever had.

  34. crap sleephones
    By dean On 26/04/2013

    it doesn't block out any noise like people snoring or traffic like it was advertised and the head band becomes lose after you wash it so it wont sit on you r head properly a waste of money

  35. Too Large
    By ShirleyOn 9/04/2013

    The headband is too large and there is no money back guarantee. I was very silly to order without looking further on the net. There are cheaper and smaller ones on the market
    Seep Solutions - unfortunately we cannot accept returns on some products due to hygiene considerations once they have been used. Best idea to measure your head size to ensure product will fit (which it does for most customers)

  36. it really works,you have to try
    By julieOn 22/03/2013

    i have ringing in my ears,
    plus my husband sucks in the walls when he snores,so i have great trouble falling asleep,i found the sleep phone really blocks out everything and is very comfortable,so i highly recommend sleep phones

    By HEvesOn 20/03/2013

    I travel for work so sleep does not come easy! My meditation app sounds so clear and so perfect. It's amazing - I sleep like a baby.

  38. Very comfortable
    By MarieOn 14/03/2013

    Great headband comfortable with very good sound.

  39. So comfortable
    By BillOn 28/02/2013

    Great product because I can be comfortable whether on my back or my side. Tight enough to stay in place during the night and no sore ears.

  40. nice product
    By N/AOn 4/01/2013

    I bought these to use when i fall asleep listening to my iPod. It does exactly what it says it does, my ears are now comfortable and not painful trying to sleep with other in earphone. My only criticism is that i think they are a bit pricy for how simple they are

  41. I like them
    By N/AOn 4/01/2013

    They are a lot more comfortable than regular headphones for sleeping. They have good clarity. The chord is like iphone head phones (i.e., they don't tangle as much as some headphones).

    It messes up my hair in the morning. But I don't care too much about that.

  42. Great product
    By DesOn 21/11/2012

    Much more comfortable than traditional earphones when lying in bed though the headband itself was a bit looser than expected... it'd be nice to have different size options instead of one size fits all...

  43. tinnitus help
    By N/AOn 22/10/2012

    this product does help to mask tinnitus and comfortable to wear

  44. great concept
    By Melvin GrayOn 17/09/2012

    I have tried using normal bud earphones at night but they were awkward. These are extremely comfortable, if I had one concern, they are somtimes a little hard to hear if the earpiece slips past your ear, which it can be prone to do whilst laying on a pillow.

  45. good sound
    By StephanieOn 29/08/2012

    I didn't think I had a big head but they feel a bit tight, but the sound is excellent.

  46. Love it!
    By JulieOn 2/08/2012

    I listen to a hypnotherapy recording to help me sleep. It works. With my old headphones I used to wake up with very sore ears. Now I wake up with snug and comfy ears!

  47. A Good Night's Sleep
    By WadeOn 26/07/2012

    Soft, Comfortable and Good sound Quality. One of the best items I have ever purchased.

  48. Highly recommended
    By TheresaOn 16/07/2012

    I have bought about 8 sets of these - some for me and some as presents. I find them invaluable for isomniac times. Friends who don't like using bud-type earphones also find them very easy to use and comfortable.

  49. music to my ears
    By jennysOn 4/07/2012

    these are great! very comfortable to wear and warm in winter

  50. good for the cold weather
    By NorahOn 2/06/2012

    Very pleased with the phones however I feel that the purle headband would be too warm for Queensland summer. I'm considering a light cotton relacement for summer

  51. SleepPhones not up to scratch
    By Ian TerrillOn 24/05/2012

    I find SleepPhones rather annoying. The design makes them sit over your eyes to make them sit over your ears correctly. A more contoured shape would eliminate this and would make them much more pleasureable to wear. Also I find the speakers are a little to far apart. Both speakers do not sit properly over my ears

    Sleep Solutions - Note the speaker position is adjustable within the band

  52. Saved my life
    By Tom NewshamOn 24/05/2012

    I spent years and years using ear plugs that never were satisfactory.
    Sleep phones work I have had the best sleep in the last six months I have ever had.

  53. Room for improvement
    By GazOn 24/05/2012

    The earphones don't line up correctly.
    But maybe thats because I have a big head LOL

    The material is hot and at times feels constrictive in the warmer weather.

    The sound quality is good and its still a better option than standard head sets.

    But this head set has room for improvement.


    Sleep Solutions - Note the speaker position is adjustable within the band

    By TonyOn 24/05/2012

    In few words this product is brilliant

  55. Uncomfortable
    By GaryOn 24/05/2012

    I can't get on with these. I find them uncomfortable to sleep with and difficult to get them to stay in position for a)comfortable sleep and b) good sound quality

  56. Great product
    By DennisOn 24/05/2012

    My wife works odd times and falls asleep much easier when listening to music, so I ordered these as a Christmas gift last year. Initial concerns about durability were completely unfounded - 5 months later, and after almost daily use, the SleepPhones are holding up great, work perfectly, and I no longer need to untangle cords mid-sleep.

  57. Great product
    By SueOn 23/05/2012

    I use my sleep phones every night. They are great. I even purchased a second pair for my son.

  58. Fantastic
    By laurims55On 6/05/2012

    I just love my new SleepPhones, very comfortable .... much better than earplugs which are uncomfortable. I'm planning on using them for international flights also, just pull down over your eyes to cut out the light.
    Delivery was super fast as well. Thank you for a great product.

  59. Best sleep ever
    By DawnOn 16/01/2012

    I have moved into an apartment and found external noises were preventing me from sleeping. I tried ear plugs but found that they made my ears ache. I ordered the SleepPhones along with the sleep masks and must say this product is fantastic. The sound quality is great and the band itself is so comfortable. I can still hear the external noises but it is muffled by the ocean waves/gentle rainfall coming from the earphones and they no longer bother me. I fully recommend the SleepPhones for anyone struggling to sleep because of noise

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