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ChiliPad Cool in Summer Warm in Winter


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Brand :Chili Technology
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Quick Overview

The ChiliPad consists of a mattress pad that uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad to manage your bed's temperature.

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The ChiliPad™ by Chili Technology

What is the ChiliPad?

  • Do you and your partner sleep at different temperatures
  • Does one of you bake while the other freezes
  • Is the doona a constant problem - summer and winter? 
  • Do you have problems getting and staying asleep because you always seem to be too hot or too cold?
  • Are Hot Flushes or Hot Flashes due to menopause keeping you awake? 
  • Do you suffer from Night Sweats?
  • Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and can't sleep?

The Chili Pad was developed by a Husband and Wife team - help is finally at hand!

  • Manage both your temperature and your partner's individually
  • No need for separate beds - you can finally sleep together in comfort
  • Save energy - adjust the temperature of your bed not your house.
  • Finally get a great night's sleep!

How does the ChiliPad Work?

The ChiliPad is a thermostat for your mattress!

It consists of a mattress pad that uses soft medical grade silicone tubing to circulate regular water through the pad to manage your bed's temperature. The control unit(s) maintain the desired temperature and circulate the water through the night.

Using a remote control you can individually adjust the temperature circulating through the mattress pad on your side of the bed - you set the temperature to cool or heat.

Why heat or cool the whole house when you just need to adjust the temperature in bed!

Finally the old electric blanket gets updated for the 21st Century - and now can cool as well as heat!


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ChiliPad Features:

  • Individual temperature control - circulating temperature adjustable in 1 degree increments between 8°C to 43°C -> providing a bed temperature of between 13°C to 43°C
  • Cools in summer and heats in winter - save on heating and cooling bills and adjust the temperature where it matters - in bed!
  • The ChiliPad fits any size and style of mattress
  • Medical grade silicone tubing - that is durable and long lasting.
  • Water circulation eliminates issues with EMF in traditional electric blankets
  • Energy efficient - operates at approx 80W - less than an old fashioned light bulb.
  • Wireless remote control - you don't need to get up to adjust the temperature
  • Machine washable mattress pad
  • 2 year Australia/New Zealand warranty on the pump unit

ChiliPad Reviews:

“The Chili Pad is a godsend. I am going through the hot flashes from Hades with menopause and ChiliPad has changed my life.
…have not had a hot flash or heat rash since!”
Janice (age 49)

The miracle of the Chili Pad is that it gently draws the heat away from your body. I now sleep like a baby.”
John in Australia

"My wife and I are still very happy with our Chilipad and it makes a bit difference in my ability to get into a very deep and comfortable sleep every night."

ChiliPad Sizes:

Type Size
Single Bed - Single Control Unit Chilipad 91cm x 190cm
Double Bed - Single Control Unit Chilipad 137cm x 190cm
Queen Bed - Dual Control Unit Chilipad 153cm x 203cm
King Bed - Dual Control Unit Chilipad 183cm x 203cm
NZ King Bed - Dual Control Unit Chilipad 167cm x 203cm


ChiliPad Manual:

Pdf Icon ChiliPad Manual
Mattress Size Single, Double, Queen, King, NZ King
Model Australia / New Zealand 240V
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 year Australia/New Zealand warranty on the pump unit
Brands Chili Technology
  1. ChilliPad
    By Karen MoranOn 10/11/2014

    I bought this chilli pad because I have 3rd degree burns ovewr 70% of my body mainly back. I was waking up in middle of the night so overheated it was affecting my days at work as my sleep was affected. I love the chilli pad the only thing is I still have the air conditioner on because the room temperature needs to be under 20 for the chilli pad to stay at 8-10 which is where I am comfortable. Just hoping the electricity bill does not sky rocket guess I will find out. But yes I would recommend it to anyone who overheats. Hope this helps

  2. Great for the hot nights
    By JulieOn 24/01/2013

    I have found the chili mat very cooling which helps with a good night's sleep. Thanks for the very prompt service as well.

  3. Perfect for hot blooded
    By The HoffOn 25/05/2012

    great regulation of body temperature leading to a mucch better night sleep for those that can be hot a restless.

    Control over both sides of the bed so that can be on/off or different temps on both sides.

    Great Features like an auto off timer on the remote controland temp control from there.

    Definately worth the money!!

  4. Great night sleep
    By N/AOn 24/05/2012

    I have never slept as well as I do with this product.

  5. Best Thing On the Market
    By K Hill, Victoria, AustraliaOn 12/02/2012

    Well this is the best thing on the market, why people have electric blankets that are used a small portion of the year when this will do it and for anyone with temperature problems like me whether it be naturally or a medical condition or for Menopause a fact of life for all of us women.

    You must have a ChilliPad, after 11 months $2,500 later having tried: gel cool mats, treatments, script medication - what a waste of time, money, stress and most of all the illness that comes from a lack of sleep and the stupid and crazy accidents I have had due to not getting sleep.

    For me setting the temperature at 14C was too hot, 8C lovely to start off with, but 10C really cosy. Still playing with it to get it right, at the moment on 11C now to see how that goes. The next thing is this unit is so good at what it can do, I am thinking as using it as my alarm clock as I am a night shift worker.

    Have it one temp to go to bed and to sleep - and another temp to wake up with as I know anything over 14C wakes me up. Then I can slowly come out of a deep sleep and wake up slowly and peacefully without a sudden noise etc.

    This unit is unbelievable - people must find out about this and what can be done with it, and the sort of things it covers.

    Your customer service is something you do not find these days and we all need that, so thank you.

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ChiliPad Cool in Summer Warm in Winter
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