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Quick Overview

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 features clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors to create a soothing and calming environment.

  • 24 sounds including white noise, nature and relaxation sound tracks

  • Omni directional speaker provides rich, deep sound

  • 30, 60, 90 minute timer or continuous playback

  • Mains power adapter (included) or battery option

  • Standard 3.5mm stereo jack - fits  SleepPhones, pillow speakers, and most earphones

Get to sleep with clinically proven sound therapy!

A white noise machine, a sound sleep machine, an alarm clock, and much much more.

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 features clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors to create a soothing and calming environment. It incorporates patented sleep enhancement technology to help users:

  • fall asleep more easily and naturally without medication
  • get better quality sleep
  • help relieve tinnitus symptoms
  • mask noisy neighbours, annoying and disturbing noises

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 is a sleep sound machine that uses the latest technology to recreate authentic and realistic nature sounds, white noise, and sound therapy sounds. It can work as a white noise machine but provides a lot more functionality.

The Sound Oasis S-650 comes with an exclusive sound card system allowing you to change sounds by inserting a new memory card. Each card contains 12 different sounds. You can plug in specialty cards to help babies get to sleep and cards to help mask tinnitus symptoms.

During the day use the different sound themes in the home or office to block out distracting and annoying noises. Use the sound machine create a soothing environment to help concentration, and feel more alert and relaxed throughout the day!

The Sound Oasis S-650 Features:

  • exceptional sound realism with extra high fidelity/long sounds
  • clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors for superior results
  • alarm clock with backlight(variable brightness) - wake to any sound or a buzzer
  • patented Sleep Enhancement® technology that slows down the playback of the sound to help users get to sleep
  • 4 playback/timer options: continuous, 30, 60, and 90 minutes - leave on all night or use the timer
  • unique "gradual off" volume reduction gradually decreases volume as you timer period ends
  • standard 3.5 stereo headphone/speaker pillow jack (see our SleepPhones, Pillow Speakers, and Speaker Pillow)
  • an off/ resume button that stops playback or repeats the last sound played
  • built in omni directional reflective speaker located at the back of the unit to provide for a rich, deep sound

The S-650 can be battery operated (uses 4 "AA" batteries not included) - great for travelling or mains powered using the Australia / New Zealand AC adapter for use at home or the office.

Product DImensions: 12cm W x 9cm D x 14cm H

Sound Oasis S-650 Sound Therapy System Inclusions:

  • 1 Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650
  • Australia/NZ 240V AC adapter
  • 1 Sleep/Relaxation/Wellness Sound Card
  • + 1 BONUS Spa Retreat Sound Card

Sleep Relaxation Wellness Sound Card (includes 12 sounds)

Take your mind, body and spirit to your favourite spa for a soothing, rejuvenating sound therapy experience!

Ocean Surf

Ocean surf provides a relaxing oceanside environment with a soothing rhythm that helps you get to sleep.

Gentle Rain

Gentle rainfall provides a calming atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. Mask higher toned background effectively with this shower sound.


Unwind with this rippling mountain stream sound. It provides an ideal background sound for daily activities at the office or in the house.

White Noise

A 'natural white noise' sound - the steady flow of a cascading waterfall is great at masking irritating background sounds.


Serene songbirds take you to a remote forest for meditation or relaxation


Unwind to the soothing and exhilarating sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a isolated lake

Energy Chimes

A chorus of crickets slowed down to resonating in the BETA brainwave range blend with slow moving chimes (also in the BETA range). The combination is an environment that sounds like a relaxing summer twilight on the deck, but has an inherent BETA energizing effect - resulting in a focused state of mind.


The delicate and calming rhythmic sounds of a xylophone combined with ALPHA brainwave entrainment (8 hz) achieve deep relaxation.

Alpha Clouds

ALPHA brainwave patterns are activated by a calming harp to provides an enjoyable, healthy relaxation state.

Sleep Surf

Ocean Surf combined with musical pulsations create an effective sleep inducing atmosphere at the 2 hz DELTA brainwave range.

Delta Voyage

Rhythmic white noise ease your mind into a refreshing and restful sleep with dense DELTA frequency entrainment (.5, 1 and 2 hz).

Dream Echoes

Echoing melodies encourage restorative, deep sleep with .25, .5,1 & 2 hz DELTA frequency entrainment

Spa Retreat Sound Card (includes 12 sounds)

Take your mind, body and spirit to your favorite spa for a soothing, rejuvenating sound experience!

Hawaiian Surf

The gentle rhythm of a night-time Maui ocean surf to help you relax or drift off to sleep

Gentle Rain

Gentle rainfall provides perfect for relaxation and relaxation - get that cosy feeling while you fall asleep


A steady, cascading waterfall provides a natural, wonderful background atmosphere for privacy, relaxation, and sleep

Island Stream

A calming Hawaiian stream with a chorus of birds provides an oasis of natural sound for relaxation,reading, and sleep

Asian Garden

A private Asian Garden to meditate or relax in where a gently flowing brook and an Asian Sarod blend with to provide a tranquil haven

Summer Night

A gentle chorus of crickets provides a restful and tranquil atmosphere for meditation, rest and sleep


Melt away daily stress with the pulsating and soothing ocean of keyboard and synthesizer sound by Dr. Steven Halpern


A natural oceanic rhythm of marvellous calming synthesizer and keyboard music from Dr. Steven Halpern - great for relaxing


Dr. Steven Halpern creates a enveloping and peaceful atmosphere with Rhythmic ocean waves blended with synthesizer and keyboard music

Easy Days

Hilary Stagg's enamoring music features unique harp tones accompanied by a piano, and electric violin relieve stress from your body and create a state of peace

Late Night

Chuck Wild's wonderfully calming synthesiser and keyboard music is ideal for unwinding and disengaging from daily turmoil. It is ideal solution for a nightly pre-sleep routine


Has a natural slowing down effect perfect for massage, mediation, yoga, stress management and healing. Another dreamy keyboard and synthesiser sequence from Chuck Wild.


How do I turn off the backlight?

When your unit is AC powered (i.e. plugged into a wall outlet), you may adjust the brightness level by pressing and holding down the SLEEP ENHANCEMENT button. 
Three brightness levels plus “off ” are available.

Here is how you do it:

You can adjust the backlight intensity with the sound playback stopped:

1.            Press the Snooze/Off/Resume to turn sound playback off.

2.            Press the Sleep Enhancement button to turn Sleep Enhance on.

3.            Hold Sleep Enhance button to adjust backlight to desired level.

4.            Press Snooze/Off/Resume button to begin sound playback again.

Other Available Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Cards:

Ear Therapy Card

Tinnitus Ear Therapy - Sound Card - The most advanced approach to tinnitus therapy sounds

Baby Sound Card

Baby Sleep Sounds - Sound Card - Help babies and children of all ages sleep

Nature Sound Card
Nature Journey - Sound Card - Some of the finest authentic nature recordings

Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 User Guide:

The Sound Oasis White Noise Machine is available for fast delivery around Australia and New Zealand including: Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington as well as all other metro and urban areas.

Sounds 24 sounds included on 2 cards (Relaxation Wellness & Spa Retreat) - Expandable through other cards
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Weight 460 grams
Brands Sound Oasis
  1. My dogs love it
    By HelenOn 27/01/2016

    I'm very happy with this unit, it has some great sounds and the sound quality is good and helps me sleeping after shift work especially.
    An unexpected bonus is that my dogs seem to love it (biggest effect is from 'Energy Chimes' sound). I leave it on when they are home alone and it does a very good job of soothing them and they just seem to snooze by the machine the whole time. Worth a try if you have an anxious dog.

  2. Good product
    By CortneyOn 29/12/2015

    My Husband got this for Christmas and he seems to really like it his only complaint is about the difficulty to set the alarm but we have a toddler who is our alarm. The sounds are good.

  3. Excellent
    By Denise LedfordOn 27/12/2015

    Very happy with this purchase both with the product and the delivery time.
    Purchased this for my daughter for Xmas and she loves it, as it helps her get to sleep quickly.

  4. Sound Oasis S650
    By ThereseOn 22/12/2015

    A great product for my Dad, who is in a nursing home with dementia. He was very relaxed during listening to the sounds of nature. He is quite deaf, so I think that the volume should be able to go higher than it does. Also, a holding bracket or base would be good, so that it cannot be removed from room by wandering dementia residents.

  5. Useful
    By Alexander BurlessOn 13/10/2015

    Blocks high frequency noise well.Time limits and clock are handy.Analogue presentation of time is not.Overall,for my purpose,good.
    Sleep Solutions - display is digital and numerical however it does not have the option of displaying time in 24hr format only AM and PM

  6. Great product
    By PennyOn 8/09/2015

    This is a great product. Good options for the various noises, although we have found that some are not good for sleeping, but better for middle of day relaxing. Also, while yes, the light does dim, the lowest lighted setting is still too bright in my dark room. I had hoped to replace my alarm clock, but haven't been able to.
    Sleep Solutions - you can fully turn off the backlight on the unit - just follow these steps:
    Users can adjust the backlight intensity with the sound playback stopped.
    1. Press the Snooze/Off/Resume to turn sound playback off.
    2. Press the Sleep Enhancement button to turn Sleep Enhance on.
    3. Hold Sleep Enhance button to adjust backlight to desired level.
    4. Press Snooze/Off/Resume button to begin sound playback again.

    In addition for other electronic device lights in your room- we sell light dim stickers - which customers find really effective

  7. Sleep at last
    By JaneOn 27/08/2015

    As a tinitus sufferer getting back to sleep after that middle of the night toilet stop was impossible before purchasing the sound oasis, now I run it on continuous and can finally go back to sleep .

  8. One of my best purchases
    By Adam Luke On 16/08/2015

    I love this item and love the sleep enhancement function. I have been getting better sleep since using this sleep machine. I recommend!

  9. Excellent Product
    By Calvin RuddOn 2/03/2015

    This product is great. I have finally found what I have been looking for. It is great for helping me drift off to sleep. All the different nature sounds are perfect. The machine is very easy to use with sound selection, volume control, brightness control and time selection 30, 60, 90 minutes or continuous very easy . Sleep solutions were great with their advice in helping me select this machine. Delivery was very prompt. Would I recommend this product? Yes 100%.

  10. A lovely machine!
    By christineOn 3/02/2015

    After suffering insomnia for over a year from traffic and an electrical power transformer outside my bedroom - this wonderful machine creates a relaxing cocoon, transforming my stress into calm. I can still hear noises but they are in the distance between the rolling ocean waves.
    It's a great way to fall asleep and wake up.
    I totally recommend this.

  11. sound oasis s.650 sleep sound white noise machine
    By john a powellOn 12/01/2015

    excellent machine no more large bills using electric fan you can chose your white noise and it really works to help you sleep

  12. Very Dreamy
    By SimonOn 4/01/2015

    Excellent. Very soothing, very relaxing, fell asleep instantly. I would recommend this product to anyone. There is no looping. The light is not too bright as you can turn the brightness down. Very easy to use!

  13. Fabulous
    By ElizabethOn 4/01/2015

    Fabulous & works for me...just drift off naturally now thank goodness...very clever little gadget...thank you!!

  14. The answer to my prayers!!
    By AntoniaOn 8/09/2014

    I bought this for my 3 & 4 yr old boys who share a bedroom and would never go to sleep.
    After trying various things to make bedtime a bit easier with little improvement, this White Noise machine has changed our lives!
    They look forward to going to bed with the sound of the ocean waves and rarely get back out of bed, it's very calming for them.
    I'm actually a bit jealous of them now and considering purchasing a second one for myself and my husband!

  15. Very relaxing.
    By sueOn 10/07/2014

    The ocean waves are very relaxing and if I wake up I can drift back to sleep easily.
    Delivery was very quick.

  16. Helped me sleep
    By linda daviesOn 4/07/2014

    I love the different sounds, I found the waves the most soothing. It takes your mind off everyday concerns. I bought another one for a friend who was having trouble sleeping, and his sleep has also improved.

  17. Great product
    By N/AOn 24/02/2014

    It works & recommend it. Have been using it since to eliminate train horn.
    Negatives are what some have encountered 1)Difficult to reset alarm. Can't believe in this new age we still have to hold on to the button until our finger tip turns blue!!. Time for a new version to have an up & down button guys! 2)The blue glow is too bright. Had to turn it away to minimise glow.
    Other than that, it's a great machine
    Sleep Solutions - It is possible to alter the screen brightness or even turn it off by:
    pressing and holding down the SLEEP ENHANCEMENT button.
    Three brightness levels plus “off ” are available

  18. Ocean surf sleeper
    By KazOn 19/12/2013

    I am enjoying using my sound machine-wanted one for ages and finally found it. I keep mine on ocean surf, it's programmed for 90 mins but I never hear it go off as I'm sound asleep. If I wake in the middle of the night as I often do these nights, I put it on again and it does help me chill out having that background noise. Have kept it a bit of a distance away as it was too noisy next to the bed. Overall very happy with the product.

  19. Bird sounds in the Morning
    By SusanOn 19/11/2013

    I have found this product extremely useful to promote relaxation and sleep. I particularly like the bird sounds early in the morning.
    The product has ceased working twice at 8.04 am and I then have to remove all the batteries to locate the reset button which I have to push with a hairclip. It is very slow to reset the time as it only proceeds second by second and I have to continually press the time button. In the end I gave up and just left it on the time and didn't go to pm as it would take too long.
    Otherwise this is a really good product which I have recommended to friends.

  20. Great for Peaceful Sleep
    By SandraOn 28/09/2013

    It is a great product with relaxing sounds to drown out barking dogs and outside noise. Really good for a peaceful nights sleep.

  21. Very effective
    By N/AOn 12/09/2013

    This machine delivers what it promises....sleep! I had tried a different machine but found my mind picked up where the recording repeated itself and it was worse than a ticking clock. The repeat on this machine has proven undetectable to my ears, which means I can imagine it is the real thing and drift off to sleep without a care. My husband uses a CPAP machine for his sleep apnoea and I find this machine masks the noise of the machine very well.

  22. Great
    By fifiOn 15/08/2013

    Nice sounds and definitely helps me block out the external noises (my neighbours Gen Y parties are always a treat mid week).
    The White Noise option is the greatest saviour of sleep

  23. would like it to have better functions
    By Michelle BakerOn 12/08/2013

    So it does what it says it does but I thought that the extra functions would have been integrated in a more sympathetic manner. The light is WAY to bright (read in the ridiculous spectrum) so I try to lay it on its front to block out the light then the 'sounds' button gets pushed. Also - its pretty annoying to set the time and the alarm - it takes ages (both)- so overall I should have purchased the much cheaper noise machine without the bells and whistles.
    Sleep Solutions - When your unit is AC powered (i.e. plugged into a wall outlet), you may adjust the
    brightness level by pressing and holding down the SLEEP ENHANCEMENT button.
    Three brightness levels plus “off ” are available.

  24. good value for the money
    By HazelOn 12/08/2013

    After a few weeks' use, our unit froze & I call for instructions to reset -- the manual is wrong -- to reset stick an unbent paper clip in the little hole in the bottom of the battery compartment. There is also the minor annoyance of not being able to change the wake-up alarm time easily. So not 5 stars for the product (but 5 stars for Glen at Sleep Solutions). Other than that, a good product for the money. As others have said, some sounds are better than others for sleeping due to the short repeat cycle -- the ocean sound is best for us. We need it to mask traffic sounds that start up at 4am. Doesn't help my husband's tinnitus much though (he tried out the tinnitus sounds on another website so we didn't bother buying that card).

  25. Highly recommended for tinnitus sufferers
    By AlexOn 11/08/2013

    I bought this machine for my elderly father who has suffered from severe tinnitus for over 20 years. This machine has changed his life. He can now sleep in his bed the entire night and not on the couch with the TV on. Great purchase!

  26. So relaxing...
    By Amanda On 23/07/2013

    I have been a troubled sleeper for many years taking 2 or more hours to fall asleep and then waking every hour. I was desperate for a good nights sleep and after some research and reading some great reviews here, I decided to buy this machine. It arrived only 2 days after I ordered!
    I had a small issue when I first received it but found the customer service excellent and after the machine was 're-set' I haven't had any issues.
    The sound selections are really great and the sound quality is excellent. I love playing Alpha Clouds and I have it on continuous mode so it plays all night. I find I'm getting to sleep much faster and when I do wake up I fall asleep more quickly. I am also waking up less. I still have some bad nights but overall I'm incredibly happy with this machine and have recommended it to others. It's also nice to listen to when reading.

  27. good product and conveient to use
    By Kerry 3rd july 2013On 3/07/2013

    this is a terrific product and very convenient and easy to use. I would agree with an earlier comment by a user that some of the sounds particularly the sounds of ocean and rain that I personally prefer are a bit too repetitive and I don't know but maybe it is meant to be that way. however for me I would like the sound loop to be more expansive. overall though excellent product and quite comforting.

  28. Good anti noise (dog barking etc.) device
    By PeterOn 31/05/2013

    The choice of sleep solutions helps with the supression of night time noises allowing me to enter a sleep state more easily.

  29. Great for drowning out the neighbours dog
    By KylieOn 22/05/2013

    I bought this machine initially for the white noise, so that I could turn it on early in the morning when the noise of dogs and birds would wake me. I have found the white noise options, including the waterfall sounds, very useful for this.

    I have also started using the other relaxation sounds while reading in bed at night and then set the 30 minute timer for the sound to continue playing while I fall asleep. I have really enjoyed this aspect of the Sound Oasis machine.

    My only complaint is how long it takes to reset the times for the alarm. You have to scroll through the 24 hours to get to an earlier time, which can take a while. But this is a small inconvenience.

    I recommend this product.

  30. Sleep at last
    By Louise On 7/05/2013

    It is quite a game to pick which sound we will listen to each night. All beautiful but different. Our Greyhound and Dobermann who sleep in the bedroom with us seem super chilled. Thank You.

  31. Love, Love, Love this Machine!
    By AlveanOn 3/05/2013

    I have had trouble sleeping through the night for the last couple of years. Always seemed to wake up around the 2am mark and struggled to get back to sleep again for a few hours. I purchased this machine while I was on holiday in Sydney and used it in my hotel room. I was surprised that from the first night I slept all the way through till morning. Since being back home, (NZ), I am sleeping through the night. I find having the sounds on in the background while reading is very relaxing.

  32. Exactly what I need!
    By Well restedOn 6/04/2013

    The noises sound realistic, the display can be totally darkened, and there are different timer choices... basically I couldn't ask for anything more!

  33. Great machine
    By DMooreOn 28/03/2013

    This is a useful machine that I would and have recommended. We've ended up buying two - one for us and one for the baby's room. The sound quality isn't the greatest but you get used to it and don't notice after a while. We don't use all the sounds, just the natural ones; ocean surf, thunderstorm and white noise for the bubs. Good background noise for relaxing too.

  34. Just what I needed
    By CarolOn 19/02/2013

    Easy to use, good variety of sounds although delta brainwave pattern ones drive me nuts and has definitely improved my quality of sleep as it blocks out unwanted sounds. I opted for Express Delivery which took just as long as normal post so not happy with that after paying almost $12 extra.
    The company was helpful at all times and very knowledgeable about this product. Delighted with my purchase.

    By TonyOn 15/02/2013

    This is a very good product. The only criticism we have is that some of the more relaxing music that comes with the product is too repetitive, however that said the other sounds such as the waterfalls , thunderstorms and rainforest sounds are truly relaxing. We have only used the product as a stand alone item but we also purchased sleep phones to use with it. The sleep phones are very comfortable to wear in bed and we will certainly be using both products together the next time the neighbours decide to have a party

  36. Tinnitus Relief
    By CharlieOn 9/12/2012

    I started using the Oasis system in order to relieve my Tinnitus it has made a great improvement- Thanks

  37. Good product
    By TonyOn 8/12/2012

    Good choices of sleep solutions, tried most and it does assist me with noise from outside, though not the airplanes or neighbor dropping things on the ceiling.
    The machine works well .

  38. Fantastic techonlogy
    By N/AOn 27/11/2012

    It is indeed an advancement in innovation and invention. A genuinely true and a helpful product exactly meeting the needs of the customer.

  39. Normally a light sleeper
    By CarolOn 26/10/2012

    I am having deeper sleeps and feeling well rested upon awaking. If I wake though the night I can now go back to sleep straight away into a deep sleep.

  40. A superb product!
    By JustineOn 15/10/2012

    I purchased the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy recently and am delighted with it.I am a therapist and play the ocean surf softly in the background when I'm with clients. They love it and find it relaxing and peaceful. Some clients who have difficulty relaxing and sleeping have asked for details of how to purchase one for themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending this product - it is excellent quality and value.

  41. Insomnia much improved!
    By MonOn 5/09/2012

    Like many others here, I used a fan for white noise, and thought a white noise machine would be a better idea. I ended up getting this one for the different sounds as well, to see if that helped more than just white noise. The great thing is that I can set it to whatever mood I'm in - rain, thunderstorm, surf, chimes and crickets. I do find I drift off a lot faster now and stay in a deeper sleep. The timer option helps too ... as the sounds decrease, it lulls me to sleep if I'm having difficulty. And if I wake up in the night and find it hard to get back to sleep again, I just turn it back on.

  42. Fantastic
    By HelenOn 22/08/2012

    I have had a sound therapy machine for approx 6 months and it is fantastic - I am a shift worker & no longer need help (sleeping pills). My daughter often has trouble sleeping so I have bought one for her too, she LOVES IT

  43. Love It !
    By MoniqueOn 16/08/2012

    This sound machine has been great to take the edge of my 2 year old's quiet room. I love the soft rain sound - so soothing. Only thing I don't like is that the time display is quite bright - but we cover that up and it runs all night while she sleeps. I LOVE it and high recommend it!!
    Note: Time display can be turned off - you may adjust the brightness level by pressing and holding down the SLEEP ENHANCEMENT button.
    Three brightness levels plus “off ” are available
    Sleep Solutions

  44. best nights sleep ever
    By sharonOn 10/08/2012

    my husband and I really love the sound machine,90 minutes goes really fast, so we always put it back on around midnight,the only bad thing is we cant decide what noise to play there are to many nice ones

    By LarryOn 21/06/2012

    I wanted to purchase a property near the ocean, to hear the surf, but was unable to fund a purchase. I thought this may successfully [and cheaply] achieve my aim. I was 100% correct and very happy to report the brain wave was spot on. I have a development suggestion: Have a capability for more alarms [say 6].

  46. Full Night's Sleep! :)
    By DiOn 13/06/2012

    Got my Oasis system yesterday - used it last night.... and oh my lord! FIRST full night of sleep in years. We too used a fan for years to creat the 'white noise' sound in our room to soothe us to sleep; but the fan was too clunky for our new house so we thought we'd try this out. Plus all the other sounds that come on the sound cards make it great for just having 'background' noise too :)
    Very happy customer and will recommend to everyone.
    Peace out and love one another y'all!

  47. Excellent invention!
    By DebOn 26/05/2012

    Bought this machine about nine months ago on recommendation of a friend. I turn it on every night when going to bed and let it run all night. I've always been a bad sleeper and hate the silence at night. I quite often wake several times through the night and this relaxes me to go back to sleep. I feel comforted, soothed, safe and secure with it running all night.

  48. Terrific
    By Leeanne On 25/05/2012

    Absolutely terrific machine. I was looking for something that would help with blocking out the traffic noise and this makes you focus on the sounds rather than on the traffic. Thinking about buying another one for our holiday rental property.

  49. Fabulous - highly recommended
    By JanOn 25/05/2012

    We had been using a fan over summer and as well as cooling the room, we also found that the white noise was very soothing. I was concerned about the fan's electricity consumption, it took up a lot of room on the dresser and also with winter coming on, a cool breeze became less attractive. I ordered the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System to see if we could reproduce the effect of the fan. It arrived very promptly and it is just fantastic. It is small and compact and very easy to use. I like the fact that there is an option to have no illumination of the time, so that the room can be completely dark. For sleeping, we prefer Ocean Surf, Gentle Rain and Stream. We have the volume reasonably loud and I could not have imagined that it would not actually keep us awake. However it is quite the opposite. In my home it is now a bit of a ritual to decide which sound to use and then my husband and I both drift off into very restful sleep very quickly. There is no conscious awareness of the sound, and I genuinely think that the device helps to keep us undisturbed in a deep level of sleep. I recommended it to a friend who has a restless newborn, but would really recommend it to anyone who would like to sleep better.

  50. Fantastic help for Tinnitus
    By N/AOn 25/05/2012

    Absolutely wonderful product. It is one of the best help for tinnitus suffers. It has allowed me to relax and keep my sanity. Great background noise for when you are working or reading your favorite book.

  51. Brilliant machine
    By N/AOn 24/05/2012

    This is an amazing product that really helps to keep a consistent sound occurring overnight and encourages a peaceful sleep. It is very cheap to operate and can function with batteries, which is fantastic. There are many different sounds to choose from which means there is variety. A great idea to make it a 5 star review would be to have a visual, volume control so that you can see exactly the volume you want to set each time it is used. At the moment we have to guess. However, we love it and are glad to have found it and purchased.

    By Gina On 17/02/2012

    When I found this on the internet I thought what an amazing idea. I put in my order on a Wed and had it by Fri morning. When I received it I thought oh no I knew it was to good to be true as the machine is quite small and i did not think it could produce a sound like a fan which is what i needed for my new baby..............until I tried it!!!! What a powerful little BOX she fell asleep straight away and hell I feel kind of relaxed myself :) I am SO SO HAPPY with this. This is a MUST for all babies - well ones who have trouble sleeping like mine haha THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

    Oh and awesome customer service by the way....!!!

  53. Wow!
    By KimberleyOn 15/01/2012

    I've been having trouble staying asleep.I wake up 5 to 6 times a night for the last year and a half.First night of using this machine, I only woke up once. And I set it on timer for 30mons,not continuosly all night. Since then I have had good solid sleeps, with anaverage of only waking up once during the night. My favourite is Hawaiian Surf and Delta Vogage.

    I also use the machine for meditation and with changable cards, my options are huge!

    Give it a go. It makes a difference.

  54. Love it!
    By SandyOn 14/09/2011

    I bought this so that I could sleep when my neighbours were making noise. I thought that having the volume loud to block out the neighbours may make it difficult to sleep but the sounds are very soothing and in timed mode they gradually get quieter lulling you to sleep. It fits nicely on the bedside table and even if I go to bed and don't feel tired the sounds really help you relax and drift off to sleep. I love this product and only wish I had found it earlier!

  55. Great product
    By N/AOn 30/05/2011

    This product is great for all types of needs -minimises background noises and has heaps of different sounds to choose from.

    Also the ability to use with batteries makes it easy to move around or take with you when traveling.

    And Sleep Solutions offer the best price with great delivery service

    Highly recommended

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Sound Oasis S-650 Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

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