Sleep in tranquility and style—anytime, anywhere—with these essential travel sleep aids.

Block out unwanted light with deluxe sleep masks, eliminate ambient noise with effective earplugs, and ensure quality rest with compact yet comfy travel pillows. For the road warrior who needs to recharge, we also offer audio sleep therapy systems, sleep assistants, and relaxing music CDs.

Like all of the sleep accessories in our inventory, these travel essentials have been carefully selected for optimal quality, durability, and effectiveness

  1. Dreamlight Ease Lite Contoured Sleep Mask
    Dreamlight Ease Lite Contoured Sleep Mask
    • Helps block light for a pitch-black rest environment
    • Unique hollowed sleep mask leaves your make-up intact
    • Adjustable velcro strap for perfect fit
    • Machine washable material for easy care
    • Eyelash extension friendly
    • Blackout sleep mask suitable for night shift
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  2. Dreamlight Ease front
    Dreamlight Ease Wrap Around Sleep Mask
    • Blocks 100% of light for a pitch black rest environment
    • Unique 3D Facial mapping technology for a more fitted and comfortable mask for everyone to enjoy
    • Wraps comfortably on the head, minimizing pressure on the eyes
    • Machine washable for easy care
    • Includes a travel pouch
    • Eyelash extension friendly
    • Blackout sleep mask suitable for night shift
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  3. Black
    Regular Price $579.00 $499.00
    Kokoon Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones with Bluetooth
    • Comfortable headphones specifically designed for sleeping
    • Sleep uninterrupted with these Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
    • Get better sleep with relaxing sounds or white noise using app or stream favourite sounds via Bluetooth
    • Improve the quality of your sleep - using EEG Brainwave sensors and app
    • Built sleep exercises via the Kokoon Rleax app
    • Design moulds to the shape of your head for ultimate comfort and sleep
    • Sleep the whole night through with continuous playback
    • Your ideal travel companion
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