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At Sleep Solutions, we carry the best children’s quilts and quilts for kids from top Australian brands, including Luxe, Tontine, Bambi, and Downia. We offer a wide selection of quilts designed specifically for kids, as well as many adult quilts suitable for children.

Our high quality, lightweight, non-allergenic kids’ quilts help you give your child the best start in life with plenty of restful, relaxing sleep. Choose from our great selection of natural cotton quilts, natural fibre doonas, kids’ bamboo quilts, microfibre quilts, allergy friendly down and feather quilts, and many more.

Restful sleep and great mornings for your kids

Sleep is vital for your child’s growth and development. Depending on age, your children need between 10 and 13 hours of quality sleep each day—and the best way to promote quality sleep is with quality bedding.

The ideal quilts for kids are:

  • Lightweight - kids sleep much warmer than adults
  • Allergen-free and asthma friendly
  • Single bed size - you can use an adult quilt
  1. Jaspa Black Kids Wool Quilt 250GSM
    From $189.95
    Jaspa Black Kids Wool Quilt 250GSM
    • Filled with a generous amount of ExcelWool - Perfect for all seasons use
    • Covered with high quality cotton Japara with a bound finish
    • Made with all natural materials
    • Quilt weight 250 GSM
    • Tog rating: 5.7
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  2. Jaspa Black Cotton and Wool Kids Quilt

    Out of stock

    From $129.99
    Jaspa Black Cotton and Wool Kids Quilt
    • Perfect quilt for healthy growing bodies
    • Supports asthma and allergy sufferers
    • Filled with 60% ExcelCotton and 40% ExcelWool
    • Quilt weight 350 gsm
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