1. Ionmax ION 632 Desiccant Dehumidifier 10L

    ... Top Pick out of 13 dehumidifiers reviewed. The Ionmax 632 is ... an outstanding desiccant dehumidifier: Performs - over a wide ... ... the internal doors are open, the excess moisture from all of the rooms in the house will migrate naturally towards the dehumidifier and be processed. Compare Ionmax Dehumidifiers Ionmax ION 610 Ionmax ION 612 Ionmax ION ...

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  2. Breville the Smart Dry Compressor Dehumidifier 10L

    Effectively removes moisture from the air creating a ... up to 30m2. Smallest Breville dehumidifier ... is switched off at the outlet and the plug is removed. Cleaning your dehumidifier • Keep the unit upright when cleaning. • Wipe the dehumidifier housing, control panel and air inlet and outlet grilles with a soft, dry ...

  3. Ionmax ION 622 Compressor Dehumidifier 12L

    Excellent Humidity Control - Removing up to 12L of moisture a day Get rid of mould growth - protect your health Contains no CFCs - or greenhouse gases eco ... , too. By removing excess moisture from the air, the ION622 dehumidifier can help laundry dry faster when ... an ergonomic large handle for easy portability around the house. User-Friendly Water Tank A cleverly designed 1. ...

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  4. Ionmax EcorPro DryFan Home & Office Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier

    Smallest industrial-grade dehumidifiers on the market Works perfectly ... ... desiccant dehumidifiers use DryFan® technology and uses a continuously rotating moisture-absorbing ... house dehumidifier or ceiling dehumidifier. Excellent as a commercial dehumidifier for basement or bathroom dehumidifier ...

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  5. Bambi Protectiva Luxury Waterproof Tencel Mattress Protector

    ... made with Tencel, quickly absorbs moisture Compatible to use with an ... ... Mould & Dust Mite Growth - No Chemicals Required TENCEL® does not give bacteria a chance to grow. When moisture is produced it is directly absorbed from the skin and transported inside of the fiber. Thus no water film ...

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  6. Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L

    ... survey. This efficient, eco-friendly dehumidifier is the perfect solution for ... ... environment. The desiccant, a substance such as salt or silica gel that absorbs moisture, pulls the water from the air as it enters the dehumidifier—no CFCs or harmful gases are required, so you can rest assured you are ...

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  7. Ionmax ION 610 Desiccant Dehumidifier 6L

    Get rid of mould growth - protect your health Ideal for Smaller Rooms - up to 25 m2 Performs - over a wide range of temperatures Safe - 1.8L tank with auto ... at home while making dehumidification easy and worry-free. Excellent Dehumidification The ION610 desiccant dehumidifier removes up to 6L of moisture a day for areas up to 25m2, perfect for use around the home. Take ...

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  8. Protect-A-Bed Tencel Signature Series Waterproof Pillow Protector

    Made from wood-based fibre with a Cushion Cloud for luxury feel Softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton. Machine wash and tumble dry. ... - Unlike other synthetic materials available on the market Waterproof - The sleep surface fabric absorbs moisture, whilst the miracle layer prevents liquid from passing through Flexible - Does not alter the comfort ...

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  9. Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

    Effectively Provides Premium Dehumidification & Purification performance Keeps away from air pollution or common allergens, bringing you a healthier & comfortable ... W x H) 34.3 × 31.8 × 61.7 cm ; Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier, Dehumidifier, Air Purifier, 20L, Dampness, Mildew, Mould, Philips, Pollen, Asthma, Allergy Suffers; Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Air ...

  10. Breville All Climate Desiccant Dehumidifier 8L

    Effectively removes moisture from the air creating a ... ... round dehumidifier that is ideal for medium to large rooms. It uses its 2-stage filter to eliminate condensation from your windows to walls. Expels warm air to increase its drying effect. Effectively removes moisture ...

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  11. Ionmax ION 630 Vienne Desiccant Dehumidifier 10L

    Features daily dehumidification rate of up to 10L/day Perfect during cold or wet weather Offers 4 power levels, 5 relative humidity levels and laundry mode to suit ... the tank is full just by viewing the water level indicator located on the front of the dehumidifier. Specifications Coverage Area Up to 42m2 Moisture Removal 10 Litres a Day (at 20°C RH60%) Tank Capacity 4.2 Liters Power ...

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  12. Breville Replacement Air Filter for the Smart Dry Ultimate Dehumidifier

    Thoroughly takes out airborne allergens and other particles to keep your room's atmosphere clean and fresh H11 grade HEPA filter Built for the Smart Dry Ultimate ... allergens and other particles to keep your room's atmosphere clean and fresh Built for the Smart Dry Ultimate dehumidifier only (sold separately) Dimensions: 26 x 18.5 x 1 cm (0.07kg) About Breville Founded in Sydney in ...

  13. Ionmax EcorPro DryBoat Marine Commercial Desiccant Dehumidifier

    ... market Safer alternative to domestic dehumidifiers if you need 24/7 ... ... the rotor, the honeycomb, of hygroscopic membranes absorbs almost all of the moisture creating an extremely dry airstream. Vents Moisture Out The DryFan® dehumidifier does not produce liquid water. If it did it could be ...

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  14. Ionmax EcorPro DryFan Humidistat Control

    Comes with a 5m connecting cable and jack plug connected to the device Low voltage humidistat for our DF8/DF12/DB8/DB12 dehumidifier range Installation in ... for the Home The Ionmax + EcorPro Humidistat is a low voltage humidistat for our DF8/DF12/DB8/DB12 dehumidifier range. This manually controlled dial comes with a 5m / 15″ connecting cable and jack plug connected to the ...

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