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  1. Kelly and Windsor OptiFill Alpaca Pillow

    With the OptiFill Alpaca Pillow from Kelly & Windsor Australia, ... ... prevents the filling from breaking into lumps. Your pillow will retain its shape, comfort, and appearance for ... accessories, using pure natural alpaca fleece and other specialty natural fibres. Kelly & Windsor utilizes the ...

    Price From: $99.95
  2. Bambi Moodmaker Wool Rich Pillow

    A divine wool rich pillow with the added performance of man-made fibre Proudly made in Australia by Bambi Cover: pure high quality cotton sateen Available ... in bedding. Ebay Description : ; Amazon Description :;Meta Keyword: Bambi, Moodmaker, Wool, Rich, Pillow, made in Australia, standard size, king size;Meta Description: The Bambi Moodmaker Wool ...

    Price From: $69.00
  3. Kelly and Windsor Alpaca Bamboo Pillow

    Excellent Neck Support Breathable and Comfortable Excellent Moisture Absorbent ... in the winter, and cool in the summer. Features Comfortable Breathable Moisture absorbent The Pillow has Luxurios Design. It also has Excellent Neck Support, Even Filling Distribution and it ...

    Price From: $169.00
  4. Bambi Moodmaker Superior Australian Alpaca Rich Pillow

    ... comfort and support while the pillow is encased in a beautiful ... ... Bambi For more than 30 years, people Australia-wide have indulged in the quality and comfort of quilts, pillows, and mattress protectors from Bambi, a family-owned company and a proud member of Australia Made. More ...

    Price From: $99.00
  5. Tontine Luxe Australian Merino Surround Wool Pillow

    Filled to a Medium profile to suit the preferences of most people Finished in a classic self-piped edge & diamond quilted stitch Merino wool inhibits smells & regulates ... constructions and farm-to-shelf traceability. This quality Australian made Tontine Luxe Australian Merino Wool surround pillow with organic cotton cover, is filled with soft and fine Australian Merino wool to a medium ...

  6. Herington Australian Alpaca Pillow

    Lightweight with excellent thermal insulation, making it breathable throughout the night Firm feel with a Urethane foam core for the ideal support 100% Alpaca fibre ... profiler and firmer support, and firm doesn't necessarily mean hard, it implies a denser fill. Firm pillow is suitable for people sleeping on their side or have a large frame. Features Fabric: Covered in ...

    Special Price $94.95 Regular Price $114.95
  7. Bambi Luxurious Matilda Wool Rich Pillow

    Provides excellent comfort and support A luxurious blend of wool and high performance polyester Proudly made in Australia Encased in a luxury cotton sateen cover ... blend of wool and high performance polyester encased in a pure cotton cover , Matilda Wool Rich Pillow is proudly made in Australia. Features Fill: 60% pure new wool / 40% high performance polyester Cover ...

  8. Dorset & Downs Wool Rich Pillow

    800 grams filling (Medium Loft profile) 100% cotton sateen fabric cover Luxuriously soft with a beautiful handle Made in Australia ... . This provides for an even fill into the corners and across the pillow preventing lumps, uneven filling. Superfine Sateen Cotton Fabric The outer case is made with a superfine sateen cotton fabric with a 6cm boxed ...

  9. Ardor Premium Australian Wool Blend Pillow

    Wool is extremely lost lasting if properly maintained and cared Extremely lightweight and comfortable Wool and Virgin Fibre blend filling 900gsm fill weight ... wool filling which is renowned for being light weight, warm and soft to touch. Our medium loft Wool Pillow easily shapes to the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders to assist in achieving a more comfortable ...

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  10. MiniJumbuk Breathe Cotton Quilted Wool Pillow

    ... MiniJumbuk Breathe Cotton Quilted Wool Pillow, you'll have a cool ... ... - Fill weight 600 gsm (Wool 60% | Polyester 40%) Casing - Quilted Cotton Casing (Wool 60% | Cotton 40%) LOW ALLERGY The fill in MiniJumbuk pillows has been cleaned to remove all impurities. Wool is a ...

    Price From: $99.95
  11. MiniJumbuk Balance Wool and Latex Pillow

    ... MiniJumbuk Balance Wool & Latex Pillow, you'll have the ... breathability of a pillow which gives you support ... and comfort. This pillow< ... , insulation, support, comfort;Meta Description: The MiniJumbuk Balance Wool and Latex Pillow is has a luxurious pure wool quilted casing for maximum breathability combined with a natural latex core for support and ...

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  12. Bambi Advanta Tencel and Goose Down Pillow

    30% Tencel and 70% Down Cover: 100% quilted cotton sateen Available in standard size 70 x 45 cm, 900 gsm 900 gsm pillow weight ... Bambi For more than 30 years, people Australia-wide have indulged in the quality and comfort of quilts, pillows, and mattress protectors from Bambi, a family-owned company and a proud member of Australia Made. More ...

  13. Dreamaker Washable Australian Wool Surround Pillow

    ... moisture build up on your pillow and leave you a good ... ... : Provide the support and comfort you need for a good nights sleep with the Washable Australian Wool Surround Pillow. Filled with easy-care washable wool, designed to absorb moisture and leave you a good nights' sleep ...

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