Allergy Sensitive Quilts

Allergy Sensitive Quilt Information

These anti-allergy bedding choices – crafted with natural and man-made fibres and designed for the night-time comfort of allergy and asthma sufferers – are safe and low in respiratory irritants, but complete your bedroom with all the luxury of traditional quilts.

If asthma attacks or triggers wake you at night, or if your allergies make it difficult to get as much oxygen as you need, you'll find yourself dragging during the day as difficulties with alertness and concentration set in.  Restore yourself to full wakefulness and feel better day and night, simply by improving the quality of your rest with an allergy-friendly quilt.

Choose your new allergy-free bedding from this range of hypoallergenic quilts.  Some are proudly Australian-made; many are certified by OekoTex, while others boast selection by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice product recommendation program.  One of these allergy-sensitive options is perfect for you.

Allergen Bedding

While sumptuous and comfortable, the best hypoallergenic quilts and doonas repel irritants like dust mites, bed bugs from infiltrating your bedding allowing you to breathe easy and sleep better. 

Also checkout our range of allergen friendly bedding like mattress protectors and pillow protectors to protect you from exposure to allergens like dust mite, house dust, pollen etc. 

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