Headphones for Sleeping

Headphones for sleeping are what you have been searching for but didn't know existed. Sleep headphones are flat speakers that lie against your ear within a headband but are really thin and comfortable so that you can't feel them. No more painful earbuds/earphones that dig into your ears when sleeping on your side

We sell two key brands:

  • SleepPhones - are sleeping headphones in either a thin fleece headband or breeze/activewear fabric
  • Travel Easy - are a sleep mask and sleep headphone combo that areĀ great at home or an ideal travel companionĀ 
  1. Travel Easy Sleep Mask Headphones with Cord Grey Side Small
    Travel Easy Sleep Headphones Mask with Cord
    • Perfect for sleeping, travelling, air plane, train, car, relaxation...
    • Powerful combo of blackout sleep mask and sleep headphones
    • Great to listen to music on your sleep mask when travelling
    • Adjustable Velcro elastic strap - expands to fit most head sizes
    • 1.2 metre cord with volume control and microphone
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  2. Travel Easy Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
    Travel Easy Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
    • Jack coverter to keep music beautiful and high quality
    • Provides a simple connection - easily connect your audio cable
    • Works with all devices that have a Lightning connector
    • Convenient, quick and easy to use
    • You need to use Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone before use.
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  3. Airplane Headphone Adaptor 1
    Airplane Headphone Adaptor - Gold Plated 3.5mm Female to Double Male
    • Converts a regular headphone jack 1/8" ( 3.5 mm ) to a dual prong 1/8" ( 3.5 mm ) airline jack
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