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11 Products

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11 Products

Choose from our great selection of baby pillows, toddler pillows, and kids pillows:


Baby pillows - are all very flat and are roughly the same height (typically 2 - 5 cm high) - as you wouldn't want to have anything higher at this stage of development.

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First Pillows - Toddler pillows tend to be slightly larger and higher profile (typically 7 - 10 cm high). As you child gets older they then transition to a First Pillow which are typically suited for 2 - 5 year olds. Purchase of a First Pillow generally coincides when a your child transitions to a bed from a cot (but again this will be dependent on your child's development and size)

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Junior Pillows - as your child grows they then transition to a junior pillow (which are higher again)

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Give your kids the right start in life

Sleep is vital children's growth and development - with kids sleep between 10-13 hours a day (depending on their age) they definitely need a quality pillow tailored to their needs. We have selected a range of kids pillows specifically designed for kids and children. These kids pillows are low profile and soft specifically to suit children's smaller frames.

National Asthma Council Australia 

Tontine and Dunlopillo kids pillows are a healthy choice and endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia.

Sleep Solutions is NDIS Registered and Approved