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Bedwetting is a common problem with more than 4.8 million Australians experience bed wetting or other forms of incontinence. In children, bedwetting affects up to 1 in 5 children and the age at which children become able to control their bladders at night varies.

Sleep Solutions provides a range of  products to help both children and adults manage the condition from sheet and mattress protectors, to bedwetting alarm systems.

  1. PottyMD Wet Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm Swatches
    PottyMD Wet Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm
    • 6 different sound alarms and vibrations
    • Comfortable and Convenient - Clips onto pajamas with a magnetic attachment
    • Has the ability to wake deep sleepers with sound and vibration
    • Coach and help motivate your child - Use the included calendar with reward stars
    • New sensors that will only sense moisture on 1 side to prevent the false alarms
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  2. Malem_M03-Red-Compact_Bedwetting_Alarm
    Malem Compact Lightweight Bedwetting Alarm
    • A compact and lightweight solution to bedwetting
    • Sound specifically designed to wake children
    • Single tone alarm + flashing LED light
    • Easy clip sensor
    • Attachment - Safety Pin or Clip
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  3. Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Alarm Front
    Malem Ultimate 1S Selectable Bedwetting Alarm
    • The most compact, lightweight and comfortable approach to stop bedwetting
    • Choose between a single tone or eight random tones with or without vibration
    • Only 55 grams including batteries
    • Easy-clip sensor included
    • Small flashing light when alarm is activated
    • 1-Year alarm unit warranty
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  4. Malem Ultimate 1 Recordable Bedwetting Alarm
    Malem Ultimate 1+ Recordable Bedwetting Alarm
    • An effective bedwetting solution that offers a personalised touch.
    • Flashing Light, Vibration and Sound Settings
    • The recording feature is useful for easily disorientated children to help calm and soothe with your own voice
    • Attachment - Safety Pin or Clip
    • Easy clip sensor
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