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12 Products

Luxury and comfort with optimal support

Choosing the right pillow is essential for achieving truly restful sleep. With a pillow that suits your frame and your preferred sleeping position, you'll encourage proper spinal alignment and enjoy increased comfort and relaxation, so you can get a great night's sleep every time.

King Pillows are a type of bed pillow that measure 50 x 90 cm or sometimes 50 x 100 cm. They are larger than standard pillows and are designed to fit a king-sized bed. They provide support for the head, neck, and shoulders. King pillows are also ideal for people who prefer more room to move and adjust their pillow while sleeping. They can also be used for decorative purposes, such as layering with other pillows to create a stylish bedding display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a King Size Pillow?

A king size pillow, is growing in popularity, and is a larger type of sleeping pillow that provides superior comfort and support. In contrast to standard pillows, a king size pillow measures approximately 51 cm x 91 cm. This size makes it an ideal fit for a king size bed or a super king sized bed. Despite the name, king size pillows are not exclusive to king size beds and can be used on other bed sizes depending on personal preference.

The benefits of king size pillows include:

  • Ample space: The generous size gives you ample space to move around without falling off the pillow. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who move around a lot in their sleep.
  • Versatility: King size pillows can also be used as a prop when reading or watching television in bed.
  • Aesthetic appeal: These pillows add an elegant touch to your bed, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. On a larger bed they look more in proportion than a standard pillow which can look a bit lost.

When purchasing a king size pillow, consider factors such as the filling material and your sleeping position to ensure optimal comfort and support.

What is the difference between a King Size pillow and a Standard pillow in Australia?

In Australia, pillow sizes are standardised to ensure a uniform fit across different types of beds. The most common types of pillows are the standard size pillow and the king size pillow. The primary difference between these two lies in their dimensions. Australian Pillow Sizes:

  • Standard Pillow Size: measures about 48 cm x 73 cm.
  • King Pillow Size: measures about 51 cm x 91 cm.

  • Standard Pillows are designed to fit perfectly on single, double, and queen size beds. On the other hand, King Size Pillows are significantly larger. As the name suggests, they are primarily designed to complement a king or super king size bed. Note you will also need to purchase King Size pillowcases to fit the larger size pillows