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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cot mattress?

A cot mattress is a specially designed mattress that fits inside a baby's cot, also known in some regions as a crib. It serves as the sleeping surface for infants and young children and plays a vital role in their comfort and safety. Cot mattresses are manufactured to comply with specific safety standards and come in various materials and firmness levels. Here's an overview of the essential features and considerations of a cot mattress:

  • Size: Cot mattresses come in standard sizes to fit common cot dimensions, but it's crucial to match the mattress's size with the specific cot to ensure a snug fit without any gaps.
  • Firmness: A proper level of firmness is essential for a baby's safety, as a mattress that is too soft can pose a risk. The mattress should be firm enough to stay flat and keep its shape as the baby moves.
  • Materials: Cot mattresses are made from various materials, including foam, innerspring, and organic substances. Parents may choose based on preference and budget.
  • Hygiene: Many cot mattresses have waterproof covers or removable, washable covers to ensure easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Compliance with Standards: In Australia, cot mattresses must adhere to specific safety standards to ensure quality and safety.

Selecting the right cot mattress is an essential decision in preparing for a new baby. It requires consideration of factors like size compatibility with the cot, the preferred material, budget, and adherence to safety standards. By investing in a quality cot mattress that fits the individual needs and complies with Australian regulations, parents can create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for their child during a critical phase of growth and development.

How deep should a cot mattress be?

The depth or thickness of a cot mattress is an essential consideration when choosing the right mattress for your baby's cot. In Australia, there isn't a specific standard thickness for cot mattresses, but there are general guidelines and safety standards that parents should follow:

  • General Thickness Range: Cot mattresses typically range from 8 to 12 centimetres in thickness. This range provides a balance between comfort and safety.
  • Firmness: Along with the thickness, the firmness of the mattress is crucial. It must be firm enough to support the baby's weight without conforming too much to their body shape, as this could pose a suffocation risk.
  • Fit to Cot: The mattress must fit snugly within the cot with no more than a 4 centimetre gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends. A mattress that is too thick might not fit properly, while one that is too thin may not provide adequate support.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Always look for a mattress that complies with the Australian Standard for cots (AS/NZS 2172). This standard ensures the overall safety of the cot, including mattress compatibility.

While thickness is an important consideration, other factors such as the fit, firmness, material, and compliance with safety standards are equally vital. Reading the manufacturer's guidelines for both the cot and the mattress, as well as consulting with baby product specialists or other parents, can provide valuable insights. By selecting a cot mattress that aligns with recommended practices and your specific cot's dimensions, you create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby, contributing to their well-being and your peace of mind.

Do cots come with mattresses?

When purchasing a cot for a baby, it is common to find that some cots come with a mattress included, while others do not. The inclusion of a mattress depends on the manufacturer, the specific product, and the retailer. Here's what you need to know about cots and mattresses:

  • Cots with Mattresses Included: Some cots are sold as a package deal that includes a mattress specifically designed to fit the cot. This can be convenient, as it ensures compatibility between the cot and mattress.
  • Cots without Mattresses: Many cots are sold without a mattress, allowing parents to choose a mattress separately based on their preferences for material, firmness, and other factors. This option provides more flexibility but requires careful consideration to ensure the proper fit.
  • Compatibility: Whether purchasing separately or together, it's essential that the mattress fits snugly within the cot, following the Australian Standard for cots (AS/NZS 2172), which specifies that there should be no more than a 4 centimetre gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends.
  • Quality and Safety: If the cot does come with a mattress, parents should still check that both the cot and the mattress meet Australian safety standards and that the mattress offers the required firmness and quality.

When shopping for a cot in Australia, carefully read the product descriptions and consult with the retailer to determine if a mattress is included. If not, you will need to purchase a compatible mattress separately, taking into account factors like size, firmness, and compliance with safety standards. Whether buying a cot with a mattress or choosing one separately, ensuring the proper fit and adherence to quality standards will contribute to creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment for your baby.