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Quilt Protectors
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Quilt Protectors Information

Quilt Protectors help people suffering from Allergies, Asthma, Dust Mites or who would just like to protect the quilt from spills, soiling or damage. Enclose your quilt with a waterproof & dust mite quilt prote quilt protector for peace of mind and get a great night's sleep. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Quilt Protector do?

A quilt protector serves as an additional layer that covers your quilt, much like how a mattress protector covers a mattress. Its primary purpose is to shield your quilt from common problems like stains, spills, and dust mites. Quilt protectors are often made from various materials such as cotton, polyester, or hypoallergenic blends. These protectors are generally easy to remove and can be machine-washed, making the maintenance of your quilt a simpler task.

Using a quilt protector comes with several benefits:

  • Durability: It extends the lifespan of your quilt by protecting it from wear and tear.
  • Hygiene: It offers an additional layer that is easier to wash than the quilt itself, thereby maintaining a cleaner sleeping environment.
  • Allergen Barrier: Certain protectors are designed to be hypoallergenic, offering a barrier against allergens such as dust mites and pet dander.
  • Convenience: Most quilt protectors come with zippers or buttons, making them easy to remove and wash.
Do Quilt Protectors Work?

Yes, quilt protectors are effective in serving their main functions, which are to safeguard your quilt and extend its lifespan. These protectors are designed to act as a barrier between the quilt and potential sources of damage or soiling like spills, sweat, and dust. By keeping these contaminants away from your quilt, you can keep it in good condition for a longer time. This can be particularly beneficial for more expensive quilts, as it delays the need for replacement and thus offers long-term savings.

Are Waterproof Quilt Protectors breathable?

Waterproof quilt protectors are indeed designed to be breathable while still providing a barrier against liquids. Traditional waterproofing methods may have resulted in less breathable fabrics, but advancements in textile technology have led to the development of materials that are both waterproof and breathable. These materials often use a polyurethane layer that allows air to circulate while preventing liquid penetration, ensuring that sleepers don't feel overheated or uncomfortable.