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2 Products

The benefits of a sleep mask

Lightweight, high quality sleep masks serve to block both direct and ambient light, including sunlight and artificial light, which allows your eyes to relax naturally. With a luxury eye mask, you can create the ideal conditions for sleeping no matter where you are. Sleep masks are perfect for traveling, unusual sleep schedules, and anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Sleep Mask Information

Sleeping masks can help you get to sleep.

For those struggling with insomnia or having trouble falling asleep, a high quality sleeping mask may be the ideal solution. Fashionable, luxury sleep masks can help you target a number of sleep problems, including:

  • General issues with falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Morning light waking you too early
  • A partner who prefers to stay up later than you
  • Daytime sleeping for those who work night shifts
  • Sleeping while traveling

We stock the top sleep mask brands

At Sleep Solutions, we carry a comprehensive range of luxury sleep masks from top brands, including Dreamweaver, Sleep Master, 40 Blinks, Bucky, and Glo To Sleep. Choose from our wide selection of sleep mask styles and designs, and discover your ideal sleeping companion.

We stock the top brands: Bucky Sleep Masks Mack's Sleep Masks Manta Sleep Mask Travel Easy Sleep Mask Renee Taylor Sleep Mask

Sleep Solutions is NDIS Registered and Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Sleep Mask help dry eyes?

Yes, a sleep mask can indeed provide benefits for people suffering from dry eyes. Dry eyes can occur when you don't produce enough tears or if the tears evaporate too quickly. This condition can be aggravated at night if you sleep with your eyes partially open, a condition known as nocturnal lagophthalmos. A sleep mask can help in this situation by creating a physical barrier that helps keep the eyes closed and retains moisture.

  • Sleep masks create a physical barrier that helps keep eyes closed
  • They can retain moisture and reduce tear evaporation
  • Sleep masks are particularly helpful for people with nocturnal lagophthalmos

There are even specialised sleep masks, often known as dry eye masks, that are designed to provide added benefits. These masks contain elements that can be heated up to provide warm compression, stimulating the glands in the eyelids to produce more oil. This oil forms a layer over the tear film on the eye, slowing the rate of evaporation and helping to alleviate dry eye symptoms. So, while a sleep mask isn't a cure for dry eyes, it can be a useful addition to a comprehensive dry eye treatment plan.

Does a Sleep Mask cause wrinkles?

Regular use of a sleep mask is deemed acceptable, provided it meets certain conditions. Sleep masks, which filter out light and contribute to a favourable sleeping environment, are especially beneficial for those living in highly illuminated urban areas, individuals working night shifts, and frequent travellers.

Notwithstanding, the following considerations are critical for nightly usage of sleep masks:

  • Comfort: A sleep mask should not be overly tight, as this can exert unnecessary pressure on the face and eyes, potentially leading to headaches or skin discomfort.
  • Cleanliness: Routine cleaning of the sleep mask prevents the accumulation of oil, dirt, and bacteria that might result in skin irritation or infections.
  • Material: Opting for soft, breathable fabrics such as silk or cotton is recommended, as certain synthetic materials can trap heat, causing perspiration and possible skin irritation.

What are Sleep Masks good for?

Sleep masks, also known as eye masks, are great to help you get a good night's sleep. Their main job is to block out light, which is super helpful if you live in a bright city, have to sleep during the day because you work at night, or if you're travelling a lot.

But sleep masks are good for more than just blocking out light:

  • Better Sleep: By keeping things dark, sleep masks can help your body make more melatonin. This is a hormone that helps control when you sleep and when you wake up, leading to better sleep overall.
  • Easy to Bring With You: Sleep masks are light and small, so they're easy to pack in a bag if you're going somewhere.
  • Save Money: Compared to other things that can help you sleep like special curtains or eye shades, sleep masks usually cost less.
  • Protect Your Eyes: Sleep masks can keep your eyes safe from dry air, like in an air-conditioned room or on an airplane. This can help your eyes feel less dry and uncomfortable.

Will a Sleep Mask ruin eyelashes?

If you're worried about your sleep mask ruining your eyelashes, you can rest easy. Generally, a high-quality, well-fitted sleep mask won't damage your lashes. You can browse our full range of eyelash extension friendly sleep masks

But here are some tips to keep your eyelashes safe while using a sleep mask:

  • Get a mask with contoured cups: Contoured cups allow you to open your eyes without your lashes touching the mask
  • Watch the Fit: Make sure your sleep mask isn't too tight. A mask that's too snug can press too hard on your lashes, which might hurt them or affect how they grow.
  • Go for Soft Materials: A sleep mask made from rough material could rub against your lashes and cause damage. So, try to choose a mask made from soft materials like silk or satin.
  • Remove Your Makeup: If you wear eye makeup to bed and then put on a sleep mask, your makeup could stick to the mask and pull on your lashes. It's best to always take off your makeup before you go to sleep.