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Sleeping masks can help you get to sleep.

For those struggling with insomnia or having trouble falling asleep, a high quality sleeping mask may be the ideal solution. Fashionable, luxury sleep masks can help you target a number of sleep problems, including:

  • General issues with falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Morning light waking you too early
  • A partner who prefers to stay up later than you
  • Daytime sleeping for those who work night shifts
  • Sleeping while traveling

We stock the top sleep mask brands

At Sleep Solutions, we carry a comprehensive range of luxury sleep masks from top brands, including Dreamweaver, Sleep Master, 40 Blinks, Bucky, and Glo To Sleep. Choose from our wide selection of sleep mask styles and designs, and discover your ideal sleeping companion.

We stock the top brands: Bucky Sleep Masks Mack's Sleep Masks Sleep Master Sleep Mask

The benefits of a sleep mask

Lightweight, high quality sleep masks serve to block both direct and ambient light, including sunlight and artificial light, which allows your eyes to relax naturally. With a luxury eye mask, you can create the ideal conditions for sleeping no matter where you are. Sleep masks are perfect for traveling, unusual sleep schedules, and anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

  1. Dreamlight Ease Lite Contoured Sleep Mask
    Dreamlight Ease Lite Contoured Sleep Mask
    • Helps block light for a pitch-black rest environment
    • Unique hollowed sleep mask leaves your make-up intact
    • Adjustable velcro strap for perfect fit
    • Machine washable material for easy care
    • Eyelash extension friendly
    • Blackout sleep mask suitable for night shift
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  2. Dreamlight Ease front
    Dreamlight Ease Wrap Around Sleep Mask
    • Blocks 100% of light for a pitch black rest environment
    • Unique 3D Facial mapping technology for a more fitted and comfortable mask for everyone to enjoy
    • Wraps comfortably on the head, minimizing pressure on the eyes
    • Machine washable for easy care
    • Includes a travel pouch
    • Eyelash extension friendly
    • Blackout sleep mask suitable for night shift
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