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21 Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Miracle Layer® / Miracle Membrane®?

The Miracle Layer ®, once called the Miracle Membrane®, is a revolutionary and exclusive polyurethane barrier film that is waterproof, yet silent and breathable. It stops spills and stains from penetrating into your mattress and protects you from dust mite allergens, mould, and bacteria.

Will the mattress protector protect me against dust mites?

Yes, the mattress protector will protect you against dust mite allergens, as the Miracle Layer® does not allow the dust mite faeces, which are often the cause of asthma and allergies, to penetrate. The size of the faeces particles are larger than the breathable pores of the Miracle Layer®

Will the mattress protector protect my mattress from stains?

Yes, the Miracle Layer® is designed not to let liquid penetrate through the mattress protector, therefore, it will protect your mattress from getting stained.

Which side should be visible when I place it on my mattress?

The cotton terry towelling, TENCEL™, quilting, or smooth surface should be visible when placed on the mattress, as this is the comfortable and absorbent side. The polyurethane waterproofing should be face down.

Does the skirt need to go directly under the mattress?

No, as long as the four corners of the mattress protector are secure.

Is it recommended that I wash my mattress or pillow protector before it is used it for the first time?

Yes, because when produced the fabric is starched, for easier cutting during production. Therefore, washing it will remove any starch that may remain.