Bambi Luxura Alpaca Fleece Quilt 300 and 430gsm

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Quick Overview
  • This alpaca duvet is warm without being heavy and keeps you comfortable all night long.
  • Filled with 100% pure new Australian Alpaca fleece
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Available in 300 and 430 gsm quilt weights
  • Australian Made
Bambi Luxura 100% Alpaca Fleece Wool QuiltBambi Luxura 100% Alpaca Fleece Wool Quilt

Bambi Luxura Alpaca Wool Fleece Blend Quilt

Those who already swear by alpaca fleece will be delighted to own the Bambi Luxura Alpaca Quilt, an Australian-made doona with a sumptuous sateen cover over filling of the finest locally-raised alpaca fibre. Those who haven't yet discovered the pure indulgent pleasure of this ecologically responsible fleece will soon understand why it is so highly prized and sought-after! This alpaca duvet is warm without being heavy and keeps you comfortable all night long.

The alpaca doona's quilted cover is 100% cotton, woven with a sateen texture that gives your bedroom a finished appearance. The quilt's benefits are derived both from quality craftsmanship by the Australian family-owned company that makes this range of alpaca bedding, and from the natural and inherent properties of alpacas' fleece. Alpaca fleece is renowned for holding warmth even in thin, light layers, but allowing air to breathe through the fibre, an aspect that's very much in evidence in this alpaca quilt.

Alpaca bedding also contains no lanolin, so it is considered less allergenic than bedding from wool. With an alpaca duvet, those with wool allergies can still enjoy the pleasure of a natural animal fibre quilt. All together, these qualities make for a pleasant sleep under the Bambi Luxura Alpaca Quilt.

5 Year Warranty

Product Guarantee

100% Cotton Cover

100% Cotton Jacquard Sateen Cover

Australian Alpaca

Australian Alpaca Fleece

Allergy Friendly

Hypo-Allergenic & Eco-Friendly

Alpaca Fleece Beneficts

Benefits of Alpaca Fleece

Alpacas... and why their fleece is perfect for bedding

Alpacas originated from the Altiplano in Peru and were bred by the Incas for their luxuriant, silky fleeces, which the Inca's hailed as 'The Fibre of the Gods'.

At that time, the fleeces were extremely rare and were only worn by the very wealthy or royalty - in fact the Inca's considered Alpaca fibre to be more important than silver or gold.

How the Fleece is obtained

An Alpaca fleece is obtained in much the same way a sheep's fleece is obtained - the fleece is simply shorn off the Alpaca about once a year. No Alpacas are harmed or injured in any way - they simply get a haircut.

Alpaca Folded


Alpaca is a super-soft fibre. It does not have scales on the fibre, making it naturally smooth & soft. There are many different types of Alpaca, but the best, which Bambi use, is Super Fine Alpaca fleece. At around 16-18 microns, this fleece has the feel of cashmere. (To give an understanding of how fine Super Fine Alpaca is, most human hair is at least 100 microns - 5 times thicker than alpaca fibre).


Alpaca is a completely hollow fibre, meaning it has a massive propensity for trapping heat while, at the same time, being extremely lightweight. In tests conducted by the Yocum-McCall Testing Laboratories, alpaca fibre was shown to be three times warmer than sheep's wool.

Alpaca Folded

Size Options

Single 140 x 210 cm
Double 180 x 210 cm
Queen 210 x 210 cm
King 245 x 210 cm
King 270 x 240 cm

Weight Options

Light Loft 300 gm/m2 - Warmth Equivalent 1 - 2 Blankets
High Loft 430 gm/m2 - Warmth Equivalent 2 - 3 Blankets

Care Instructions

It is recommended to dry clean these quilts.

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About Bambi

An Australian-owned, Australia-made family company founded more than 30 years ago in New South Wales, Bambi is a leading manufacturer of quality bedding products - helping Australian families enjoy better sleep for over three decades. An award-winning company, Bambi is dedicated to exceptional quality and innovation in bedding.


Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

More Information
More Information
Quilt Weight 300 GSM, 430 GSM
Quilt Size Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King
Care Instruction Dry Clean Only
Fill 100% Alpaca Fleece
Fill Weight 300, 430 gsm options
Manufacture Australian Made
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Manufacturer Bambi
Customer Reviews
4.65 out of 5 stars
5 star
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  1. M

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    Verified Review
    Alpaca quilts
    These quilts are beautiful. Unfortunately, for me too hot. Also cover be removable and washable.
    Sleep Solutions - thanks for the feedback - quilts generally don't come with covers - we sell a range of quilt covers separately in a variety of fabrics and designs to suit your décor which you can purchase to protect your quilt. (Posted on 10-08-2021)
  2. D

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    Verified Review
    I love it!!
    This is the best, lightweight and warm. Feel like I never want to get up again! (Posted on 20-07-2020)
  3. S

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    Verified Review
    Alpaca Fleece Rocks
    Such an amazing and comfortable doona! (Posted on 02-05-2020)
  4. W

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    Verified Review
    Great product, great service
    I need something warm living down here on Flinders Island, Tas. This is the best doona I have ever had. Lightweight & warm (Posted on 19-08-2019)
  5. D

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    Verified Review
    Excellent for the cold weather, snuggle down, really don't want to climb out in the morning. Good investment!
    Very happy with this purchase, I had been thinking about buying one for ages, finally bit the bullet, very pleased with the result should have stepped out of my comfort zone long ago. (Posted on 09-07-2019)
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