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Sleep Solutions carries an extensive range of premium blanket types and styles from the top Australian brands. Browse our comprehensive catalog to find the perfect blanket for you and your sleeping needs.

Wool Blankets

The classic material that stands for warmth and comfort finds a higher standard of luxury. Sleep Solutions carries Australian Merino wool blankets from Alastair’s—true winter weight warmth in a luxuriously soft wool blanket without the scratchiness.

Cotton Blankets

Lightweight, breathable, and snuggly soft, our 100 percent cotton blankets from Bambi are made from the finest pure cotton, and offer exceptional softness, durability, and temperature control properties.

Fleece Blankets

Find affordable, high performance micro loft fleece blankets in a wide variety of colors here at Sleep Solutions. Luxurious and lightweight, Alastair’s fleece blankets provide a versatile solution for warmth and comfort throughout your home, from couch to bed.

Warmth, comfort, and style to suit your personal sleeping preferences

Discover the difference a high quality blanket can make. A great blanket can offer temperature and moisture control, keeping you warm on cold winter nights—and supreme comfort to help you achieve restful, refreshing sleep.

  1. Swatches
    Dreamaker Cotton Jersey Quilted Blanket
    • Feel warm in winter and cool in summer
    • Available colours: Marley Grey, Charcoal and Navy
    • Breathable, soft & comfortable with 100% Polyester filling
    • Three Premium Shades with a geometric quilted pattern
    • Machine washable for easy care
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  2. Dreamaker Soft Calming Weighted Blanket
    Dreamaker Soft Calming Weighted Blanket
    • Ultra-soft, comfortable and designed specially to simulate the feeling of being hugged
    • Calming weighted effect comes from specially designed glass beads cushioned by downy polyester filling
    • Gentle on the skin with extra soft-touch fabric with warm feel
    • Ultra-soft and comfortable that promotes calmer and deeper sleep
    • May relieve and lower your stress levels
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