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Solutions To Common Sleep Problems

Problem Solution Products

Can't get to sleep

Suffering from a busy mind - use the NightWave to clear your mind and focus on your relaxing through breathing

Get to sleep with relaxing sounds or white noise - listening to sounds can calm the mind

NightWave Sleep Assistant

White Noise Machines


Allergies and Smoke


Allergens such as dust, dust mites, smoke pollen, pet hair, grass seeds can sinuses flair and sneezing a real problem. This makes breathing, getting and staying alseep a real trial especially in spring and summer.

Get to sleep with our range of HEPA Air Purifiers

Air Purifier

Allergy Sensitive Quilts


There are no real quick fix solutions for snoring. Getting your partner to sleep on their side may help.

If your partner snores, gasps or stops breathing during sleep, or experiences day time sleepiness you should investigate whether they have Sleep Apnea.

We do sell a range of products that can help

  • Mask Snoring Noise
  • Reduce congestion with a Humidifier

Snoring Relief Products

White Noise Machines

Sleep CDs

Ear plugs


Too Hot and Sticky

Hot humid nights make getting to sleep and staying asleep particularly difficult.

A Dehumidifier can provide the much needed relief you are looking for

Temperature Control Products


Ringing in Ears

Tinnitus is a common problem especially as we get older.

The Sound Oasis S-650 Sound Therapy System has be proven to provide sufferers with noises to mask the symptoms and provide relief.

Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System with Tinnitus Sound Card

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