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For your older mattress give it that indulgent, melt into your mattress feel with a memory foam topper, a wool underlay, or for the ultimate luxury - a down and feather mattress topper

A good quality mattress topper or mattress underlay can restore an uncomfortable mattress and transform it into a sumptuous bed.

  1. Dreamaker Down Alternative Microfibre Cot Mattress Topper
    • Breathable cotton cover aids in temperature control and moisture reduction
    • 600gsm microfiber provides softness and supports your baby needs
    • Purafresh® treated to ensure antibacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-dust mite protection for baby
    • Suitable for year-round use
    • 2 sizes available: Cot and Boori
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  2. Dreamaker Bamboo Covered Ball Fibre Cot Mattress Topper 1000 GSM
    • Box Stitched Squared to prevent microfibre filling from moving and becoming uneven
    • 1000GSM Microfibre filling provides an extra lofty cushion for softness and support
    • Filled with high loft polyester ball fibre that adds comfort and support and is memory resistant
    • Luxurious top fabric derived from Bamboo Viscose
    • Sizes: Standard Cot, Boori Cot
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  3. $149.95
    Bambi Baby Wool Cot Underlay
    • Woollen cot underblanket made from Australia’s finest washable wool
    • Endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia
    • Elastic corner straps
    • 2 sizes available: Cot and Boori
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