What does GSM mean in Quilts?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre, which refers to the weight of the quilt filling (more precisely the number of grams of filling per square meter - the more filling the warmer).

To make it easier to choose the right weight and warmth, many manufacturer's quote the GSM fill of the quilt.

As a rough guide :

150 - 250 GSM is best for Summer

300 - 400 GSM are regarded as Autumn and Spring weight

450+ GSM are considered best for Winter

Four Seasons/ All Season quilts: Typically come with 2 quilts - 1 x light weight (Summer) and 1 x medium-weight (Spring/Autumn)
- when attached together and combined are ideal for Winter

For more information, please refer to our Australian Doona, Duvet, and Quilt Buying Guide

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