PottyMD Wet Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm

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  • 6 different sound alarms and vibrations
  • Comfortable and Convenient - Clips onto pajamas with a magnetic attachment
  • Has the ability to wake deep sleepers with sound and vibration
  • Coach and help motivate your child - Use the included calendar with reward stars
  • New sensors that will only sense moisture on 1 side to prevent the false alarms

Wet-Stop 3+ Bedwetting Alarm

Wet-Stop 3+ is convenient as well as effective. The Wet-Stop 3+ reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet. During this learning process, dry underpants will be needed but the family will be spared the bother of remaking the entire bed. In less than six months, many children will no longer require use of the Wet-Stop 3+.

How To For Success with Wet Stop 3+

How to use Wet Stop 3+

  1. To use the Wet-Stop 3, please insert 2 AAA batteries.BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.(Energizer or Duracell, non-rechargeable batteries)
  2. Fasten the alarm portion to the pajama top or shirt using the clip-on fastener.
  3. Run the cord under the pajama top or shirt.
  4. Attach the clip on the sensor to the front of the underwear and give it a little tug. This will assure that it is secure to the front of the underwear. For boys, it is best to position the sensor inside the front pocket of the underwear. Be sure that the sensor does not touch the skin, as it is sensitive to sweat.


  1. Make sure batteries are good by pressing button to see if LED flashes
  2. Place sensor in the “target zone”
  3. Help wake your child if he or she does not wake with alarm
  4. Read our book by a Pediatric Urologist to get the best results

Premium Quality

Wet-Stop3+ is the highest quality, lowest cost bedwetting solution in the world. Alarm comes with free downloadable "The Complete Bedwetting Book", reward chart, sticker reward system and instructions in 6 languages

Sounding and Vibrating Alarm

Several Variable Alarms so your child doesn’t get used to a particular alarm sound. Strong Vibrating Alarm can be used with or without audible alarms. The alarm wakens and motivates your child to go to the bathroom to finish urinating.

Wearable Sensor

Wearable unit is small and easy-to-use. Alarm is attached to pajama top while the small sensor is clipped to underwear. Clip to OUTSIDE of underwear, not touching skin. (Sensor may detect sweat if against skin.)

Doctor Recommended

Designed by a Pediatric Urologist, the Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm is clinically proven to stop bedwetting in boys and girls, and deep sleepers in weeks without medication.

Safe and Certified

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Against Defects. FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified, CE safety certified. Health Canada Registered.


  • 6 different alarms
  • New sensors coming soon that will only sense moisture on 1 side to prevent the false alarms
  • New attachment clip
  • Battery compartment has a snugger fit to hold the batteries in
  • LED button- Flashes with alarm
  • 2-Step turn off process
  • Easy to dry
  • Easy to attach sensor
  • Lightweight and compact

Tips for Success

Dr. Preston Smith demonstrates the use of the Wet-Stop 3+ bedwetting alarm and its advanced features and gives tips for making the most of your alarm. Your child can successfully overcome bedwetting (without medication!) with the Wet-Stop 3+ alarm and your help.

Save yourself work

Bambi Sheet Protector

Rather than changing sheets late at night, sheet protectors protect sheets from getting wet and allow you to quickly change the wet protector out, without having to remake the bed.



Sensor Wearable
Alarm Method Flashing LED, Vibration and/or Alarm
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Potty MD

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
I never heard of this product before but my doctor suggested to use this alarm with my 9 year old who was wetting his bed every night. 3 weeks down the track and we have had dry bed 4 days. He wakes up before the alarm goes off and goes to the toilet. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Doesn’t always work
Doesn’t always go off and sometimes when it does go off it won’t turn off so we have to take the battery’s out (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Was great
Would def recommend it (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Not great for us
The alarm did work but my son was already drenched unfortunately. The frequency of bed wetting has not yet reduced. I wonder whether it’s just physiological so can’t really blame this product. Nonetheless not the result we were hoping for!
Sleep Solutions - stick with it - it takes time to learn new behaviours. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
It's working so far
My child wakes up... perfect (Posted on )
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