Mack's Safe Sound Slim Fit Soft Foam Ear Plugs 10 Pairs

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  • Designed for women with small or sensitive ear canals
  • Tapered for comfort and made from super soft, state of the art slow release foam
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 31 dB
  • Purple colour
  • 10 pairs

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Mack's Safe Sound Slim Fit Soft Foam Ear Plugs 10 Pairs

Made with super soft foam these earplugs are perfect for extended wear where comfort is important. Use them to mask noises to help you get to sleep, when you are reading or need to concentrate, protect your ears at loud events or when you are travelling and need to get some rest night or day.

Slim Fit™ for small ear canals

Mack’s Slim Fit soft foam earplugs are designed for individuals with smaller or more sensitive ear canals. Get the perfect fit while maximizing comfort and performance.

Hearing Protection

With a Noise Reduction Rating of 29 dB, Mack’s Slim Fit earplugs not only protect your ears from dangerous noise levels, they also deliver comfort so you can relax and sleep in peace.


Block out snoring, sleep peacefully, relax while traveling, enjoy music concerts and use power tools with Mack’s Slim Fit multi-purpose, noise reducing earplugs.

Ideal use for


In this fast-paced and often noisy world, proper rest can be elusive. Snoring noise can disrupt sleep and lead to stress and tension among spouses, partners and roommates. To perform at your best and maintain good health, your body and mind require sufficient, good quality sleep.

With these comfortable Mack's Ear Plugs for sleeping and snoring, you can reduce noise, relax and get the good night's sleep you need.


Whether you’re trying to study for the big exam or just trying to learn a new skill or hobby, concentration is key and noise is the enemy. Roommates, family, pets, electronics and neighbors, to name a few, can all be sources of noise that disrupt concentration.

Mack’s Ear Plugs are the perfect studying companions to help keep the noise at bay and help you maintain your focus.


These comfortable ear plugs for traveling help block out noise from travel partners and neighbors who disrupt sleep on airplanes, trains and in autos and hotels.

Mack's moldable putty travel ear plugs also help reduce the potentially harmful effects of loud engine noise during air travel. Get the rest and relaxation you need with Mack's Earplugs.

Loud Noise

Do you suffer from insomnia? Lack of sleep affects millions of Americans and can contribute to physical and emotional health issues.

Mack’s Snoozers Silicone Earplugs help you achieve the deep, quality sleep your body needs, allowing you to be at your best.


To Apply:

  • With clean hands, roll plug into a tight, crease-free cylinder.
  • With opposite hand, reach over head and pull up and back on outer ear to straighten ear canal.

Warning: Improper fitting will reduce effectiveness and could result in hearing loss or injury.

* Discard after several uses or as soon as dirt or wax accumulates on earplugs.

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Fit Slim Fit Slim Fit Regular Fit Regular Fit Regular Fit
Construction Hollow End Regular Hollow End Hollow End Regular
Colour Purple Purple Green Blue Beige
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 30 dB 31 dB 32 dB 32 dB 33 dB
Pack Quantity 10 Pairs 10 Pairs 12 Pairs 12 Pairs 10 pairs
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Manufacturer's Specifications

Device Type Earplugs
Ear Plug Type Foam, Slim Fit
Colour Purple
Manufacturer Mack's
Material Slow release comfort foam
Pack Quantity 10 Pairs
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 31 dB
Fit Slim Fit
Suitable For Sleeping, Reading, Travel, Flying, Loud Events, General noise reduction
Colour Purple

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Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the size differ between Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs and more standard-sized foam earplugs?

Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs are similar in length to most foam earplugs, but they are slightly smaller in diameter

My ears canals seem normal size to me, but earplugs are often uncomfortable in my ears if I wear them for an extended period of time. Will Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs be more comfortable for my ears?

Ear sensitivity varies greatly from one person to another, and even from one ear to another, on the same person. Any pre-molded earplug that works by exerting a bit of pressure back on the ear canal to seal it properly may, over an extended period of time, begin to cause some discomfort to the wearer. People with smaller ear canals experience this discomfort more often as "normal" sized earplugs don't fit as well into their canals. If you have smaller ear canals and/or sensitive ear canals, a smaller diameter earplug like Mack's Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs lessen this pressure and thus increase the comfort level.

What are the foam earplugs made of and do they contain latex?

The earplugs are made of urethane foam. The "latex" in our foam earplugs is not natural latex, it is a synthetic latex technically called an emulsion polymer. It has the same properties as latex (water based, adhesive, etc.) but does not have the enzyme problem associated with natural latex.

If, in the extremely rare instance you should experience any type of rash or skin irritation while using this product, please discontinue use immediately. Consult your doctor or go to your local medical emergency room if you believe you require immediate medical attention.

Can the earplugs be cleaned?

No. If these earplugs become soiled, they should be disposed of.

Besides reducing noise, can these earplugs be used to seal out water?

No. These earplugs were specifically designed to provide superior protection against noise. For water protection, we recommend that you try one of Mack's® moldable silicone or pre-molded flanged earplug products.

Are there any application tips to help me get a proper seal with the earplugs?

First try re-inserting the earplugs after carefully re-reading the directions. Be sure to insert the plug while pulling (with the opposite hand) up and back on the outer ear to straighten the ear canal. If you are still unsuccessful with a plug that has now warmed to body temperature, try another "cooler" plug. A plug that is cooler in temperature will retain its compressed shape and rigidity slightly longer, sometimes making it easier to insert. A sign that the earplug is sealing properly is that your own voice will sound more internal and exaggerated.

Are the moldable silicone earplugs safe to use for flying discomfort? If so, when and how do I use them?

These earplugs have been used while flying since the early 1960's and our users report them to be safe and effective for reducing flying discomfort. In addition, Dr. Ira Rubin, MD, PhD has found Mack's® Pillow Soft® Silicone earplugs to be an effective tool in preventing ear pain in children, especially infants, during plane trips. As he is quoted in a leading pediatric journal: "When molded to the ear canal, they protect the ear from painful air pressure changes and reduce noise as well. Parents report that ear plugs work especially well with infants when left in place for the entire flight. I suggest a trial run a week before the trip if parents anticipate a child's refusing to leave the ear plugs in place."

It is believed that the plugs slow down and/or decrease the effects of the pressure changes, thus allowing the ears more time to respond and equalize. As mentioned above, another manner by which the plugs help is by lowering the noise levels in the cabin allowing the user to rest, thus helping combat the effects of jet lag. The benefit of this rest is twofold in that is also helps calm and relax the "tense" flyer, thus allowing them to equalize more effectively. If you are suffering from an ear health condition, we recommend you consult an E.N.T. (ear, nose, and throat doctor) before flying while using the earplugs.

As the earplugs are only to be used as an aid, the user needs to take an active roll in trying to prevent the onset of the discomfort. The person should try to stay ahead of and prevent the discomfort by trying to "clear" their ears by one of the various known methods. This is especially important during descent when most of the discomfort occurs. One of the methods involves plugging the nose while applying slight blowing pressure while holding one's breath. Another method is to chew gum. It is not the gum itself, but the wide opening motion of the jaw and the act of swallowing that helps aid in the equalization process. Therefore, either faking it or merely munching on some snacks can achieve the same results.

We recommend wearing the earplugs the entire flight, up until the airplane has landed and the cabin has been depressurized.

Are all styles of Mack's® moldable silicone earplugs dual purpose? In other words, will all the Mack's® moldable silicone earplugs help reduce noise AND block out water?

Yes. While we market our moldable silicone putty ear plugs using a variety of names and colors for several different target markets, they all provide the same great noise reduction and water blocking characteristics. Not all possible uses are listed on all product packages. WARNING: Do not use for scuba diving or at depths over 10 feet.

Review by Verified Review
Best Earplugs
Best earplugs - I have tried and I’ve tried a lot. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Excellent product
Very prompt delivery (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
All round, a good product!
Quite good actually, blocked out the majority of medium level snoring. Super loud snoring is hard to block out anyway.. Really comfortable to wear also. I've smaller ear canals so used the slim lined purple ones. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Really comfortable and block snoring
After wearing regular fit earplugs for years to block hubbys snoring I have developed very sore ears and ear canal irritation. These slim fit earplugs have been a huge relief as they are much slimmer, softer and do not irritate my ear canal at all but provide effective blocking of snoring. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Not slim
I bought these to sleep in, the earplugs are not much slimmer than a normal sized earplug. And they hurt my ears to wear. They are soft though and easy to insert.
Sleep Solutions - you might find Silicone earplugs are a better choice in your case (Posted on )
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