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Malem Ultimate 1+ Recordable Bedwetting Alarm


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  • An effective bedwetting solution that offers a personalised touch.
  • Flashing Light, Vibration and Sound Settings
  • The recording feature is useful for easily disorientated children to help calm and soothe with your own voice
  • Attachment - Safety Pin or Clip
  • Easy clip sensor
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Malem Ultimate 1+ Recordable Enuresis Alarm

Malem, Ultimate 1+ Record Bedwetting Alarm is designed to maximise effectiveness by providing the ultimate choice of recording your own sound, music or personal message to suit the needs of the user day or night.

This feature is in addition to the built-in functions of selectable loud sounds (8 sounds), sounds and vibration or vibration only. A tamper proof selection switch is located inside the battery compartment to prevent accidental or unintentional switching. All settings have a flashing light.

How it works

The alarm is worn on the nightwear top, close to the collarbone. The moisture-sensitive sensor is anchored to the underwear or close fitting pants. When urination commences and the sensor is moistened, the alarm is triggered.

Repetitive awakening by the alarm as soon as urination commences will gradually train the brain to exert automatic control over the bladder. Eventually, the bed wetter will either wake up before urination or sleep throughout the night without needing to empty the bladder. This form of treatment has proved to be the safest, most reliable and economical way of solving bedwetting with over 90% success within a few weeks and has no side effects.

The 8 sounds are designed to prevent auditory accommodation. They are eight distinctly different loud sounds only one of which is activated each time the alarm is triggered. The record option enables the use of a preferable sound or music or even a personal recognisable word or message. This can be of help during day time for children with learning difficulties.

The Ultimate 1+ Record has all of the following features

  • Record your own sounds, music or personal message
  • Random eight sounds to prevent "Auditory Accommodation"
  • Sound only
  • Sound and vibration
  • Vibration only
  • Flashing light
  • Day or night use
  • Attachment - Safety Pin or Clip

The Malem Ultimate 1+ record alarm has loud sounds and strong vibration, specially selected for their effectiveness at waking children. The alarm is light, 79g (including batteries) and compact (59 x 55 x 23mm). Malem alarms are well constructed, reliable, durable, smart, colourful and have a choice of safety pin and a dependable clip. The alarm has an easy to clean, lockable, externally detachable, replaceable, interchangeable sensor with clip to anchor in position.

Long lasting batteries are externally accessible and easily replaceable.

Save yourself work

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Rather than changing sheets late at night, sheet protectors protect sheets from getting wet and allow you to quickly change the wet protector out, without having to remake the bed.




  • Alarm Unit
  • Sensor
  • Progress Chart allowing you to track your journey to becoming dry at night
  • Instruction Manual
Malem Bedwetting alarm inclusions


Dimensions 5.9 x 5.5 x 2.3 cm
Weight 76 g
Batteries 3 x AAA Batteries (included)
Attachment Safety Pin or Clip
Sensor Easy-Clip. Keep lever up when not in use. Cleansensor regularly.
LED Internal red in colour. Glows when sensor detects wetness or if lever is lowered without dry material between the jaws in the front of the Easy-Clip sensor

Manufacturer's Specifications

Sensor Wearable
Alarm Method Vibration and/or Audio Alarm (8 sounds) + Flashing LED Light
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Product Manuals

How to Order - More Information

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
Worked in only a few weeks
Perfect product and stop wetting in only a few weeks (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
This does not wake my son up
The concept is great but unfortunately the device does NOT wake my son. He sleeps through the sounds on occasions when it is activated. Has not worked unfortunately
Sleep Solutions - it can take a while for some children to get into the pattern of waking up with the alarm. Initially during this period it will require parental support to wake the child and create the associations and begin the training process. Get in contact with us and we will give a more comprehensive set of training tips and common issues and how to overcome them. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Easy and works
So far so good. Very easy to use and while wakes my child doesn't wake whole house and had some dry nights (Posted on )
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