Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm with Sensor Mat

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  • The most comprehensive and effective approach to stop bedwetting
  • Choose between a single tone, eight random tones, or create your own personalized message
  • Loudest alarm in the Malem range and also features a volume control
  • Bed-Mat sensor included and ready to use
  • Small flashing light when alarm is activated
  • 1-Year alarm unit warranty

Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm with Sensor Mat

The Most Comprehensive Bedwetting Alarm

The Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm with Sensor Mat is the most advanced bed-side alarm in the world. This alarm includes the best features of the popular Malem wearable alarms, but is ideal for children that do not want anything attached to them whilst they are sleeping.

Personalized Message, Single Tone or 8-Tone Alarm Sounds

The alarm unit sits sturdily on a bed-side table and connects via a long wire to a discrete bed-mat, which is placed under the bed sheet. It is the only bed-side alarm in the world that allows you to record your own personalised message, which plays as soon as wetting occurs. If preferred, single tone or 8-tone alarm sounds can be set to play instead.

Smart, Reliable and Comfortable

Rust-proof plastic Bed-Mat sensor is placed on the mattress under the flat sheet or a towel – means that nothing at all is attached to your child.

A slim and long (220cm) cord connects the Bed-Mat to the Ultimate Bed-Side alarm unit, which is placed on a bedside table and ensures comfort for your child. The bed-mat sensor detects moisture and quickly activates the attached Ultimate Bed-Side alarm.


  • Options to record your own personal message, music or sounds.
  • Alternative settings include single sound alarm or random 8-tone.
  • Sounds specifically chosen to wake up a child.
  • Well constructed with durable design.
  • Small flashing light when alarm is activated.
  • Loudest alarm in the Malem range and also features a volume control.
  • Bed-Mat sensor included and ready to use.
  • 4 X AA Batteries included.
  • Comes with a free Malem progress chart allowing your child to track their progress to becoming dry. Instruction booklet included.

Alarm Sounds

Choose between a Recordable Personal Message, Single Tone or a random 8-Tone Setting. Below are the 8-tone alarm sounds that play on random.

Sample #1

Sample #2

Sample #3

Sample #4

Sample #5

Sample #6

Sample #7

Sample #8

Bed Mat Sensor Caring Instructions

  • Clean bed mat with a soft cloth and use warm water only.
  • When not in use, the bed mat sensor should be rolled up and not folded up.
  • Do not use wipes or chemicals on the mat.

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Model Number MO6
Alarm Type Bed-Side
Colour Red
Setting Options Recorded Message or Single Tone Alarm or 8-Tone Alarm
Recordable Settings Yes
Flashing Light Yes
Volume Control Yes
Sensor Compatibility Bed Mat
Size Alarm: 13.5 x 13 x 3.5cm, Mat: 54 x 42cm approx, Wire: 2.2m approx.
Weight 310g including batteries
Batteries 4 x AA Batteries included
Provided With Box, Alarm, Bed-Mat, Batteries, Instructions, Progress Chart
Manufacturer's Warranty Alarm Box - 1 Year, Bed Mat Sensors are not covered under this warranty due to hygiene reasons
Suitable For Those that don't want anything attached to them or move around a lot in their sleep. Children who prefer to sleep without pyjamas.

About Malem Medical

Malem™ Medical was established in 1979, when Dr Hilal Malem invented the very first wearable enuresis alarm. For nearly 4 decades, Malem Medical has led the way in the innovation and quality of the manufacturing of enuresis alarms.

Malem Medical now has the most comprehensive range of enuresis alarms in the world and provides healthcare services and individuals globally with a cure for enuresis, as well as tackling other everyday problems and assisting with independent living.

Sensor Wireless
Manufacturer Malem
Alarm Method Recordable Personal Message/Single Tone or 8-Tone Sound Alarm + Flashing LED Light
Manufacturer's Warranty Alarm Box - 1 Year, Bed Mat Sensors are not covered under this warranty due to hygiene reasons

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
Unreliable mat
This alarm was fantastic in the sense that it did help to stop 2 of my children from bed-wetting, however the mat was unreliable and broke 3 times, despite my children being super gentle with it. The support from Malem was excellent though. This product would be awesome if the mat issues could be sorted. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Breaks too easily
This sensor mat stops working without reason. I've had to buy a number of these at various points and none have lasted longer than a month or so. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Not worth the expense
Quality terrible, not large enough for an older child and keeps going off when he hasn’t wet the bed!!! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Poor quality
The mat is very poor quality. I'm onto my third mat. They only last a month or so. Stay away. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Unfortunately this expensive product has not helped us at all. The bed mat is not durable and despite caring for it as directed, it no longer works. The first one stopped working after only a month or so and the replacement one has done exactly the same. Unfortunately, they have just have not functioned long enough to correct anything. I purchased this more expensive product but the alarm is useless if the accompanying mat is such poor quality. (Posted on )
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