Oricom Babysense2 Breathing and Secure710 Video Monitor Pack

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  • Value Pack: breathing monitor + video monitor
  • Innovative sensor pads monitor baby’s breathing for peace of mind
  • Alerts you if baby breathing slows or can't be detected
  • Video monitor lets you keep an eye on your bub day and night
  • Oricom rated #1 by Canstar in overall customer satisfaction for baby monitors

Oricom Babysense2 Breathing and Secure710 Video Monitor Pack

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Oricom Video and Breathing Baby Monitor Combo Pack

Welcoming a newborn into your home is a special feeling but also can bring anxiety about their newborns wellbeing.

The premium value pack of Babysense 2 Breathing Monitor with Secure 710 Video Monitor from Oricom is a solution for all multi-tasking parents, who are trying to juggle multiple tasks yet to simplify looking after a baby when it arrives at home. 

With these monitors, you can watch and hear your child even when occupied with other tasks around the house.

The Secure 710 Video Monitor is a friendly baby watcher with standout features like:

  • night-vision camera
  • temperature sensor
  • audio feed

The Babysense2 Breathing Monitor is another handy product that:

  • continually monitors the breathing of your baby
  • alarms if the breathing slows or cannot be detected
  • comes with two sensor pads
  • infants and babies up to 1 year of age

These monitors are a valuable investment in managing your baby's wellbeing, much similar to picking a sturdy stroller, cot or bassinet.

They make an excellent gift for a friend or family members.

Here are top 5 reasons you need a baby monitor:

  1. Transitioning your baby into another room.
  2. Sleep reassured: you can hear your baby’s noises all night, and you can see them when required. You can have time for yourself in bed, be it reading or catching up on TV.
  3. Monitor baby activities: it brings many benefits like checking how long it takes for your baby to sleep and the ability to work freely in another room, checking on the video monitor when necessary.
  4. Sleep training your child: your child could be lying or standing in the cot, through the monitor you can watch them and assess when it’s time for you to enter the room in case you need to intervene. The monitor may also help set a sleep pattern.
  5. Safety of your child: using a monitor you can have more control over the safety of your child and prevent injury.

Oricom Secure 710 Digital Video Baby Monitor 

  • An award winning high tech baby video monitor for new parents
  • Features 2.4” colour LCD display, night vision, temperature monitoring
  • Well designed with a Baby (Camera Unit) and Parent (Baby Monitor) unit
  • Oricom's baby monitors have been awarded 5 stars in overall customer satisfaction by Canstar Blue in 2016
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years

Oricom Secure 710 Baby Monitor-MotherandBaby 

A baby monitor provides peace of mind and the flexibility to complete other activities at home. Oricom’s Secure 710 Baby Monitor offers fantastic features.

Baby Unit (Camera Unit) Features:

  • Watch your baby sleep at night: the baby unit boasts of a wall mountable infrared camera with 2x Digital Zoom, giving you clear video of the baby even when the lights are out
  • Comfortable nursery temperature sensor: the baby unit is equipped with a temperature sensor that displays room temperature so you don’t have to worry about your baby's room being too hot or col
  • Soothing night light: the unit emits a soft light in dark which can comfort your baby
  • Gentle lullabies: the unit contains 5 polyphonic lullabies designed to lull babies to a blissful sleep
  • Powered by AC Adaptor. You can also use 4 x AAA alkaline batteries as a backup

Parent Unit (Baby Monitor Unit) Features:

  • Keep a watchful eye through a colour display: the unit is armed with a 2.4” large colour display allowing you to watch the baby anywhere at home
  • Talk to your child: through the parent unit you can talk back to your baby providing the comfort of your voice
  • Great multi-camera capability: connects to up to 4 camera units (CU710), sold separately. An excellent option for twin babies, or more kids in the same room
  • Portable and mobile: carry the parent unit anywhere around home
  • Monitor noise level in baby's room: the parent unit's sensor lights can be used to monitor noise levels, allowing you to turn down the volume on your unit.
  • Volume control: adjust the volume level as needed
  • Includes 1 Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery pack and a charging cradle with AC Adaptor

Oricom Babysense2 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor

Enjoy the peace of mind and reassurance that only a trusted, premium quality, baby sleep monitor can provide.

The Oricom Babysense2 Infant Breathing Movement monitor allows you to monitor the breathing movement rate of your sleeping baby whatever time of day or night so you can always be sure that they are safe. The monitor is designed for babies up to one year of age.

Oricom Babysense2 mother and baby

  • Help you feel less anxious and get a better night’s sleep: knowing that your baby is in the safest of hands
  • Sensor pads to detect breathing movement: the control unit connects to sensor pads, that are placed under the baby's mattress
  • An audible alarm will sound if your baby’s breathing stops or drops below 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds allowing you to take action
  • Compact styling: there’s no need to worry about bulky devices or plugs- the baby monitor control unit is compact, perfectly designed, and battery operated (uses 4 x AA batteries, not included)
  • Oricom baby monitors rated number #1, receiving a 5-star rating in Canstar Blue Customer Satisfaction Ratings
  • Babysense2 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG No. 97479)
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

Oricom Rated No.1 in Canstar's Baby Monitor Customer Satisfaction Survey

Oricom Canstar Rating Customer Satisfaction

In a nationwide survey commissioned by Canstar Blue, asking feedback from Australians who bought baby monitors, Oricom was ranked the best with a 5-star rating in overall satisfaction.

Oricom Secure 710 Video Monitor Specifications:

(Baby Unit) 
Socket: 6 V DC
Sensor: 1 night light sensor
IR diodes: 6pcs
(Parent Unit)
Screen: 2.4" LCD display
Socket: 6 V DC
Battery Pack for Parent Unit Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery pack 3.7V 1500mAh
Power supply
(Parent Unit)
AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 150 mA Power adaptor plug, output: 6 VDC, 800 mA 
Battery performance Up to 8 hours of continuous operation on fully charged battery with VOX turned ON.
Power supply
(Baby Unit)
AC Power adaptor, input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 150 mA Power adaptor plug, output: 6 VDC, 800 mA or 4 AAA Alkaline batteries 
Range Up to 150 metres under optimum conditions. Range is reduced in buildings through walls, doors etc. 
Frequency range 2.4 GHz Digital FHSS
Permissible ambient temperature 0°C to 40°C
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years


Oricom Babysense2 Breathing Monitor Specifications:

Power Supply  Powered by 4 size AA, 1.5 volt high quality Alkaline batteries (not supplied). Power consumption approx. 1mA
Battery Life Battery Life approx. 6 months using high quality alkaline batteries
Alarm Volume Alarm volume typically 85dB SPL (sound pressure level) at a distance of one metre from control unit
Sensor Pad Size of sensor pad is 216mm in diameter
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years

About Oricom

Oricom is an expert in communication technologies and a leader in ideas and design. Founded in 2003, they’re passionate about keeping people connected using the newest technologies to meet their customer’s needs at every stage of life. They produce a range of audio and visual baby monitors, breathing movement monitors, and are 100% Australian-owned. 

Awarded a 5 star rating by Australian research agency Canstar Blue, Oricom’s Baby Audio and Video Monitors, Breathing Monitors, Night Lights are growing popular amongst parents in Australia. 


Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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More Information
Coverage Secure710: Up to 150 metres under optimum conditions
Technology Wireless DECT technology
Power Babysense2: 4 x AA Batteries - Secure710: Parent Unit - Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery pack. Camera unit: AC adaptor or 4 AAA batteries
Dimensions Babysense2 Sensor Pad is 216mm in diametre
Inclusions Babysense2 Breathing Monitor and Secure710 Video Monitor
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years for Babysense2 and 3 Years for Secure 710
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