RIPsnore Anti Snoring Mandibular Advancement Splint Device

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Quick Overview
  • Helps you stop or reduce your snoring
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Medically certified BPA free material
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Includes 2x RIPsnore device and a travel case
  • 6 Months Warranty
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RIPsnore Anti Snoring Mandibular Advancement Splint Device

Stop dreaming about a good night's sleep

The RIPsnore Anti Snoring Mandibular Advancement Splint Device is a class 1 medical device designed to help stop or reduce your snoring while you're asleep, making you breathe easier and waking up feeling refreshed. The RIPsnore is a transparent mouthpiece device made from Dynaflex plastic, which is a medically certified BPA free material and will last between 12-18 months. It is designed to fit all sizes and can be remoulded up to 5 times.

Each RIPsnore comes with:

  • 2 RIPsnore device
  • 1 protective case
  • Fitting Spacer
  • Detailed moulding instructions
RIPsnore Package

Quality Sleep

In this fast-paced and often noisy world, proper rest can be elusive. Snoring noise can disrupt sleep and lead to stress and tension among spouses, partners and roommates.

To perform at your best and maintain good health, your body and mind require sufficient, good quality sleep.

With the RIPsnore, you can reduce noise, relax and get the good night's sleep you and your partner need.




The RIPsnore can be moulded up to 5 times for the perfect fit.

BPA Free

BPA Free

The RIPsnore is non-toxic and 100% safe.

Made in Australia

Made in Australia

This product is manufactured and made in Australia.

How the RIPsnore works

The patented technology is designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward, this moves the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and soft palate; allowing the throat a clear passage for easy breathing to stop or reduce snoring.

RIPsnore Diagram

Easy to Use

The RIPsnore device allows your jaw to move freely whilst providing the support needed to open your airways naturally.

The unique mould ensures the most superior fitting to help to relieve your snoring symptoms without the discomfort that pre-moulded "out of the box" designs can cause. As RIPsnore fits over the teeth, it can be also be used to treat teeth grinding.

RIPsnore Diagram
RIPsnore Fitting

Fitting RIPsnore

The RIPsnore device is prepared for moulding by placing it in hot water to soften the material. This process ensures the very best results for obtaining the perfect individual fitting.

Unlike pre-moulded devices which are universal fittings, the RIPsnore device is a perfect mould of your unique teeth and mouth cavity - providing the most superior and comfortable fitting. A better fit is obtained by pressing directly against the teeth.

RIPsnore can be re-moulded up to 5 times

Xrays without and with Ripsnore fitted

RIPsnore Xray 1

Neutral Lower Jaw Position

RIPsnore Xray 2

Jaw Thrust Position
with Ripsnore Opening the Airways

How to use your RipSnore

Before going to sleep, place RIPsnore in your mouth and close your jaw. It will fit snugly and comfortably, allowing you and those around to sleep more soundly than ever before, if you use to snore. Since RIPsnore is transparent the only person who'll know you're wearing it is you.

In the morning, simply place RIPsnore back in its protective container and allow it to air-dry. It can also be washed under fresh water when cleaning is required.

"Note: Usage requires teeth or firm fitted dentures to be worn"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My RIPsnore falls out during my sleep or does not seems to work, what can I do?

A: Try remolding the device but this time biting really hard into the device and at the same time pressing very firmly through your lips onto the teeth and gums. This will give the device a very tight fit and increase the chances of success.

Q: What is the white spacer for?

A: The spacer is used only during the fitting process to keep the front breathing holes open. Remove the spacer when using the RIPsnore to allow breathing through your mouth.

Q: Will I experience any discomfort when I first use RIPsnore?

A: At first you might experience some minor discomfort in the joint at the back of the jaw. This should go away as the jaw gets more accustomed to settling into the forward position. There also may be some slight discomfort in your teeth as they help hold the jaw forward. This feeling will also diminish over time.

Q: Will I still be able to breath through my mouth when using RIPsnore?

A: Yes, the device has been exclusively designed with 2 structural breathing spaces in the front.

Q: Who can use RIPsnore?

A: All adults-male and female-are able to use the device. It has been designed to cater for all types of mouth shapes and sizes, and can be fitted accordingly.

About RIPsnore

RIPsnore Logo

In January 2013 David introduced the RIPsnore device to chemists around Australia with incredible response. He identified an opportunity in the market with the lack of anti-snore products that 'actually work' for the customer. RIPsnore has received thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers saying the RIPsnore not only stopped their own snoring but saved their relationship!

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Product Manuals

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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More Information
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  1. A

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    Verified Review
    This works brilliantly
    My wife wears this at night, and after trying to sleep with earplugs with no joy, I can say that the mouthguard works brilliantly! She wears the guard for about two weeks before it loses its shape enough to not work all the time, but with a re-boil and shape it comes back as new. After about three or four of these cycles it finally wears out and needs to be chucked out. She doesn't notice it and falls asleep easily, no problems with it in all night. She gives it a brush with her toothbrush and it keeps it fresh. This is a miracle product, and allows us to keep sleeping together as her snoring is real bad otherwise. (Posted on 08-09-2021)
  2. H

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Not good
    I did as instructed and fitted it to my mouth but it keeps falling off my teeth landing on my tongue and causing me to cough and splutter. It seems to be ill fitting and the back part seems to low. I have another device that is hard plastic and keeps my mouth open and stay more that this one does. Wasted all that money (Posted on 01-09-2021)
  3. L

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Better out there
    I thought I’d try a different one as to what I’ve been using, in my opinion you learn by your mistakes total waste of money…… l have reordered my old device l know that works (Posted on 22-07-2021)
  4. A

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Sadly not as effective or comfortable as I had hoped
    The item demos not stay in place for the full night and hurts one of my teeth. Sadly not the solution I was seeking (Posted on 12-07-2021)
  5. B

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Rip snore mouth guard
    This is the second time I've ordered this its great (Posted on 29-06-2021)
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