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Soothing Ocean Waves: Nature Sounds for Sleep CD

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The sound designers at Deep Sleep Systems have created this hour of ocean waves by selecting just the right ocean waves that have the greatest relaxing effect.

Soothing Ocean Waves: Nature Sounds for Sleep

Deep Sleep Systems

When you have insomnia it can be very frustrating. You can't stop thinking about what you have to do the next day and that you need to be sleeping right now but you just can't make it happen. Many people find that the serene sound of ocean waves is the most effective for falling asleep at night. The steady rhythm of the waves soothes your nerves and calms your thoughts. There is something comforting about the sound of the ocean. The sound designers at Deep Sleep Systems have created this hour of ocean waves by selecting just the right ocean waves that have the greatest relaxing effect. The ocean sounds are smooth and gentle all the way through. It will enable you to put aside the concerns of the day, relax completely and slip into a deep restful sleep. It's great for soothing babies into sleep as well.

Sound Sample

Soothing Ocean Waves-relaxing continuous nature sounds

Customer Comments

These comments are from the MP3 Download version of the album:

Great for babies
After trying everything to get my son to fall asleep and stay asleep I tried putting this on while getting ready for bed and leaving it on through the night. Let's just say we all sleep well now :) — Jeannie Delgado, Sedona, AZ, usa

Better than any pill
Was prescribed medication for help sleeping but really that's the last thing I want. So I tried this. I'm so glad I followed my gut because this is wonderful and has helped tremendously!— Joy Melias, Bakersfield, CA, USA

I'm a believer
I don't usually post but had to come and tell you guys that this has been a tremendous help for me in my life. I bought this because I was so unbelievably stressed I was having almost constant anxiety. I couldn't sleep more than a couple hours a night in a stretch. I was losing ground. I started listening to this about an hour before bed and through the night - what a true gift. Once I started getting some rest the other aspects of what was causing so much stress became things I could handle. Dont get me wrong I still have tons of stress and am prone to anxiety but with my Rescue Remedy and this I feel under control now. Sleeping well has made all the difference for me. I'm very thankful for this album and would recommend it to anyone. — Sarah Andrew, Healdsburg, CA, usa

Manufacturer's Specifications

Artist Deep Sleep Systems
Format CD
Length 60:26 minutes
No. of Tracks 1
Manufacturer Sequoia Records

How to Order - More Information

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
Blissful sleep
For months I have been having alot of trouble getting to sleep at night. It was causing me so much anxiety and worry and unwanted stress.
Thanks to this CD I now have a guaranteed way to fall asleep. I put it on just as I climb into bed. Hearing the lovely sounds of gentle ocean waves lapping up against the shore makes me feel so relaxed that falling asleep is no longer a problem. I sleep right through the entire night. I wake up feeling amazing and rested. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Soothing Ocean Waves
Great cd for day or nights, when you can't sleep from noisy neighbours. Masks all distracting sounds to have on all night on replay.
Very soothing, sleep like an Angel!!!! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
I can not recommend this CD enough. When I meditate I visualise the ocean so when it’s time to go to sleep the sound of the waves transports me to the seaside and I have to say the gentle sounds lulls me to sleep every time I play it. My mind is very busy and we live on a noisy street so falling asleep and staying asleep for me is hard. My sleep is definitely improving and I am very grateful. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
This cd is very soothing. I love the sounds of the ocean and is very relaxing. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
very restful
I love the sounds of the ocean and definitely assits in masking the ringing in my ears from tinnitus (Posted on )
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