Sound Oasis S-650 Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

  • Clinically proven therapy sounds
  • 2 sound cards (Relaxation Wellness & Spa Retreat)
  • Multi-position timer (continuous, 30, 60, and 90 minutes)
  • Headphone/speaker pillow jack
  • Can be powered by batteries or by the included adapter

Sound Oasis S-650 Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

Get to sleep with clinically proven sound therapy!

A white noise machine, a sound sleep machine, an alarm clock, and much much more.

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 features clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors to create a soothing and calming environment. It incorporates patented sleep enhancement technology to help users:

  • Fall asleep more easily and naturally without medication
  • Get better quality sleep
  • Help relieve tinnitus symptoms
  • Mask noisy neighbours, annoying and disturbing noises

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650 is a sleep sound machine that uses the latest technology to recreate authentic and realistic nature sounds, white noise, and sound therapy sounds. It can work as a white noise machine but provides a lot more functionality.

The Sound Oasis S-650 comes with an exclusive sound card system allowing you to change sounds by inserting a new memory card. Each card contains 12 different sounds. You can plug in speciality cards to help babies get to sleep and cards to help mask tinnitus symptoms.

During the day use the different sound themes in the home or office to block out distracting and annoying noises. Use the sound machine create a soothing environment to help concentration, and feel more alert and relaxed throughout the day!


  • exceptional sound realism with extra high fidelity/long sounds
  • clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors for superior results
  • alarm clock with backlight (variable brightness) - wake to any sound or a buzzer
  • patented Sleep Enhancement® technology that slows down the playback of the sound to help users get to sleep
  • 4 playback/timer options: continuous, 30, 60, and 90 minutes - leave on all night or use the timer
  • unique "gradual off" volume reduction gradually decreases volume as you timer period ends
  • standard 3.5 stereo headphone/speaker pillow jack (see our SleepPhones, Pillow Speakers, and Speaker Pillow)
  • an off/ resume button that stops playback or repeats the last sound played
  • built in omni directional reflective speaker located at the back of the unit to provide for a rich, deep sound

The S-650 can be battery operated (uses 4 "AA" batteries not included) - great for travelling or mains powered using the Australia / New Zealand AC adapter for use at home or the office.

Product Dimensions: 12cm W x 9cm D x 14cm H


Sleep Relaxation Wellness Sound Card (includes 12 sounds)

Take your mind, body and spirit to your favourite spa for a soothing, rejuvenating sound therapy experience!

Ocean Surf

Ocean surf provides a relaxing oceanside environment with a soothing rhythm that helps you get to sleep.

Gentle Rain

Gentle rainfall provides a calming atmosphere for relaxation and sleep. Mask higher toned background effectively with this shower sound.


Unwind with this rippling mountain stream sound. It provides an ideal background sound for daily activities at the office or in the house.

White Noise

A 'natural white noise' sound - the steady flow of a cascading waterfall is great at masking irritating background sounds.


Serene songbirds take you to a remote forest for meditation or relaxation


Unwind to the soothing and exhilarating sound of distant thunder as gentle rain falls upon a isolated lake

Energy Chimes

A chorus of crickets slowed down to resonating in the BETA brainwave range blend with slow moving chimes (also in the BETA range). The combination is an environment that sounds like a relaxing summer twilight on the deck, but has an inherent BETA energizing effect - resulting in a focused state of mind.


The delicate and calming rhythmic sounds of a xylophone combined with ALPHA brainwave entrainment (8 Hz) achieve deep relaxation.

Alpha Clouds

ALPHA brainwave patterns are activated by a calming harp to provides an enjoyable, healthy relaxation state.

Sleep Surf

Ocean Surf combined with musical pulsations create an effective sleep inducing atmosphere at the 2 Hz DELTA brainwave range.

Delta Voyage

Rhythmic white noise ease your mind into a refreshing and restful sleep with dense DELTA frequency entrainment (.5, 1 and 2 Hz).

Dream Echoes

Echoing melodies encourage restorative, deep sleep with .25, .5,1 & 2 Hz DELTA frequency entrainment

Spa Retreat Sound Card (includes 12 sounds)

Take your mind, body and spirit to your favourite spa for a soothing, rejuvenating sound experience!

Hawaiian Surf

The gentle rhythm of a night-time Maui ocean surf to help you relax or drift off to sleep

Gentle Rain

Gentle rainfall provides perfect for relaxation and relaxation - get that cosy feeling while you fall asleep


A steady, cascading waterfall provides a natural, wonderful background atmosphere for privacy, relaxation, and sleep

Island Stream

A calming Hawaiian stream with a chorus of birds provides an oasis of natural sound for relaxation, reading, and sleep

Asian Garden

A private Asian Garden to meditate or relax in where a gently flowing brook and an Asian Sarod blend with to provide a tranquil haven

Summer Night

A gentle chorus of crickets provides a restful and tranquil atmosphere for meditation, rest and sleep


Melt away daily stress with the pulsating and soothing ocean of keyboard and synthesizer sound by Dr. Steven Halpern


A natural oceanic rhythm of marvellous calming synthesizer and keyboard music from Dr. Steven Halpern - great for relaxing


Dr. Steven Halpern creates a enveloping and peaceful atmosphere with Rhythmic ocean waves blended with synthesizer and keyboard music

Easy Days

Hilary Stagg's enamouring music features unique harp tones accompanied by a piano, and electric violin relieve stress from your body and create a state of peace

Late Night

Chuck Wild's wonderfully calming synthesiser and keyboard music is ideal for unwinding and disengaging from daily turmoil. It is ideal solution for a nightly pre-sleep routine


Has a natural slowing down effect perfect for massage, mediation, yoga, stress management and healing. Another dreamy keyboard and synthesiser sequence from Chuck Wild.


  • 1 Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650
  • Australia/NZ 240V AC adapter
  • 1 Sleep/Relaxation/Wellness Sound Card


How do I turn off the backlight?

When your unit is AC powered (i.e. plugged into a wall outlet), you may adjust the brightness level by pressing and holding down the SLEEP ENHANCEMENT button. Three brightness levels plus “off ” are available.

Here is how you do it:

You can adjust the backlight intensity with the sound playback stopped:

  1. Press the Snooze/Off/Resume to turn sound playback off.
  2. Press the Sleep Enhancement button to turn Sleep Enhance on.
  3. Hold Sleep Enhance button to adjust backlight to desired level.
  4. Press Snooze/Off/Resume button to begin sound playback again.


The Sound Oasis White Noise Machine is available for fast delivery around Australia and New Zealand including: Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart, Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington as well as all other metro and urban areas.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Sounds 24 sounds included on 2 cards (Relaxation Wellness & Spa Retreat) - Expandable through other cards
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Weight 460 grams

How to Order - More Information

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
I have found it very helpful.
I would prefer to have a very dim night light. Turning over to turn the light on to see the time is more disturbing than just glancing over. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Good Tracks However
I feel this is an expensive product for what it does. Additionally the clock setting function is very clunky, you have to go through the whole 24 hour clock to reset it if you dont get it right the first time. There should be a plus or minus button for setting hours/minutes (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650
Each of my 3 small children have one of these machines playing in their bedrooms each night. It definitely encourages them to sleep deeper and longer and wake up more refreshed. Totally recommend it. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Makes it easy for me to fall asleep!
I found it very easy to set up and use, and I particularly like having the timer so I can "set and forget" while I fall asleep. A very good choice of sounds, from gentle music through a wide range of nature sounds that actually sound real.
I have upstairs neighbours with "elephant feet" and the sound machine lets me completely forget them. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Great machine does what it says
This does what it says on the box! Easy to use! But, the waves track is terrible. I want deep ocean sounds, the card with the waves I like has a bird squark!! Wth. How is that relaxing... :( I really wish it was possible to mix sounds like some apps. So close to perfect. So close.
Sleep Solutions - there is the Sound Oasis S-5000 - it has 24 base sounds and then allows you to overlay 5 other sounds (Seagulls, Thunder, Song Birds, Fog Horn, Loons). (Posted on )
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