Uvex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Quick Overview
  • Features Orange Lens with Spectrum Control Technology
  • May help prevent disruption Melatonin production (Sleep hormone) by filtering blue, violet and certain green wavelengths
  • Reduce eye fatigue with improved screen contrast as lenses absorb computer blue light
  • Wrap-around Uni-Lens Design
  • Made in USA
  • Not recommended for night time driving

Uvex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protection from your computer's blue light

The Uvex Glasses feature an orange lens with Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) which filters wavelengths including your computer's blue light. This may help your focus, reduces eye fatique, and inhibit vision problems like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Spectrum Control Technology (SCT)

The orange lens has a Visible Light Transmittance of about 45% and can absorb 99.9% of UVA and UVB. SCT-Orange filters violet, blue and certain green wavelengths which helps enhance protection against light emitted by UV lamps and can help contrast and reduce eye fatigue related to blue and violet light. Not recommended for night time driving.


• Better Focus and Vision

Orange Lens with Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) absorbs computer blue light for improved screen contrast, reduced eye fatigue and long term vision protection.

• Exceptional Clarity

Wrap-around uni-lens design with integral side shields offers exceptional clarity.

• Custom Fit

3-Position ratcheting lens inclination system for custom fit.

• Optimal Screen Viewing

Patented, adjustable-length Duoflex comfort cushioned temples for optimal screen viewing.

• Long-Wearing Comfort

Molded-in nose bridge for long-wearing comfort.

• Easy Maintenance

Simple and economical lens replacement system.


Lens Coating Uvextreme Anti-Fog, Ultra-dura Hard Coat, lens filter 99.9% of UVB/UVA with Spectrum Control Technology
Frame Adjustability Adjustable, Duoflex temple length and lens inclination provides comfort
Nose Piece Molded-in nose bridge
Browbar Molded-in browguard; ¾ frame design
Overall Style Simple but stylish Uni-lens
Product Platform Advantages Easy, economical lens replacement system. Lifetime frame guarantee.

About Uvex

Uvex® is the world’s top-selling protective eyewear brand. For decades, Uvex has consistently delivered proven styles that use the most advanced lens coatings and materials to protect workers in every industry.

From protective eyewear to goggles to prescription safety frames to cutting-edge face shields, Uvex® commitment to rigorous testing and extensive research and development ensures that every Uvex style meets or exceeds industry safety standards while delivering unparalleled comfort and performance that workers can wear with confidence.


Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

More Information
More Information
Size Regular
FrameColour Black
Lens Spectrum Control Technology - Orange
Manufacturer Uvex
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  1. S

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    Verified Review
    Brilliant product, does what it says
    I bought these as blue light blocking glasses for wearing while reading in bed before turning off the light. Blue light inhibits the onset of sleep. They work brilliantly, I fall asleep almost straight away after turning off the light and putting the glasses down. You can tell the blue light blocking of these glasses is highly efficient because anything which is normally blue looks grey when viewed through these glasses. They are very clear and non-distorting for reading, also lightweight and comfortable (Posted on 16-08-2021)
  2. J

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    Verified Review
    Worth Purchasing
    Eyes are more relaxed and I sleep better. (Posted on 30-08-2020)
  3. D

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Blue light blocker
    These are 2nd pair I've bought 1 for computer & 1 for TV they seem to help as I suffer dry eyes Have bought cheaper ones in the past which don't block as effectively as these (Posted on 09-08-2020)
  4. B

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Night time glasses
    Love these got myself and partner a pair and blocks all the blue light and able to get to sleep a lot easier. I highly recommend it have trouble sleeping. (Posted on 10-06-2019)
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