Wynd Baby Stroller Holder

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  • Air Quality for Parents on the go
  • Easily Attaches to most standard strollers
  • Weighs less than 141 grams but constructed with highly durable nylon fiber material
  • Securely holds the Wynd Air Purifier
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Wynd Baby Stroller Holder

Surround Your Baby With Healthy, Clean Air.

Wynd is the smartest air purifier creating a bubble of clean air around your baby on the go. The Wynd Baby Stroller Holder attaches to standard strollers and the Wynd Purifier locks firmly inside. Stylishly designed, this unit was created with the modern parent in mind. This baby stroller accessory allows active parents to maintain pure air quality for their child.

Key features

Wynd LifestyleAir quality for parents on the go!

Air quality for parents on the go!

Transform your environment so you can breathe healthy wherever life takes you. Wynd is the size of a water bottle and weighs less than a pound so you can bring it with you, but is powerful enough to quickly clean your personal space of allergens, germs, and air pollution.

Convenient design

Convenient design

Easily attaches to most standard strollers to provide clean air environment to your baby. Stylishly designed, this unit was created with the modern parent in mind.

Wynd Lifestyle


Stroller attachment that helps you clean up the air your baby breathes.



Securely holds the Wynd Air Purifier and Monitor - simply rotate to direct airflow into stroller cabin.



Weighs less than 141 grams but is constructed with highly durable and safe PC and nylon fiber material.

About Wynd

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We drink filtered water, use non-allergenic detergents, and try to refrain from too much candy. But what about the air we breathe? This is what flashed through Ray Wu's mind as he stepped off a plane in Beijing into a thick shroud of smog. The air smelled of scorched metal, a brown haze obscurred the landscape, and his throat felt immediately coated with dust. Later on in the trip, the sky turned back to blue - but the sickness continued, and he wasn't sure why. He realized that he needed a device that could sense the air and clean it up as needed - wherever he went. In 2014, Ray gathered a team of fellow MIT engineers and renowned designers to create Wynd.

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Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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