7 Ways in Which Poor Sleep is Ruining You and Your Career

In an age of information overload, we are bombarded daily with oodles of data that bog down our body and brains, as we try to catch up with every bit of information that shows up by cutting on our sleep time. 30 percent or 40.6 million of American adults are sleeping six hours or less on a daily basis. You might be one of them!

Can't Sleep

Here are 7 ways lack of sleep is ruining your productivity and health:  

  • Toxins accumulate in your brain. You need at least 7 hours of sleep to wash them out.
  • Your body clock is thrown in a tizzy – your circadian rhythm which syncs your body with time is knocked out by poor sleep, causing chronic sleep problems.
  • People who sleep less than 6 hours daily are more likely to have a stroke or heart disease.
  • Poor sleep causes poor focus and concentration, thereafter poor productivity.
  • Your creativity and problem-solving skills take a nose dive due to inadequate sleep. Adequate sleep = more creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Lack of sleep overworks your body’s metabolism, hormonal balance, and health processes causing debt of energy and immunity, leading to various health issues.
  • Sleep deprivation could be making you err time and again. Research shows that sleep deprivation negatively affects your decisiveness in various situations.  

Is poor sleep ruining your life and career? It is time you make a conscious decision to sleep your way to success!

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