The Recipe For A Good Night's Sleep

Bowl of nuts

Insomnia is a common problem that affects many adults at least once in their lifetime. Though many sufferers tend to reach for expensive prescription medications, the natural solution for sleeplessness may be as simple as eating a handful of nuts with a glass of milk according to scientists from Pennsylvania University in the United States.

These researchers studied the diets and sleep patterns of more than 4500 adults and found that the selenium from Brazil nuts combined with the calcium from milk were the perfect ingredients for people who had trouble falling asleep. The vitamin D, butanoic and dodecanoic acids from milk then helped them experience unbroken slumber for the rest of the night.

As if that was not enough, the potassium from the Brazil nuts and the calcium from the milk reduced their chances of suffering from lingering lethargy and fatigue the next day.

This does not mean that all dairy products are good for sleeplessness since salt, combined with hexanoic and hexadecanoic acids which are found in butter and cheese, were associated with poor sleep.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself tossing and turning in bed yearning for a good night’s sleep without the use of medications, get up and prepare a late night snack of a glass of milk and a handful of Brazil nuts.

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