Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L

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The Ionmax ION 612 was in the Top 3 Picks by Choice Magazine in its most recent survey.

  • Performs - over a wide range of temperatures
  • Automatic - set and forget your humidity level
  • Safe - 2L tank with auto shut off & continuous drain option
  • Capacity - up to 7L per day - suitable for 1 room
  • Contains no CFCs - or greenhouse gases
  • 4 Years Warranty on Registration
Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L

Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L

Create a comfortable indoor environment

  • Eco-friendly - contains no harmful gases and is CFC-free
  • Easy-to-use humidistat - set the relative humidity you want and forget
  • Cleans the air - silver nanotechnology filter - kills bacteria on contact - expels dry air that is purer and healthier

The Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier helps to control the humidity of the air, acting as a desiccant to keep excessive moisture at bay. The ION612 can remove 7 litres (20°C RH60%) of moisture per day, utilising a 3D automatic louvre to channel airflow over a wide area or spot to optimise its efficiency.


Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L
Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L
  • Coverage Area IconSuitable for areas up to 30 m2
  • Quiet Operation IconQuiet Operation
  • Laundry Mode IconLaundry Mode
  • Temperature Range IconTemperature Range
  • Nano Filter IconSilver Nano Filter Technology
  • Tank Capacity IconTank Capacity
  • Extraction Rate IconExtraction Rate
  • Ioniser IconBuilt-in Ioniser

Desiccant dehumidifiers are quieter than traditional compressor models, and also kinder to the environment. The desiccant, a substance such as salt or silica gel that absorbs moisture, pulls the water from the air as it enters the dehumidifier - no CFCs or harmful gases are required, so you can rest assured you are not putting your home or the environment at risk. It also features a built-in ioniser and silver nanotechnology filter that kills bacteria on contact, greatly enhancing the quality of indoor air.

Perfect for Home Use

Living Room


Prevents mould and mildew, and protects wooden flooring and furniture from rotting, and walls and ceilings from peeling due to excessive moisture.

Laundry Room


Pulls moisture from the air and helps to dry laundry more efficiently indoors, especially during cooler months.

Improved Humidity Level Controls

The ION612 has a humidistat allowing you to set a target humidity range that you want in the room.

Relavite Humidity button


  • 60% - For maximum energy-saving and quiet operation
  • 50% - Inhibit mould and bacteria growth
  • 40% - Super dry mode to prevent condensation
  • Laundry (Continuous) - Dry clothes faster during winter
Power Level button


  • Auto - Convenient automatic operation
  • Low (Quiet) - Power saving and low noise daily use
  • High - Power saving and low noise daily use
Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier 7L

Silver Nano Technology

An additional benefit of the ION612 is its silver nanotechnology, which cleans the air as it dehumidifies. It kills bacteria on contact, expelling dry air that is purer and healthier for your family to breathe. The built-in air filter also traps dust and other unhealthy particles, leaving only the freshest, cleanest air throughout your home.



Prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter, improving the quality of air in your home.



Removes high volumes of moisture in a shorter amount of time compared to other types of dehumidifiers.



Stable across all temperatures (17°C - 40°C ) and can reduce humidity to much lower levels (down to 35%RH).

Efficient, Eco-Friendly and Quiet

  • Compressorless dehumidifier - uses desiccant rotor technology - see brochure below for more details
  • Silver Nanotechnology filter - Kills bacteria on contact, improving the quality of indoor air
  • Electronic louvre
  • Up to 8 hour timer - for added convenience
  • Light & portable with carrying handle
  • Removable water tank with handle
  • Auto restart after a power cut - Once the power is restored after a power failure, the appliance will continue to operate at the selected settings prior to the power failure
  • Includes a 1 meter standard hose - for continuous drainage function

Please note that this dehumidifier will, during operation, increase the room temperature by approximately 2-3 degrees depending on room size. This is quite normal and is part of the way the technology operates.

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Recommended Choice

The Ionmax ION 612 was in the Top 3 Picks by Choice Magazine in its most recent survey.

Rigorously Tested by CHOICE in 'Dehumidifier Reviews'. View the results here.

Registration Warranty Icon

Ionmax's New 2+2 Year Warranty

Register your appliance within 30 days of purchase to extend your standard warranty to 4 years. Free of charge. T&Cs apply.

For more information, click here.

Ionmax ION 612 Desiccant Dehumidifier Specifications

Daily Dehumidifying Rate 7L (20°C, 60% RH)
Tank Capacity 2 Liters
Room Size 20 - 30 m2
Noise 34 - 47 dB
Dimensions Height: 47.5 cm
Width: 29 cm
Depth: 17.5 cm
Weight 6 kg
Input Voltage 220 - 240 AC
Power Usage 360 - 620 watts
Warranty 4 Years Warranty In Registration

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Tank Capacity 1.8 L 2 L 4.2 L 3.5 L 1.8 L 4 L 5.1 L
Noise 34 - 45 dB 34 - 47 dB 35 - 46 dB 44 - 51 dB 45 dB 45 dB 50 dB
Weight 5.1 kg 6 kg 7.5 kg 8 kg 9.9 kg 14.5 kg 19 kg
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Dehumidifier Buying Guide

How to buy the right Dehumidifier in Australia

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Dehumidifier Buying Guide

How to buy the right Dehumidifier in Australia

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Manufacturer's Specifications

Type Desiccant
Power Consumption 360-620W
Tank Capacity 2 L
Control Electronic
Moisture Removal 7 L/day
Relative Humidity Levels 40%, 50%, 60%
Coverage 20 - 30 m2
Weight 6 kg
Noise 34 - 47 dB
Manufacturer's Warranty 4 Years Warranty In Registration
Manufacturer Ionmax

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No more musty smells
You can feel the air is warmer & dry plus see the difference on surfaces such as tiles, glass fridge doors, windows as the moisture is removed. (Posted on )
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I recommend it 10 out of 10
Great product and very silent compare with others (Posted on )
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Excellent product
Easy to use and light to carry from room to room (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Great Dehumidifier
My IONMAX612 does everything as advertised. Money well spent. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Great product
No more wet windows and very quiet operation, very impressed (Posted on )
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