Ionmax ION681 Dehumidifier

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Quick Overview
  • Small, compact and perfect for a wardrobe or small room
  • Designed for quiet operation - suitable for a bedroom or nursery
  • Sensors maintain humidity range and auto shut-off when full
  • Runs on only 100 Watts of electricity - same as a light bulb
  • Works best in heated rooms or warmer climates
  • The ION 681 updates and replaces the popular ION 680 model

Ionmax ION681 Dehumidifier

Ionmax ION 681 Dehumidifier

The Ionmax ION 681 dehumidifier will effectively reduce excess indoor humidity. Its Swiss design includes an digital system with timed usage options, auto-adjust humidity sensors, and a simple three-button dashboard panel.

As an energy-efficient leader of its class, the ION reduces electricity usage and does not require routine replacement filters. Designed for quiet operation, the ION is suitable for a bedroom or nursery. Its hands-free custom settings and automatic shut-off options reduce the need for constant monitoring.

Why do you need a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers help counteract the harmful effects of long-term moisture in your home by removing water molecules from the air.

By doing so, they prevent the growth of moulds and mildew in areas that may typically collect excess water, such as the laundry room, bathroom, or basement.

Mould and mildew can destroy property value, cause unpleasant odours, and trigger health problems, which is why proper dehumidifying is important to protecting your home and family.

Regular use of a dehumidifier can also help dry laundry more quickly and improve sleep quality—particularly in humid climates.

Ionmax ION681 Aids Drying of Clothes


Ionmax 681 Manual and Auto Dehumidification Modes

The ION 681 uses Thermoelectric Peltier technology to ensure top air quality regulation over long periods of time. This technology works best in warm rooms or warmer climates and works less efficiently in colder rooms during winter.

Turn on the dehumidifier manually for regular ongoing operation, or set to automatic dehumidification for hands-free regulation.

The integrated humidistat sensor is programmed to maintain a consistent level of humidity when the Auto button is pushed, and will only turn on when the relative humidity level is above 65%.

Conversely, the machine will shut off automatically when the humidity levels drop below 55%. This even balance helps produce an indoor atmosphere that is comfortable rather than dry or oversaturated.

Lastly, the timer mode allows users to program automatic shut-off after 6, 8, or 12 hours to accommodate sleep or work schedules.

Ionmax ION681 Timer For 6, 8 and 12 Hours


Ionmax ION681 Removable water tank

Unified by a sleek lightweight design, the ION 681 is practical, compact, and easy to use.

This Swiss innovation unites straightforward control buttons with easy-access filtration and water reservoirs to minimize the hassle of cleaning and maintenance.

Its reusable filter catches larger particles and dust in order to boost air quality, and can be cleaned easily once every three months.

The dual-grip water tank slides out of the rear and can hold up to 2.2 liters. It can also be used with a hose attached to the water tank for continuous drainage.

The humidifier’s portable size and built-in handle allow for quick relocation and simple storage when not in use.

Note: Includes a 1 meter standard hose - for continuous drainage function

Energy efficient:

The energy efficient design of the ION 681 reduces electricity usage and guarantees safety. As the leader in eco-friendly dehumidifiers of its class, the ION 681 runs on only 100 Watts of electricity—as much energy as a light bulb.

The reusable air filter eliminates the need to purchase additional filters, effectively cutting down on waste and spending. To clean the air filter, simply remove the back panel and rinse or vacuum away any collected debris.

As an added safety feature, the water tank sensor in the reservoir automatically shuts off the machine when full, which prevents overflow or damage. The dashboard will display a full tank warning, prompting users to empty the rear water collection tank.

Ionmax ION 681 Water Tank Full Indicator


DimensionsHeight: 35.2 cm
Width: 24.9 cm
Depth: 15.4 cm
Weight2.6 kgs
Room Size1 Small Room
Daily Dehumidifying RateApproximately 600ml/day (at 30°C, 80%RH)
Tank Capacity2.2 L
Power Usage100 watts
Input Voltage220-240V, 50Hz
Warranty1 Year

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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  1. S

    Review by Scott

    Verified Review
    Great product
    Great product so happy with it it does a great job for its size.. (Posted on 21-07-2019)
  2. M

    Review by Matthew

    Verified Review
    Poor performance
    I bought this for my studio apartment as I experience condensation often in winter. Unfortunately, despite operating this for the whole day from morning, I found condensation still appearing on my apartment window. Very little moisture extracted from the air in its collection tank. I am sorely disappointed at its lack of performance. I will have to buy another one and spend more money now.
    Sleep Solutions - please note this the capacity of this unit is only very small - for a studio apartment - you might be better placed with the Ionmax 610 (Posted on 12-07-2019)
  3. T

    Review by Tracey

    Verified Review
    Did nothing
    This had positive reviews but I’m disappointed with the product. Did nothing to combat condensation in the bathroom or my daughters small bedroom. Had it running for 24 hours and only sucked up about 300 mls. Also it is not quiet like some reviewers have said. It’s actually very noisy compared to my large Phillips dehumidifier. Spend a bit more money and get something that works. (Posted on 12-07-2018)
  4. R

    Review by Reg

    Verified Review
    Works as stated... Unusual for products today. Use in subterranean retail storeroom.
    Good Buy... Perhaps greater volume required... Suggest small hydrometer accessory. (Posted on 14-04-2018)
  5. K

    Review by Kay

    Verified Review
    Great product
    We live in extremely hot, humid, tropical climate and this dehumidifier sits in our walk-in robe keeping clothing, leathergoods and valuables free from mould and musty smells. Very happy with its performance. (Posted on 31-12-2017)
Product Manuals
More Information
TypeThermo-Electric Peltier
Power Consumption100 W
Tank Capacity2.2L
Moisture RemovalApproximately 600ml/day (at 30°C, 80% Relative Humidity)
Coverage1 Small Room
Weight2.6 kg
Manufacturer's Warranty1 year
Customer Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
See all 17 reviews

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