Malem Replacement Bed Mat Sensor

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  • A foil embossed plastic mat
  • Sensor detects moisture and quickly activates the attached alarm
  • Place under the sheet and on top of the mattress – means that nothing at all is attached to your child
  • Works on all types of Wearable Malem Alarms & Bedside Alarm

Malem Replacement Bed Mat Sensor

The Malem Bed-Mat sensor is a foil embossed plastic mat which fits between the sheets over the mattress. It can be easily cleaned, dried and replaced and is attached the the alarm by a very slim wire which does not disturb the user in bed.

The Malem Bed Mat Sensor is not covered under warranty due to hygiene reasons.

Works on all types of Wearable Malem Alarms & Bedside Alarm

This type of sensor is particulary useful if the child does not want to clip a sensor to their underpants.

The Malem™ Bed-Mat Sensor is compatible with the Bed-Side alarm as well as any of the Malem™ Wearable Bedwetting Alarms (please note, that if using the Bed-Mat Sensor the alarm should be placed on a bed-side table and not worn).

The main thing to note is that Bed-Mat sensors are more sensitive to changes in temperature and humididty than any other sensor. Sweaty skin can also trigger the alarm to go off when using a Bed-Mat sensor. Ongoing adjustments might need to be made during the warmer months, with the addition of a cotton towel on top of the flat sheet.

How To Use

  1. Place on top of mattress, below a bed-sheet.
  2. Connect the slim and long (220cm) cord to the alarm unit.
  3. Place the unit in a beside table.


Mat: 54 x 42cm approx. Wire: 2.2m approx.

Caring Instructions

  • Clean bed mat with a soft cloth and use warm water only.
  • When not in use, the bed mat sensor should be rolled up and not folded up.
  • Do not use wipes or chemicals on the mat.

About Malem Medical

Malem™ Medical was established in 1979, when Dr Hilal Malem invented the very first wearable enuresis alarm. For nearly 4 decades, Malem Medical has led the way in the innovation and quality of the manufacturing of enuresis alarms.

Malem Medical now has the most comprehensive range of enuresis alarms in the world and provides healthcare services and individuals globally with a cure for enuresis, as well as tackling other everyday problems and assisting with independent living.

Manufacturer Malem

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Poor quality
As mentioned above, a very poor quality mat. I’ve been through 2 of these in a short period and they don’t work for long enough to correct the problem, despite following care instructions. Not good enough for the cost of these alarms! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Break very easily
The conductive material in these sheets breaks very easily as it is very thin. I've gone through two of them in a few months. I have followed all instructions for both mats, but the thin metal strips crack very easily. Otherwise, they work very well. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Worth every cent. Thank you
No night time wets for my grand daughter since replacement mat arrived. We will follow all the guide lines for care of the mat this time. (Posted on )
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