Manta Adjustable Blackout Sleep Mask

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Quick Overview
  • Adjustable eye cups mould perfectly to your face to block 100% of light
  • Fully adjustable, extra-deep eye cups allow you to blink like you’re not wearing a sleeping mask
  • Customize your eye cups’ position and angle for a perfect personalized fit
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Includes Manta Sleep Mask, premium ear plugs and case/wash bag
  • Made to last with super-soft modal eye cups, breathable cotton velour strap
  • Blackout sleep mask suitable for night shift
Manta Sleep Mask Banner
Manta Sleep Mask Banner

Manta Sleep Mask

Everything is better with better sleep

A good night's sleep is already hard to come by, so the last thing you need is distracting lights to keep you up when you finally find time to hit the hay. Whether you have rude roommates or an organized row of electronic devices that shine in your room, the Manta Sleep Mask helps you sleep anytime and anywhere in 100% darkness.

It's fully customizable for the perfect fit, and it outlines to your eyes, applying zero pressure and allowing for REM sleep. Plus, it includes Manta the Sleep Mask, premium ear plugs and case/wash bag which is 100% machine washable


Infinitely adjustable eye cups for a perfect, personalized-for-your-face fit

Infinitely adjustable eye cups

Infinitely adjustable eye cups

For a personalized perfect fit

Manta is made to fit your unique face. Your eye cups’ position, angle and strap tightness are infinitely adjustable for a fit so seamless, you barely feel your mask on your face. It's like it was custom made for you. (Because it basically was.)

100% blackout for maximized sleep quality — so you feel 100%, all the time

100% Blackout

100% Blackout

Maximize sleep quality - Feel 100% all the time

Just a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. That’s why Manta perfectly covers and conforms to your eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight — so you always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

100% blackout for maximized sleep quality — so you feel 100%, all the time
Sleep is too important to leave to chance. so don’t.

Sleep is too important

Sleep is too important

Don't leave it to chance.

Meet the sleep mask that single-handedly made all other masks obsolete. The only mask designed, constructed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment. Because better sleep means better everything.

Every detail engineered for unmatched comfort, in any position

Engineered for unmatched comfort

Engineered for unmatched comfort

In any sleep position

Manta is designed for no-compromises comfort and constructed with super soft, breathable, durable materials that gently conform to your face without putting any pressure on your eyes. So you snooze soundly whether you’re on your back, side or stomach.

Every detail engineered for unmatched comfort, in any position
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100% Blackout

Molds perfectly to your face in any position to black 100% of light & maximize deep sleep

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Infintely Adjustable

Customize your mask for a fit so seamless, you barely feel it on your face.

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Comfy & Durable

Sits snugly against your ears and won't catch or pull your hair

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Zero eye pressure

Extra-deep eye cups allow you to blink freely, like you are not wearing a mask.



Manta Sleep Mask is designed and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment and it includes:

  • Manta Sleep Mask
  • Premium Ear Plugs
  • Case/Wash Bag
  • Compatible with Manta Modules

Care instructions

The mask is machine washable, but please make sure to use the included carrying pouch, which doubles as a laundry mesh net. Simply place your Manta SLEEP Mask (with the eye cups) into the pouch, zip it up, and throw it into the washer.

How does the Manta compare?

Manta Sleep Mask Generic Sleep Mask
Great for back, belly and side sleep
Boosts REM and deep sleep
100% blackout
Zero pressure on eyes
Infinitely adjustable for personalized fit
Won't crush eyelashes
Swappable strap and eye cups
Durable, high-quality materials

Everyone's talking about Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask has been featured in countless global publications.

About Manta


We believe having quality sleep is the foundation for everything good that happens in life. Whether it's success, happiness, health or wealth, everything stems from sleep. So, we work to give light sleepers control & mastery over their sleep. This way, they can maximize the enjoyment of life and unlock their full potential.

That's why we design, test, tweak and re-imagine solutions to your biggest sleep problems, drawing insights from unlikely sources along the way. Whether you're a sensitive sleeper, shift worker, traveler, afternoon napper or simply want the best possible sleep.


Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer's Warranty N/A
Manufacturer Manta Sleep
Sleep Mask Type Eyelash Friendly, Blackout / Night Shift
Fabric Cotton
Adjustable Infinitely adjustable eye cups
Care 100% Machine Washable
Inclusions Includes Manta Sleep Mask, premium ear plugs and case/wash bag
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    Does what it says on the tin
    A great, comfortable fit that ensures a good night's sleep. As a regular night shift worker I was continually waking up due to light in my bedroom; this product solved that problem. I'm now getting a full night's sleep. The mask stays in place without adjustment throughout the night too. The material used is remarkably soft it's very comfortable to wear. Happy to give it five stars. (Posted on 24-09-2021)
  2. J

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    Verified Review
    Amazing, life changing
    I am in LOVE with my new blackout eye mask. The past few nights sleep have been the best I've ever had, hands down. I am recommending this to everyone and will be purchasing the icy and silk ones in future. (Posted on 23-09-2021)
  3. M

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    Verified Review
    Comfortable, block out mask - ideal for working night shifts (Posted on 13-09-2021)
  4. T

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    Verified Review
    They really work
    I have been using other brand night shades for a while, and have found this one really works. Comfortable to wear and being able to open our eyes while wearing them is a bonus. (Posted on 07-09-2021)
  5. E

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    Verified Review
    Great product, slightly bulky
    Mask is comfortable and completely blacks out light. Can we slightly bulky if you’re a side sleeper. (Posted on 03-09-2021)
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