Specialty Pillow Information

Choosing the right pillow can make all the difference in getting truly restful and restorative sleep. High quality specialty pillows are designed to offer proper support and superior comfort for a variety of sleeping conditions, helping to combat discomfort and allowing you to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

Travel Pillows

Enjoy superior rest and relaxation while traveling in flight, on buses or trains, and in hotel rooms with these convenient pillows designed for travelers. Sleep Solutions carries travel pillows from top Australian brands, including Bambi, Sheerbliss, and Bucky.

Boomerang Pillows

Get additional support and exceptional comfort with these pillows that cradle your body as you sleep. These V-Shapped pillows make ideal for nursing pillows for babies. They also can support a side sleeping position which may help reduce snoring.  We carry cotton and memory foam boomerang pillows from top Australian brands such as Alastair’s and Bambi.

Treatment Pillows

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles while you sleep, or eliminate snoring for a truly restful night’s sleep. We carry anti-wrinkle and anti-snoring pillows from the best Australian brands like Juverest and SnoreBeGone.

Mum and Baby Pillows

Sleep Solutions offers specialty pillows for babies and pregnancy body pillows for expectant mums. Check out our baby pillows from Mije, as well as the Crestell Hug-Me-Mum body pillow for the best comfort, support, and improved sleep during pregnancy.

Innovative, high performance pillows for fantastic sleep

Sleep Solutions carries a wide range of specialty pillows designed for your comfort—from pillows for babies and expectant mothers, to travel pillows and boomerang pillows, to anti-snoring pillows and anti-wrinkle pillows. Browse our extensive catalogue to find the perfect solution for your specialty pillow needs.

  1. Easyrest Sitting Bed Backrest Pillow Swatches
    Easyrest Sitting Bed Backrest Pillow
    • Medium to firm support
    • Suits all age groups
    • Extra back support
    • Soft Micro Suede cover
    • Made in Australia
    • Polyester fill with a Microsuede cover
    • Available options: Charcoal, Navy, Oatmeal and Faux Fur
    More Info
  2. Easyrest Luxury V Shape Pillow
    Easyrest Luxury V Shape Boomerang Pillow
    • For extra upper-body support and stability, the Luxury V-Shape Boomerang Pillow offers orthopedic comfort
    • 100% Cotton Sateen exterior and polyester fibre filling are machine washable
    • Interior BioFresh fibrefill is anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial to promote clean, healthy living
    • Size: 60 cm outside x 28 cm inside (arm) + 60x28 (arm) x 24 cm (width)
    • Australian Made
    More Info
  3. Easyrest Cloud Support U Shape Pillow
    Easyrest Cloud Support U Shape Boomerang Pillow
    • The Cloud U-Shaped Boomerang pillow offers added support around the head, neck, and sides
    • Perfect for TV watching, reading, or finding maximum comfort while sleeping in any position
    • Fibre filling is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resists dust mites
    • Size: 60 cm outside x 28 cm inside (arm) + 60x28 (arm) + 24 cm (width)
    • Australian Made
    More Info
  4. Easyrest Everyday Body Pillow
    Easyrest Everyday Body Pillow 150 cm L
    • The hypoallergenic Everyday Body Pillow is for comfort and support
    • 100% cotton and hollow polyester fibre filling to preserve shape
    • Body pillow length provides extended support and comfort in multiple positions
    • Made with hygienic anti-mildew materials to preserve freshness
    • Long shape: 48 cm x 150 cm
    • Australian Made
    More Info
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