Dual Warmth Quilts

Dual Warmth Quilt Information

These couples’ quilts provide a warmer side and a cooler side, so the two of you can share a quilt and still enjoy your preferred individual sleeping temperature. With two warmth options, dual quilts let one person keep cool while the other stays warm. End the “she’s cold, he’s hot” struggles with a personalized dual warmth quilt.

Sleep Solutions carries a selected range of dual warmth quilts, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution for you and your sleeping partner. Our dual zone summer quilts, his and hers alpaca quilts, and dual warmth alpaca wool quilts help you stop fighting over the covers and enjoy restful sleep for both of you. 

The ideal couples’ solution for comfortable sleep

It happens to every couple—one of you prefers a warmer blanket, while the other can’t get cool enough. If you and your sleep mate are struggling to find a happy medium, a high quality dual warmth quilt is the perfect answer....