FilterStream AirTamer Travel Ionic Rechargeable Portable Air Purifier A310

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  • State-of-the-art high-performance personal ionizing technology
  • Combats cigarette smoke, pollen, dust mites, viruses, germs and other airborne allergens
  • Rechargeable - and lasts for over 150 hours
  • Stylish, ultra-compact and perfect for travel by plane, train, bus or car
  • Power-Boost Technology, delivering 9 x more cleaning power than other leading air purification devices

FilterStream AirTamer Rechargeable Ionic Air Purifier A310

Outstanding rechargeable travel air purifier for the 21st century. Imagine a personal ionic air purifier that not only creates a personalized zone of cleaner, fresher, healthier air, but one you can also recharge whenever you like via a simple USB connection. That dream is now a reality with the incredible AirTamer A310.

Can AirTamer remove viruses from the air?

Yes. In 2018, the prestigious Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science in Japan tested AirTamer with an Escherichia Coli virus. AirTamer successfully reduced 99% of the virus from the test chamber within 20 minutes.

Can AirTamer remove cigarette smoke from the air?

Yes. We actually test the AirTamer with smoke in test labs since smoke particles are so small and represent a great test particle. AirTamer is very effective at reducing smoke. AirTamer has been independent laboratory proven to reduce 99% of smoke from the air in 5 minutes.

Does AirTamer work with VOCs, like perfume, etc.?

Yes. VOCs are very small particles and AirTamer will help alleviate allergic issues related to VOCs by keeping the VOC particles away from your breathing space. In one Japan laboratory test, AirTamer reduced VOC levels by 52% in just 8 minutes.

Does AirTamer produce dangerous levels of ozone?

No. We at AirTamer are sensitive to the fact that cleaning the air should not produce unsatisfactory levels of ozone, so we test for ozone emission. AirTamer produces no measurable amount of ozone. In fact, AirTamer was tested to the California (CARB) standard for air purifier ozone emission, and AirTamer was given an ozone emission rate of zero.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

The AirTamer Rechargeable Travel Ionic Air Purifier A310 uses ground-breaking technology which converts electricity into millions of healthy negative ions. These are then pushed out through the small brush on the top of the device, capturing any potentially- harmful airborne particles that can cause irritation or ill health.

These are attracted to positively charges surfaces in your vicinity, such as tables, chairs and windows, protecting you from their negative effects. The AirTamer A310 also boasts new Power Boost Technology which provides 9 x more cleaning power than other leading portable ionizers.

Ultra-Compact And Versatile Design Perfect For Travel

This rechargeable personal air purifier is so discreet and compact that it will be an utter pleasure to use. You’ll barely even notice that it’s there.

  • Lightweight and compact design: it weighs less than 50 grams and is smaller than most mp3 players
  • Protective metal travel case included
  • Choose the best usage method for your needs: hanging from your neck (strap included), clipped to your clothing or stood on any surface

Hassle-Free And Eco-Friendly

With no batteries to replace and no hassle of cleaning or replacing filters, you could say that this purifier is the perfect solution for every earth-conscious individual. It’s energy-efficient, effortless to maintain and won’t fail to impress.

  • Simple to recharge via USB cable (included)
  • Lasts more than 150 hours on just one charge
  • Effortless to maintain- no messy filters to clean or replace
  • Energy-efficient green LED indicator light shows when it’s cleaning your air
  • Power Boost Technology for 9 x more cleaning power
  • Personal zone of cleaner, fresher air

Wave Goodbye To Allergens And Illness

If you want to invest in your health, you suffer with bothersome allergies or are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of airborne pollutants, turn to the A310.

Sit back and enjoy your journey, safe in the knowledge that this rechargeable air ionizer is working hard to eliminate viruses, germs, dust mites, pollen, cigarette smoke and allergens from your personal space.

  • Improves the air quality, reducing your exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals
  • Helps avoid Ebola, influenza, infections or serious medical complications that can arise from exposure to poor air quality, especially if your immune system is already compromised
  • Helps reduce the damaging effects of cigarette smoke
  • Pollen allergies will be a thing of the past!

Performance And Safety Verified

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to your health. For that reason, the AirTamer 310 has been rigorously tested to comply with a range of global performance and safety standards.

  • Independently tested at internationally recognized ‘Intertek Lab’ for Air Cleaning Performance*
  • FCC Certified for Airline Safety
  • CARB Certified for Low Ozone Emission
  • CE Approved
  • Manufactured in certified CE Approved ISO 9001/14001/TS16949 Swiss Owned Factory


  • The green “on” indicator light gently blinks to indicate AirTamer® is cleaning the air.
  • Power Boost Technology for 9 times more cleaning power.
  • Rechargeable - 150+ hours of run time on one charge.
  • USB charging cable is included with each unit.
  • No Filters to Replace or Clean - Healthy negative ions do the filtering.
  • Silent Operation - No noisy fans or motors.
  • Adjustable length, breakaway lanyard - For extra safety and convenience.
  • Ultra Compact - Attractive, discreet design is smaller than most mp3 players.
  • AirTamer® includes a metal travel case to protect the air purifier when not in use. Maintenance is easy since there are no filters to replace.

Test Data

World's Most Effective Personal Air Purifier - AirTamer has been tested all over the world by internationally recognized, independent laboratories. In fact, AirTamer is the only personal air purifier to be tested on viruses. The following summarizes some of the tests we have done so you can be sure that we stand behind AirTamer:

Virus Testing

Independent testing at the prestigious Kitasato Research Center in Japan confirmed that AirTamer Removes 99% of viruses from the air within 20 minutes.


Test virus diagram

*Virus reduction testing by internationally recognized laboratory using Escherichia coli phag MS2 NBRC 102619 virus.

*See full test results for AirTamer performance in eliminating Viruses, Smoke, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Charging Instructions

FilterStream AirTamer Travel Ionic Rechargeable Portable Air Purifier A310
FilterStream AirTamer Travel Ionic Rechargeable Portable Air Purifier A310

Your AirTamer contains a rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V, 500 mAh type). Under normal use, you will experience over 150 hours of run time on one charge. To charge your AirTamer A310, please follow these directions:

  1. 1. Ensure the ON/OFF Switch is turned "OFF".

  2. 2. Plug the small end of the included USB Charging Cable into the AirTamer's USB jack. Plug the larger end of the USB Charging Cable into any powered USB port (e.g. on a computer, wall charger, etc.) The AirTamer "On" Indicator light will turn bright red when it is charging.

  3. 3. When fully charged and still connected to your power source, the "On" Indicator will not be lit. Normal charging time is about 2 - 3 hours.

Protect your investment

Purchase a leather case designed specifically for your AirTamer Personal Air Purifier

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wash the lanyard of my AirTamer & what is it made of?

A: Yes, it can be washed and placed in the drier (low heat). The material is conductive synthetic polyester with some silver.

Product Specifications

Product dimension: 4.19 cm x 1.9 cm x 8.89 cm
Product weight: 0.0516 kg
Package dimensions: 11.17 cm x 3.55 cm x 5.08 cm

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Power Type 2 x CR2025 Lithium Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Built-In Rechargeable Lithium
Run Time 140 hours 150+ hours 30 - 40 hours 150+ hours
Charge Time - 4 - 6 hours 1 - 2 hours 2 - 3 hours
Charging USB Cable -
Replaceable Emitter Cover - -
Pocket Clip -
Weight 50.0 grams 51.6 grams 39.9 grams 65.9 grams
Travel Case Yes - Metal Case Yes - Metal Case Yes - Deluxe Hard Case Yes - Leatherette Case
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FilterStream Story

FilterStream Story

FilterStream proudly creates some of the world’s most effective and efficient air purifiers, helping millions of people worldwide to breathe clean and pure air. Its parent company, Headwaters, Inc., was formed in 1993 by Troy Anderson and Rudy Vandenbelt who are passionate about using cutting-edge technology to solve their customer’s problems.

Air Purifier Buying Guide

How to buy the right Air Purifier in Australia

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Air Purifier Buying Guide

How to buy the right Air Purifier in Australia

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Manufacturer's Specifications

Coverage 1 metre sphere
Technology Electrostatic purification
Power Rechargeable - 150+ hours of run time on one charge
Dimensions 1.9 D x 4.5 W x 8.9 H cm
Inclusions Metal travel case, charging USB cable
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
Manufacturer AirTamer

How to Order - More Information

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Not for me
The product itself is compact and light weight. No issue having it around my neck. The battery lasts for ages and you can also run it while it's charging. However I bought it to help with the cigarette smell that comes from my neighbours which it did nothing to help. Waste of money if you're intending to use it for this reason. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
I think it's working
Had this for 2 weeks. Wear it everywhere, with a mask. Haven't caught covid yet. Looks durable enough. I will see how I go with winter coming up. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Works great for me!
Since I have been wearing my AirTamer everytime I get out of the house, my usual allergy, hayfever and the likes have disappeared dramatically.
I would recommend especially now we are in the midst of a pandemic, it gives me some comfort and peace of mind that I have at least 1 layer of defence from the people around me. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Received - New Zealand
It was my first time ordering and I am living in NZ. Will order again in near future ❤ (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Gr8 item. Will also get use in the colds and flu season.
Extremely useful, saves all that mask and sanitation.
Still have to keep our distance and do the hand washing, (Posted on )
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