Genuine Original Woollip Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Quick Overview
  • Get into your perfect sleeping position anywhere you go
  • Inflatable travel pillow you can take anywhere
  • Book sized comfort that you can carry in your bag
  • Developed with physiotherapists
  • 15 seconds to inflate within 5 puffs
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Genuine Original Woollip Inflatable Travel Pillow

The Revolutionary Travel Pillow inspired by massage chairs.

Revolutionary travel pillow that allows you to find your perfect sleeping position. It is versatile adjustable and inflatable in just 5 puffs. Woollip your new best travel companion with its innovative and breath taking design.

Inspired by massage chairs, designed with physiotherapists. It also enables you to find your ideal relaxing positions.

From the Side

Chin Support

Facing Down



  • Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort.
  • Highly versatile, portable and compact.
  • Can be used for any mode of transport- train or airplane.
  • Easy to inflate and quick to deflate.
  • Available in three stylish colours - blue, red and grey.
  • Comes with a little bag to fold it in, which is water and dust resistant.

Note: There are now derivative pillows on the market such as the Pockindo which look similar.The Woollip is the genuine and original quality travel pillow inspired by massage chairs.

How to use

Easy to Carry

Inflatable, nomad and book-size, Woollip can easily be tidied up into your carry-on baggage.

Easy to Inflate

Its large opening valve allows inflating Woollip in only 5 puffs. You can also inflate it with the aerator above your seat. Ready to use in 15 seconds!


By supporting the head and the whole upper body, Woollip allows a total relaxation conducive to falling asleep. Modulate its inflation to adjust its height and firmness. You will wake up without pain or stiff-neck.

Quick to Deflate

Woollip deflates in less than 2 seconds and folds easily into its storage pocket. Have a nice trip!


Folded 16 x 16 x 3.5 cm
Inflated 55 x 35 x 30 cm
Weight 225 g
Material Flocked PVC

More Information
Fill Type Inflatable
Pillow Size Travel
Manufacturer Woollip
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  1. A

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    Verified Review
    Big and awkward but comfy
    I use this as more a brick to lie on not as per design in the video. I am sure I annoy the passengers that sit next to me but so far it actually has been a good pillow. I do get some sleep in Premium Economy so very happy. (Posted on 13-05-2018)
  2. D

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Sharp Edges. 8 Hour Overnight Flight.
    I am a terrible night flyer, can never sleep on planes. This product seemed to offer what I needed. Unfortunately it falls short. The build quality (or design perhaps) isn't up to scratch. All the sealed edges of the pillow are razor sharp, meaning I spent most of the flight trying adjust my arms and face from being cut up. The material is the same fake velour stuff on every other blow up pillow. I also found the pillow not tall enough (I'm not a tall person) in standard mode, meaning you had to arch your neck down too much, resulting in back strain. Using it in arm through side mode seemed to be the best, but this only works if you are on a window seat. This product was a kickstarter originally, and, while doing my research, I found many knock off version on eBay for much cheaper. I decided to go with the more expensive "original" version as I assume it would be better design in regards to finishing, but I was wrong. Either the kickstarter was a bit dodgy, and these are just rebranded Chinese pillows with a bit of marketing, or just an average product. Either way, not worth the asking price. I wish I would have just tried out the eBay version first. (Posted on 19-10-2017)
  3. R

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Excellent service and delivery. Yet to use it on long haul.... travelling next year. Practising at home! Very comfy, easy to inflate and deflate. (Posted on 18-10-2017)
  4. M

    Review by

    Verified Review
    I am 6"4 and i have struggled to get comfortable in economy class on long haul flights for years. I was a little hesitant at first to buy this pillow at first due to the price but having used it now it was worth every cent. Super easy to inflate and deflate, extremely comfortable, I slept for 10 hours of a 13 hour flight. The service was excellent as well with next day delivery. A great idea and product, with excellent customer service, I highly recommend this pillow. (Posted on 09-10-2017)
  5. L

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    Verified Review
    Quick service
    Next day delivery service. Very happy with my product (Posted on 12-09-2017)
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