evaLight plus EV-1500 Personal Air Conditioner Replacement Cartridge

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Quick Overview
  • Easy replacement every 3-6 months to save cooling power
  • Fully biodegradable material
  • Very efficient with huge evaporative surface
  • 100% mineral fibers prevent mold and bacteria from growing
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evaLight Plus Personal Air Conditioner Cartridge

Evapolar evaLIGHT plus Replacement Evaporative Cartridge for evaLIGHT plus Personal Air Cooler and Humidifier. Easy replacement every 3-6 months to save cooling power 100%. Has 100% mineral fibers to prevent mold and bateria from growing which is very efficient with huge evaporative surface.

Key features

Innovative EvaBreeze™ material insideInnovative EvaBreeze™ material inside


Evaporative cooling is a natural way of air-conditioning, that is why Evapolar devices do not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which makes them absolutely safe for children and pets.

Innovative EvaBreeze™ material inside

Bio-resistant stable compound

Compared to cellulose-based materials EvaBreeze cartridge pads are based on natural inorganic nano-fibers, which do not contain any nutritious elements leading to bacteria and mold growth.

Innovative EvaBreeze™ material inside

Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable

Evapolar filters are made of a mineral compound that does not harm the environment and is 100% biodegradable.

Innovative EvaBreeze™ material inside

Replacing the Cartridge

Step 1

Disconnect the device from a power source

Step 2

Remove the reservoir by sliding it up

Step 3

Use both hands to lift the upper part of the body. Push on both sides to release the locks.

Step 4

Unlock and move the control unit upwards and to the side.

Step 5

Take out the old cartridge by lifting it up.

Step 6

Place a new cartridge in place of the old one

Step 7

Make sure the control unit is locked in its place and the housing top fits in the slots

Step 8

The device is ready to use

Note: Do not install water tank with water without cartridge inside.

About Evapolar

Evapolar Logo

We are a team of researchers, engineers and designers who created Evapolar and challenged AC industry by raising the question: Is it really necessary to cool the whole room, wasting large amounts of energy and money and inhaling unhealthy air just to cool yourself, or is it better to have your own personal cool zone exactly where you need it?

Today, individuals from 125 countries have their own Evapolar Air Conditioners. We are moving forward to spread the idea of a Personal Microclimate around the world and to make everyone’s life a little easier and cooler with the help of personal air conditioners by Evapolar.

Evapolar Logo

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

More Information
More Information
Model Compatibility Replacement Cartridge for the Evapolar evaLight plus Evaporative Personal Air Cooler
Replacement Frequency 3-6 months
Manufacturer Evapolar
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