AirTamer Replacement Negative Ion Emitter Covers for A315

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  • Replacement covers for the A315 AirTamer Personal Air Purifier
  • Includes 2x Replacement Covers
  • Available in Black or White
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AirTamer Replacement Negative Ion Emitter Covers for A315

Keep Your AirTamer® Cleaning at Peak Performance!

Keep your AirTamer® A315 cleaning at peak performance with a brand new ion emitter. Over time, extensive daily use of your A315 can cause the black carbon ion emitter brush to shorten and become less effective. Build up of dirt can also reduce performance. Thankfully you can renew your A315 to its original performance by replacing the ion emitter cover.

Available in Black or White colour.

How to Install

Simply pull off the old cover and place a new one on the front of your AirTamer®. It's magnetic, so you'll hear it click into place and then you have a like-new AirTamer® again.

Note: This is only a replacement cover for the A315 AirTamer. AirPurifier is sold separately.

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More Information
More Information
Coverage 1 metre sphere
Technology Electrostatic purification
Inclusions Includes 2x Replacement Covers
Manufacturer's Warranty N/A
Manufacturer AirTamer
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    Good :)
    Got it quickly (Posted on 06-12-2020)
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    Worth buying
    I bought my AirTamer in November 2019 to trial/use specifically for overseas holiday travel. I get sick every time I go on a long plane trip and tours where other people are coughing and have colds/virus etc. Due to COVID-19 I haven't been able to test it! No overseas travel. I have used it daily though through the pandemic and I have not had a cold or flu (or COVID-19). I would usually have had one or two cough/colds by now through the winter, but that could also be because I live in WA and with social distancing, the constant handwashing, sanitiser and people working from home or not coming to work if any signs of coughs, colds, not using public transport, etc would also have had an effect. So very hard to say if it works or not. But I am still wearing it every day when I go out of the house. I did lose the front cover twice. Once from the car seat belt catching on it, but I found it again. I bought two spare front covers and swapped out the old one. The new one fell off and I didn't notice straight away, so that was lost. The next one I put on has stayed on. Until I get to travel overseas again on a holiday I won't really know if it works, but I am not going to stop wearing it! As far as charging, very easy USB connection and keeps charge for at least a couple of days use - very quick to recharge. Sleep Solutions are very good as far as ordering and receiving the goods promptly. 5 stars to them. (Posted on 26-08-2020)
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