Mack's Airmax Snoring Nasal Breathing Device

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  • Designed to be comfortably placed inside the nasal passages
  • Proven to help widen nasal passages
  • Tested and proven to increase airflow
  • Made of medical grade material

Mack's Airmax™ Snoring Nasal Breathing Device


The AIRMAX™ Nasal Device, from the makers of Mack’s®, is a specially designed nasal device that helps users breathe more freely through their nose. It is:

  • Designed to be comfortably placed inside the nasal passages
  • Proven to help widen nasal passages
  • Tested and proven to increase airflow
  • A patented design
  • An FDA registered medical device
  • Made of medical grade material
  • More effective than Breathe Right® Nasal Strips


The AIRMAX™ Nasal Device helps with various conditions. Below is an overview of the conditions for which it can offer relief:


AIRMAX™ is an example of a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for snoring.

Sleep Apnea:

AIRMAX™ can help in cases of light sleep apnea/OSA and it can be used in combination with an oxygen mask (e.g. CPAP) and has been proven to increase compliance for CPAP users. AIRMAX™ efficacy has been proven in clinical studies.

Nasal congestion:

AIRMAX™ helps patients suffering from nasal congestion to breathe more freely through the nose. Its efficacy has been proven in clinical studies.


  • Clean the device with water before and after use.
  • When using AIRMAX™ for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the device.
  • The AIRMAX™ device is properly positioned when the “legs” widen the nasal entrance and when the “connecting bridge” is touching your nasal septum
  • You should use the AIRMAX™ device each night for at least 2 consecutive weeks, as it may take time for your nose to become accustomed to the shape of the AIRMAX™ device.

Cleaning Instructions

The AIRMAX™ device can be cleaned with water and mild soap. Each AIRMAX™ device should only be used by one person to prevent transfer of diseases like the common cold.

If you have trouble placing the AIRMAX™ device in your nose because your nose is not symmetrical, you should not use it.


If, after placement of device, you do not notice improvement in breathing, we advise you seek the advice of an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor.

If, after regular use of the AIRMAX™ device, your nasal passages become irritated, this could be an allergic reaction to the medical grade plastic. Discontinue use and see a physician if condition persists. To date, no allergic reactions have been reported. AIRMAX™ is not suitable for children under the age of 12. Keep out of reach of younger children to prevent choking.

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Review by Verified Review
Easy to use
I found it good. Took a few nights to get used to it. Have not had it long enough to comment further. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
A great product.
Apart from painful and possibly not always 100% corrective surgery, this device can help a great deal. I had an operation to correct a deviated septum but a year after the operation i found out that i was breathing from my mouth more. I got up at night with a dry mouth and had to sip water. When I saw a sleep clinic they quickly diagnosed me with sleep apnoea and I bought a machine. However the pressure needed for me to sleep well was low. This meant that there was a mild blockage in my nostrils. Instead of another operation I tried Mack's Airway Snoring Nasal Breathing Device (I don't snore though) and found that it pushed open my nostrils so that i could get a good flow of air. It was uncomfortable for a night or so but my nose is used to it now. I also recommend that you spray saline into your nose to moisturise the nasal passages before you insert the device and once a day you do a nostril douch to get rid of any mucus in your nose. Its a great device and worth trying! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Very happy with product!
This was purchased for my husband as one side of his nose has been closed for some years and getting worse where he was never having a good night sleep. He now has a great sleep and is getting up earlier and feeling fresher. Brilliant! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Mack's Airmax
Worked well apparently.. no complaints of snoring. Alas buying the size recommended, medium. Easy to insert and the little bar stops them from going to far into he nasal passage, comfortable even though the nostril is pushed out. The item did not stay put and I woke finding it in the bedclothes for many morning's. I know longer have the Airmax as when I made the bed and looking for Airmax my dog found it first and chewed it. What is the difference between the small size and the medium? Won't buy another set if they won't stay in. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Works OK, not too uncomfortable.
I've only been using this for a week but the early signs are promising. Snoring has decreased but not gone away completely, though i didn't expect it to. The first few nights were a bit uncomfortable but I don't really notice it now. Note that it needs to be replaced every 90 days. (Posted on )
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