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Childrens Quits

For Children we stock kids doonas and kids quilts specifically designed for children and endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia - suitable for Allergy and Asthma sufferers.

Materials and Sizes

The quilts come in a variety types including Wool Doona, TencelAllergy Sensitive, White Goose Down and Feather, Duck Down and Feather and sizes including:

  • Super King Size Quilt, Duvet and Doona
  • King Size Quilt, Duvet, and Doona
  • Queen Size Quilt, Duvet, and Doona
  • Double Size Quilt, Duvet, and Doona
  • Single Size Quilt, Duvet, and Doona

Manage your Sleep Temperature

Keeping your temperature regulated is a key factor in ensuring a good nights sleep.  Ensure that you have a bed quilt, duvet, or doona that is suitable for the right season or all year around.

  • Winter Quilts start at 450-500+  grams per square meter (gsm) going up to 730 gsm (Four Seasons)
  • Spring/Autumn weight is typically around a 350 gsm weight
  • For Summer we have a variety of Summer Lightweight Quilts and Duvets which are typically 240gsm or less.



  1. Kelly-And-Windsor_Alpaca-Bamboo-Product-Packaging-Angle
    From $269.95
    Kelly and Windsor Blend Bamboo Alpaca Quilt

    The affordable luxury Bamboo Alpaca doona quilts feature a super soft, natural filling 60-40 blend of bamboo fibre and Australian alpaca fleece, which is both lighter and more absorbent than cotton.

    • Luxuriously soft and lightweight
    • Warm in winter & cool in summer - due to ultra moisture absorbent bamboo and alpaca fibre
    • Sustainable and natural fibre source
    • Dry Clean only
    • Available in 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 gsm quilt weights
    More Info
  2. Kelly-And-Windsor_Alpaca-Classic-Product-Packaging-Right
    From $289.95
    Kelly and Windsor Classic Blend Alpaca Wool Quilt

    Sleep like a dream with the Classic Alpaca, the mid-range Kelly and Windsor Alpaca quilt:

    • Filled with a 60% natural alpaca fleece and 40% wool
    • Luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet comfortably warm
    • Optimal sleeping comfort
    • Available in 300 and 450 gsm quilt weights
    More Info
  3. Kelly-And-Windsor_Alpaca-Gold-Product-Left
    From $349.95
    Kelly and Windsor Gold Alpaca Quilt

    These innovative, 100% pure alpaca quilts define luxury sleeping. Gold Alpaca quilts are ultra soft, ultra warm, and ultra quality.

    • Luxuriously soft handle and drape
    • Light weight, yet comfortably warm
    • Non-allergenic, lanolin- and chemical-free
    • Available in 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 gsm quilt weights
    More Info
  4. Kelly and Windsor Alpaca Summer Quilt
    From $229.95
    Kelly and Windsor Alpaca Summer Quilt
    • Blend of 50% alpaca fleece & 50% cotton - 100% Natural fibres
    • 250 gsm fill weight - super light weight
    • Has unique thermal properties that allows the heat to be release in warm conditions keeping you cool
    • Premium quality alpaca fleece with finest cotton
    • 400 thread count dyed superfine cotton - sateen weave
    More Info
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