Sound Oasis BST-100-20 Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System

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  • Block unwanted noise, manage tinnitus, use in baby’s room, or create a calming and relaxing environment anywhere
  • Play any of 20 built-in sounds, including authentic nature recordings and sounds designed by sleep experts
  • Stream sounds and music via Bluetooth
  • Insert a new micro SD card with your choice of sounds

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Sound Oasis BST-100-20 Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System

Stop turning and tossing - enjoy truly restful and rejuvenating sleep!

The Sound Oasis BST-100-20 Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System helps you sleep better by playing sounds that are proven to promote restful sleep and improve sleep quality.

  • Use it as a bluetooth speaker for your phone or music player
  • Wireless freedom: place the system anywhere within Bluetooth range (10m)
  • Built in SD card so you can download and play your favorite music
  • Solve sleep problems: ideal for improving sleep, masking unwanted noise, managing tinnitus, helping babies and young children sleep, and providing extra privacy and relaxation
  • Comes with 20 specialized white noise and relaxation tracks

The Sound Oasis BST-100-20 is a Sound Machine:

A combination white noise machine and sleep therapy solution, this versatile sleeping device comes with 20 built-in, professional quality sounds. Truly versatile and multi-purpose, the Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Therapy system is much more than a white noise machine.

This high quality sound system is perfect for creating a custom sleep environment with the sounds of your choice. Use the Sound Oasis BST-100-20 in any room of your home, at work, or even on the go. Enjoy wireless freedom with the built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours.

At the end of the 8 hours the sound will gradually ramp down in volume and then will ramp up in sound volume as the track restarts.

Use the Sound Oasis BST-100-20 as a Bluetooth Speaker:

The Sound Oasis BST-100-20 lets you stream new sounds or music from your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth for a custom sleep sound solution.

It works as a high quality Bluetooth speaker. At home, at the office, or even in the car, you can stream sounds and music from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet—enabling you to enjoy your favorite music, relaxing sounds, or audio recordings at any time. You’ll love the crisp, clean, and powerful sound quality of this advanced system.

  • Bluetooth range of 10m
  • Wireless freedom
  • Use as a speaker for your Bluetooth device or via input jack 3.5 mm for other music players (cable not provided)

Ability to Download New Sounds and Music With the SD Card:

The Sound Oasis Bluetooth Sleep Therapy System comes with a micro SD card that’s preloaded with the 20 high quality sounds, each playing seamlessly for 8 hours with no skips or disruptive looping pauses.

In addition to the included sounds, you can use any micro SD card with the Sound Oasis BST-100-20 to play your own favorite music and sounds—creating a truly portable sound machine.

What you get with the Sound Oasis BST-100-20

  • Durable, compact Sound Oasis BST-100-20 machine
  • USB cable for recharging (USB Power Adaptor not included)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Micro SD card preloaded with 20 high quality sounds
  • Input port to insert an optional audio cable with 1/8" (3.5 mm) plugs to play music from an external device through the unit's speaker system

Note: Please note that this device acts as Bluetooth speaker/receiver and connects to Tablets, Mobiles, iPhones, iPads etc and you can stream sounds and music from that device. It does not transmit wirelessly to another Bluetooth speaker/receiver device such as headphones or earbuds.

Included Sounds

20 High quality sounds. Hear a short preview of some of the included sounds.

Brown Noise 

Brown Noise:

Consistent low pitch white noise ideal for noise masking and creating a calm sound environment for sleep

Forest Rain 

Forest Rain:

Sleep or relax with your favorite book as the wavering patter of rain falls

Gentle Surf 

Gentle Surf:

A night time Maui ocean surf provides a gentle rhythm to help you relax or drift of to sleep



This authentic heartbeat recording provides an ideal beat and rhythm for babies, children, adults and even young pets

Mountain Stream 

Mountain Stream:

A rippling Rocky Mountain stream helps you unwind and creates an excellent background sound for daily activities in the home or at the office

Ocean Surf 

Ocean Surf:

Provides a calm rhythm that helps you drift of to sleep or creates a relaxing oceanside environment

Summer Night 

Summer Night:

A gentle chorus of crickets provides a peaceful and restful environment



Unwind to the exhilarating, but soothing sound of distant thunder and gentle rain

White Noise 

White Noise:

A steady full spectrum white noise is ideal for masking unwanted background sounds



Peaceful song birds take you to a secluded forest for relaxation or contemplation

Soft White Noise

Soft White Noise:

Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream:

Jet Interior White Noise

Jet Interior White Noise:

Maui Surf

Maui Surf:

Ocean and Crickets

Ocean and Crickets:

Ocean Surf With White Noise

Ocean Surf With White Noise:

Pink Noise with Delta Waves

Pink Noise with Delta Waves:

Rain With White Noise

Rain With White Noise:

Soft Pink Noise

Soft Pink Noise:

Soft Pink Noise with Delta Waves

Soft Pink Noise with Delta Waves:

Sound Oasis BST-100-20 Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth V3
Bluetooth Profiles HSP v1.2, HFP v1.5, A2DP v1.2 aptX®
Operating Distance 10 m
Run Time 5 – 8 hours
Charging Time 2 – 3 hours
Dimensions 62.0 mm in diameter; 59.3 mm height
Weight 316 g
Material Aluminum housing/ABS plastic base
Supports USB Sound Card Data transfer function
Supports Reading Micro SD Card MP3 music format
Speaker 40 mm diameter, inner magnetic 4 ohm, 3 W
Channels Mono
Distortion THD </ 1%
Signal to Noise Ratio S/N: >/ 80 dB
Battery Built-in lithium battery, 3.7 V / 500 mA
Charging Voltage 5 V +/- 0.25 V
Input Port Optional audio cable (3.5 mm) port to play music from an external device through the unit's speaker system
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year

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Sound Oasis BST-100-20
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Built-in sounds 20 sounds 20 sounds 20 sounds
Tinnitus sounds - -
Stream music through bluetooth
SD card compatible
3.5 mm headphone jack port
Battery life (hours) 4 - 5 4 - 5 5 - 8
Weight (grams) 226 206 316
Size Compact Compact Standard
Controls - Power/Mode
- Volume
- Power/Mode
- Volume
- Music Controls
- Mode
- Volume
- Power
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About Sound Oasis

About Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis® is the world leader in sound therapy solutions (white noise machines), combining quality with innovation to create superior products which help the whole family to become healthier and happier. They’re passionate about helping babies, children and adults enjoy the best nights’ sleep possible.

Manufacturer's Specifications

Type Electronic
Power Source Battery Powered
Use Adults, Travel
Sounds 20 Sounds
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Manufacturer Sound Oasis
Product Manuals

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Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

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Review by Verified Review
My ocean
Love this as the ocean and birds are my favourite noise, first time I used it I couldn't wake up was the best sleep ever. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
I’m back on the Sleep Solutions website looking to replace this unit as after 6 years of being used every single night for 10-12 hours it has started making a chirpy / glitchy sound from time to time. Very impressed with how long it has lasted given how much we use it! (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Very good product. A suggestion would be to make the jumps up and down in volume half of what they are now. This will give more fine control. It is important, because the whole idea of the product is to assist with rest and sleep relief, sometimes (for some people) this can only occur if the volume is not of a "grating" intensity. (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
I just love this product.
I have a noisy neighbour who has been interfering with my sleep. When I go to bed now I set the BST-100 to pink noise and this masks out any noise from next door. When I am working at my desk, I play music from Spotify on the BST-100 via its Bluetooth capability. Small size and shape makes it very suitable for travelling. I highly recommend this product. Regards, Lee (Posted on )
Review by Verified Review
Didn't last
great unit, loved the sounds however had first unit replaced under warranty as sound was crackly and glitchy and new SD ddin't fix. replacement unit now won't charge and only works intermittently even when connected to power, less than 12 mths after replacement however not under warranty as warranty starts from original purchase date. It won't play thunderstorm sound longer than 3-5 seconds, have replaced SD card, does same thing. very disappointing (Posted on )
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