Sound Oasis S-680-02 Tinnitus Sound Therapy System

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Quick Overview
  • It incorporates patented sleep enhancement technology to help users fall asleep more easily and naturally without medication
  • 24 Sounds Included (With Tinnitus Ear Therapy Sounds)
  • Clinically proven therapy sounds
  • Headphone/speaker pillow jack
  • Can be powered by batteries or by the included adapter

Sound Oasis S-680-02 Tinnitus Sound Therapy System

Sound Oasis S-680 Advanced Sleep Sound Therapy System is clinically proven Tinnitus sounds from world renowned doctors and the world’s finest authentic nature sounds with CD quality audio and the ability to create your own sound cards. It gives you the best selection of sounds developed for Tinnitus relief plus the ability to customize the sound list to your preference. It is taken from one of their most popular sound machines, reinvented it and made it better than ever.

Doctor Developed Sounds

It is specifically created for Tinnitus relief and to help you sleep. It has digitally recorded sounds reproduced in CD quality.

Exclusive Sleep Enhancement® Technology

Seamlessly gradually slows playback speed to gently lull you to sleep

Wide Selection of sounds to help you manage tinnitus

It includes 24 sounds to help you get the sleep you deserve. Many sounds were doctor composed, and all of the sounds were specifically chosen to deal with the highly personal nature of tinnitus


• Customizable Sounds

Simply download new sounds or order a custom sound card from the Sound Oasis® web site

• Chime Alarm Sound

No more loud annoying buzzers

• Sleep Timer with Auto Shutoff

Continuous play or auto shutoff in 30, 60 or 90 minutes

• Backlit Alarm Clock

Wake to selected sound or chime; includes brightness control

• Battery or Outlet Powered

AC adapter (included) or 4 “AA” batteries (not included)


Micro SD Card with 24 Sound Included

USB Cable and Charger

Setting the clock:

  • To set the clock, press the SET TIME button once, which will then show SET TIME on the display.
  • Press the volume UP/DOWN buttons on side of the machine to adjust the time. Press and hold the volume buttons for rapid up and down. When you reach your desired time, press the SET TIME button.
  • "PM" or "AM" is visible in the upper right corner.

Adjusting the Brightness:

  • To adjust the brightness level when your unit is plugged in, press and hold down the SE button.
  • There are 5 brightness levels. Level 1 is Off - Level 5 is brightest.
  • When you hold down the button it cycle between the 5 levels.
  • Let go of the button when your reach the desired level.

Included Sounds

Gray Noise

Gentle Rain:

Gray Noise

Gray Noise:

Maui Surf

Maui Surf:

Natural White Noise

Natural White Noise:

Ocean and Crickets

Ocean and Crickets:

Ocean Surf

Ocean Surf:

Ocean Surf With White Noise

Ocean Surf & White Noise:

Pink Noise

Pink Noise:

Rain With White Noise

Rain With White Noise:





Tinnitus Therapy .9K – 3.2K

Tinnitus Therapy .9K - 3.2K:

Tinnitus Therapy 1 1K – 10K 8 Hr

Tinnitus 1 1K - 10K 8 Hr:

Tinnitus Therapy 2 1K – 10K 8 Hr

Tinnitus 2 1K - 10K 8 Hr:

Tinnitus Therapy 2.5K – 5K

Tinnitus Therapy 2.5K - 5K:

Tinnitus Therapy 2K – 8K

Tinnitus Therapy 2K - 8K:

Tinnitus Therapy 3 1K-10K (Dr.Thompson) 8 Hr

Tinnitus 3 1K-10K 8 Hr:

White Noise

White Noise:

White Noise 4 kHz

White Noise 4 kHz:

White Noise 6 kHz

White Noise 6 kHz:

White Noise Full Spectrum

White Noise Full Spectrum:

White Stream

White Stream:




Item Dimensions 12.40 x 8.90 x 14.40 cm
Item Weight 600 g
Sound Micro SD Card with 24 Sound Included
Battery or Outlet Powered AC adapter (included) or 4 "AA" batteries (not included)
Product Manuals

Sleep Solutions is registered as a provider with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)

More Information
More Information
Use Adults, Travel, Tinnitus
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year
Sounds 24 Sounds Included (With Tinnitus Ear Therapy Sounds)
Weight 0.60
Manufacturer Sound Oasis
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  1. J

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Working quite well
    This machine is easy to use and set up. Most of the sounds are pretty good, but like most people there are some sounds that keep me awake. My tinnitus is pretty bad and most nights this machine works for me. I am still experimenting with the right time to turn it on ( i.e. whilst I am reading and before I turn out the light, or just as I turn out the lights. This machine is much better than the apps on my phone and I am very pleased that I bought it. (Posted on 21-07-2021)
  2. D

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Great product with fabulous after sale service.
    This unit is fabulous my husband has tinnitus and it really helps him sleep better. (Posted on 07-06-2021)
  3. B

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Excellent product that definitely assists those with Tinnitus!
    Excellent product which was exactly as described and delivered promptly. There are heaps of different sounds to choose from and the specific ones for Tinnitus do offer relief! (Posted on 01-03-2021)
  4. T

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Good product
    Great value, quick delivery, and helps with my tinnitus! (Posted on 02-07-2020)
  5. W

    Review by

    Verified Review
    Puts me to sleep most times
    I like it but would like a sound of 'water on a tin roof' which it has, kinda, but also has a sound like water going down the downpipes which is irritating ( to me ). I have a tin shed outside my bedroom window and I love the sound of rain on it, just wish this had the exact same noise. (Posted on 15-02-2020)
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